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The Impact of the Great Conjunction during the Winter Solstice, 21st of December 2020


The past year we have had to deal with the ever changing conjunctions of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn: the ultimate sign of societal order and structures. Jupiter represents our inner child that wants to grow, expander to a larger consciousness, a broader horizon. He wants to move on, outward with the self acquired ego insights and faculties. And in Capricorn he wants to do this methodically and step by step.

Saturn pulls inside, searches introspection by duty or ceremony. He is spasmodic, often fearful, holds on to form, authority in Capricorn, his own sign.

Pluto grubs at the roots of fixed structures and wants to transform or break these. In the subconsciousness, manipulating and thus wants to grip power. This at the one side is the undetermined and unseizable virus, with which the people in power (Saturn) intent to limit and control our expansion.[1]And at the other side the struggle against the limiting elite, such as the Earth alliance executes at this moment.[2] And Jupiter, representing the juvenile forces within our soul, fights this and wants to detach from the yoke of society. With as a result waves of protests all over the world against the lockdowns, that rob the people of their individual freedom.

In December Jupiter (the 19th) and Saturn (the 17th) enter the Waterman, and exactly at the 21st of December, early in the evening (for Western Europe), they join in the first degree  Waterman: this will initiate a new social impulse for society. Pluto looses his hold on them, but the transformation in structures of society will continue.

Therewith the Sun then just has crossed its lowest point in the Zodiac and the Earth reaches back toward the light. The Sun is standing conjunct with Mercury, both in the first degree of Capricorn: the Ego and the consciousness amplify the new social impulse of the Great Conjunction in Waterman. And the people will renewed need the social contact to be able to reflect to one another and thus grow. And with the Sun at its deepest point, the Earth returns toward the light: the Great Conjunction that stands at exactly 30o to this conjunction indicates  a higher octave of 21-12-2012, the start of the new era according to the Inca tradition, when the consciousness was placed and turned on in the heart, and that now is being reinforced: this is the gate to 5D, the astral consciousness, or the eternal consciousness through the now. And only the meditative state to act from all through the heart is from now on really the focus of our actions, no longer the thinking wit hits fears for tomorrow. And with the struggle against the elite that is loosing its power, this can really give a new culture impulse, when you do not linger in the fear talked into by the media, but project inwardly a clean durable world that can win in truth by your own actions.[3] We need to do this by ourselves, and not await the corrupted representatives, that even agree with the lockdown and convulsive mouth cover. In short: what kind of reality do you want to create for yourself towards the future?

This conjunction occurs every twenty years, and always gives a new culture impulse, The last time in 2000 I initiated with my group the moon dance. At the moment of the conjunction it was quite intense: a storm that almost derooted the huge Italian poplars before the window at the school building in Amsterdam in which we worked. The event was deeply written on our memory: shortly after the conjunction the weather calmed down.


I go deeper into the overall horoscope of the Great Conjunction that is exact at around 19h40’.

  1. The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, at the 1st degree in the Waterman; the Moon outgoing sextile standing on the great Conjunction
  2. The conjunction of Mercury and the Sun, at the 1st degree of Capricorn; ingoing square to the Moon in the Fishes and Chiron in the Ram; ingoing trine to Lilith conjunct Uranus in Taurus
  3. Venus quincux to Lilith and Uranus
  4. Pluto quintile to Chiron, biquintile to the northern moon’s node


ad a. The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Waterman

Jupiter in Waterman gives possibilities to grow to all sides through social adaption. It is strongly social directed, and emphasizes group work. Tolerance and humanism prevail.

Saturn in Waterman sees duties in connection to brotherhood, forms central points of brotherhood by making cooperations.

The outgoing conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn give overflowing enthusiasm and grow force, initially with little need for methodic work.

The Moon in the Fishes gives directedness toward the other, a strong compassionate faculty, and great sensitivity.

The outgoing sextile of the Moon with Jupiter makes life processes healthy, so lifts up vitality, and wants to brig insights to the outside actively in the life sphere, so practical applied philosophical insights.

The outgoing sextile of the Moon with Saturn helps to let crystallize out the feelings regularly, and to change these when necessary, so that the soul grows. This may help to heal the driven-up controversies about the complot or not behind the corona crisis.


ad b. The Sun at the southern tropic

The Sun in Capricorn gives rise to get conscious anew of and act out of the functional hierarchical structures within society, as being a reflection of the spiritual worlds and reflected in the stature of the human skeleton.  So where wrongs are being seen in society, these may be altered.

Mercury at this place indicates that the insights that are gotten out of societal structures can be thought out and elaborated methodically only gradually. This may give practical applications within the law system.

The conjunction of Mercury with the Sun, while he moves behind the Sun, indicates that the intellectual thinking tends to reason from the inside. This may help with putting straight the false reasoning, of which we have seen enough lately (like the corona tests, the numbers around the infections and ill people because of the shifting of the norms n etcetera).

Chiron, indicating the soul wound, stands in Aries. It indicates a lack of the right for existence we have been talked into, wherewith we are not allowed to have and express our own ideals and opinions.. Emotional problems and stress are hence being transposed into action, which you can notice in the ever increasing international protests, and as well the ever more aggressive response from the executing power on these. The reaction to this feeling of actually not being allowed to exist, is assertiveness. This brings along recklessness and combativeness in order to compensate the pain. and insecurity. Anger, frustration and a feeling of powerlessness can even bring up thoughts of suicide. The low feeling of personal value can only be transformed by listening to the own inner voice.

The conjunction of the Moon and Chiron gives to this a great sensitivity, as well as feelings of failure.

