04 Apr

The horoscope of the new spring moon 2020


The new on of spring gives an impulse that puts the tune for the rest of the year (until Xmas). Hence this short explanation.

The new moon of March 24 at 10.27 shows:


A narrow conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn, also with Saturn who just entered Waterman, all stand in the 8th house (of transformation).

The conjunction of the first 3 indicates that there is insight, transformation and force in structures within society: in the 8th house these have a strong tendency to transform. That which has decayed may now come to the light, and the people that have misbehaved – predominantly our elite – now can be arrested and trialled actively. These planets give Saturn extra power and insight with this.

From Sunday March 22 Saturn transferred into Waterman: this indicates that moneys may get free for society, away from the sturdy grip of the banks, which get their power only from the debts when they give out loans and mortgages. You saw since then that the stock markets went down repeatedly despite the emergency seizures. The Germen Deutsche Bank has even been stopped to exist. On this Sunday the money system went over to the Quantum Financial System behind the screens, which is covered by gold.

Jupiter, Pluto and Mars make an outgoing trine to Venus in Taurus, the 12th house. Through this (the Bull) nature can take a breath because the pressure on it by air and road transport has fallen slow. You almost do not see any stripe at the sky. What a quietness!

The new moon in Aries, the 11th house, gives a renewed impulse that may work out in social life (the 11th house). People become more solidary despite or maybe even through the contact prohibition, turned inside and they have now the possibility to look into their own soul and spirit, where lay the answers to all questions. It will not come now from the external world. The outgoing sextile aspect of the Sun and Moon to Saturn helps you to let form out this inner strength of belief and trust also in your life and social interactions. The social bed to this is now being shaped.

The ingoing square between Saturn and Uranus in Taurus, the 11th house (a reception to Saturn) puts a pressure to your own images about your life and what is good for you and the Earth. You get mirrored where you are good buzzy, and where your behaviour needs improvements. So that you can learn to take everything, also your creative faculties, from yourself.

Neptune and Mercury both stand in Fishes, the 10th house: this may give you a feeling of hovering of your life, and everything that coheres to this within your profession, as were you in uncertain waters. Mercury coheres with the lungs and gives you the courage to behold your own place within society, and if necessary bring changes to it. This is being reinforced by the ingoing sextile aspect of Mercury with Uranus. The overall condition of society is in a wacky balance, such as the restrictions on work and life by our governments. Mercury enters Aries, the Ram at April 10th. There is a chance that the life restrictions from then on may be lifted, and dew choices can be made within the structures of society.

In short: we need to slow down for the moment, but a lot of positive things are going on, so that afterwards we can get along with ourselves, society and the Earth in a new way.

A stripeless blue sky:

      what an unknown luxury of this crisis.

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