The outgoing square of the Moon with the Sun gives a personal tone with every will expression: each act is being colored by the feelings.  This gives dissatisfaction, which causes that often the mistake has to be aligned back later. This gives double work.

The outgoing square of the Moon with Mercury indicates a struggle between the feeling and the intellect. Initially the feeling is unreliable in rendering the events. The task here is to let the feeling be the guideline, but use the intellect as control.  Everyone wants to cherish the own feelings, even though the feeling says the opposite. This gives rise to collusions, which may make the nerves hypersensitive

It is peculiar that the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn as well of the one of the Sun and Mercury for Western Europe fall in the 6th house, the one of serving and process steering. May we have a specific task in this?


ad c. Venus in quincux on Lilith and Uranus

Venus in the Archer gives rise to feelings that sparkle on new ideas and hence burn fast. It gives thinking and philosophizing over love. The feelings hence get a higher shade, colored by the thoughts.

Lilith, our hidden and most often repressed female side, stands in Taurus, the Bull. It makes us longing for securities on different levels. But the Black Moon here indicates difficulties that need to be overcome, so as well frustrations in all that has to do with securities and holding tight. Like on the physical level. This is about fixed liens and basic income. There will come a fuzz in the regularity of daily affairs. Many plans are being disturbed. The issue is whether you either want to live your love for new things and always cherished activities, or want to hide these (because you don’t dare to take risks) and then choose for the safer, predictable path. This may make you quite insecure and fearful for all that is new and unknown. The great challenge here is: dare to jump into the unknown! Get out of your comfort zone amd discover the possibilities that lay deeply hidden within you.

Uranus in Taurus indicates predominantly transformations toward durability, in house and in agriculture. It sees the possession of land as the base for society and directs the social notion to this, Through common ground possession it strives for reformations within society. And besides it broaden out our creative faculty to imagine.

The conjunction of Lilith and Uranus makes us clear that we no longer can milk out Mother Earth and thus ourselves because its end approaches. We can think in new ways and thus create new forms and paths to the future, if we want to listen to the hidden female side of our soul and the feelings of softness and wholeness that come forth of it. This conjunction truly indicates the transition from the patriarchal to the matriarchal world guidance, from the order controlled by men to the one by women, society conducted by women that reckon with the Earth as a living being, not only with herself and the Divine in heaven.

The ingoing quincux (150o, an aspect of doubt) between Lilith and Venus puts all the feelings and feeling connections on sharp and lets us doubt whether we do good in letting the female speak in us.

The ingoing quincux of Venus and Uranus indicates the inner itching doubt whether we can connect in personal love relations or not, and therewith do short to others that we love. This may suck out the life or a love relation. It is a counter movement of the free relations that came over to us in the late sixties of the previous century.


ad d. Pluto quintile to Chiron, biquintile to the northern moon’s node

With Pluto in Capricorn the higher will directs to the transformation of power structures within society. It makes bowing or bursting. It is the time order is brought back in that all wrongs and disuse of power by the summit of society comes to the light. So this Pluto position works out predominantly outward, within society.

Mars in the Ram gives new initiative force, newe plans that want to be executed. A great force of propelling.

The outgoing square between Mars and Pluto tends to impose the own will with force unto others: it is the aspect of a bully that destroys resistance. Through this can be acted fast and resolute in the attack.

The quintile aspect (72o, that is 1/5 of the Zodiac; a spiritual aspect) between Pluto and Chiron indicates that a new transformation in society, which might come with the use of violence, can come for the benefit of the freedom for each human.[4]

The biquintile aspect (144o, that is 2/5 of the Zodiac; also a spiritual aspect) between Pluto and the northern moon’s node in Gemini indicates that the human nature can be healed by the dissolution of the wrong power structures within society.

Neptune in the Fishes, his own sign, indicates the flow of the life, the sea. It may lead tot an empathic dissolving in the All, an experience or movement of unity. Each separation is being dissolved and taken along in the wholeness of the water, or rather the subconsciousness. It dissolves all oppositions and controversies, out of which may arise love. This has a curative effect for when circumstances have to be dissolved. The memory connects to the absorbing of the individual in the flow, the mass, institutions. Here you see a clear healing power for who wants to act out of love instead of hate.

The square of Neptune to the moon’s nodes indicates that this experience of unity that dissolves all oppositions, holds us away from working out our spiritual insights (the southern moon’s node in the Archer) amongst the people (northern moon’s node in Gemini). So this demands alertness from us to bring along our impulses from before birth and bring them out between one another. That is what we are here for, and it makes the Earth al lot more beautiful.


Altogether a powerful new impulse with which we can enter the Xmas time and the new year, knowing that a new social-cultural impulse has been implanted within us and in the Earth. An encouraging prospect



[1] This elite recently expressed itself in the World Economic Forum, at which they proclaimed the Great Reset, where the people will have to comply after the corona turmoils, which form a part of it: a world government that enslaves the people in a kind of oligarchic socialism through strong restrictions. You can indicate this small but powerful group of families behind the screens, bankers and their marionets our governmental leaders, as being the globalists.

[2] The Earth alliance consists of the political leaders of the US, Russia, China, India and Iraq, as well as the military forces loyal to these. This is a great force behind the screens.

[3] In 2012 it did not succeed to implement GESARA, an international set of laws that will give us a new money system based on gold and not on debt, that will forfeit our debts, give us a basic income, and that will reveal and help realize new clean techniques.

[4] The movement that by QAnon, a high militairy intelligence initiate in what really plays, is being indicated as We the People. It wants to give back the power to the people, from the hands of the elite.

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