out of the Star Constellations as Active Forces

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The star constellations, within and outside of the Zodiac, each represent a group of Angel Beings that work out an idea of the Divine plan. As a group they also work out formative towards man and the Earth, and have to do with a part of our body. As such they can be interpreted. Besides this, as an idea of the Divine plan to be realised, they also have a more future directed aspect, namely one of development; they represent the ideals that we want to realise to come into development and therewith realise this Divine plan in and around us.

The form gestures of the star constellations such as they stand in the sky, tell us what they can cause on the Earth. In doing and experiencing these, gives you insight in their workings. This has been elaborated in the Rune Workshop as an investigation project. The sculptures of the star constellations do this. The pieces bof jewelry in gold and silver that have been designed after these, do gesture us before in the physical realm what we need to accomplish with the soul and the life body to be able to realise their workings in and around us. The barer will notice in a while that the jewels each have both a consciousness and a will force directive  tendency.

The jewelry is designed by Nicolaas M. de Jong and made by either himself or by Birgit Tiller, a painter and goldsmith.

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Star constellation jewelry :


Orion, silver

orion1   orion2

In the central open space of the jewelry the four elemental workings come together from the corners, and form a free space in which the fifth element, the quintessence, can develop. It is up to the bearer to join in making these gestures and form his or her quintessence. That is conscious warmth, so love.

Orion is called the warrior of the heavens. He is also connectie to Christ who since His death and resurrectie has become the lord of the Earth, and therewith of the life worlds. He stands underneath of the Zodiac and Milky Way, that is the cosmical life flow. It indicates the path of initiation in the life worlds of formative forces, that stand behind the four elements earth, water, air and fire.

Silver € 295, – / US $ 327, 50                   

Gold € 1050, – / US $ 1165, –


The Eagle, silver

silver-eagle7 silver-eagle-4

Here the four elementen workings come together in the centre and form a strong point of consciousness here. The Eagle stands for the presence of mind that you need to keep up when you want to develop our intuitive faculties, also being called your Spirit Man). It gives you an alert attitude that makes you experience intensely each moment.

Silver € 295, –  / US $ 327, 50                             

Gold € 1100, – / US $ 1225, –


The Dolphin, silver

dolfphin-1 dolphin-2

The fluent gesture of this piece of jewelry is being conducted out of the small central movement, which is just like the ego (spirit) that conducts the soul  (this is the void around it), which again conducts the life body (that is the general enveloping gesture of the piece of jewelry). This is in accordance with the spiritual faculty of inspiration (Life Spirit). We train this faculty when with the spirit, our ego, we dive into the soul and conduct from here the life processen in and around us. The star constellation Delphin is the archetype for for our inscriptive faculties.

This piece of jewelry is often experienced as soft and flexibele. It gives support when boy need to make difficult decisions, and also have to act to these.

Silver € 295, – / US $ 327, 50 

Gold € 1150, – / US $ 1275, –


The Snake Tamer, Ophiochus, silver

snake-tamer-1 snake-tamer-2

The Snake Tamer represents man as he is meant to become when he has developed the faculties of clairvoyancy (imagination), clear feeling and hearing (inspiration) and of clear willing (the intuition). We then have ascended unto a Time Spirit and have developed creative faculties. Then we push down the Scorpion from the Zodiac and form one ourselves. The Snake Tamer is called the 13th zodiacal constellation. It is peculiar that he does not kill the snake (of life forces, thrives and desires), but tames it, and thus becomes a master of the forces on Earth.

The Snake Tamer as a piece of jewelry calls awake these high skills in the bearer, as an example that he or she can follow after. It is a strongly active piece of jewelry, that you better not wear always, but just in moments that there will be asked a lot from your skills. Then it gives force and support.

Silver € 350, – / US $ 390, –                  

Gold € 1250, – / US $ 1390, –


The Swan or Northern Cross, silver

swan-1     swan-2

Swan, gold

Gouden Zwaan - 3

The star constellation has to do with the recognition of the spiritual/ego force which helps to erect you as a human.

The piece of jewelry gives support when you experience yourself less strong in your ego and need to het along with this. Especially elementen betings that incarnatie in a human body need to deuvel this force in order to become human. For them this ornament can be an important help. Also youngsters that have difficulties in the transition to adulthood can get help and support of the Swan jewelry.

Silver € 295, –   / US $ 327, 50

Gold € 1125, – / US $ 1250, –


The Dragon, silver

dragon-1  dragon-2

The Dragon has to do with our incarnation until in the physical body, around the spinal chord. The three counter-striving forces Lucifer/the devil, Ahriman/satan and Sorat/the antichrist have caused this. The head of the Dragon distorts reality, so that we become receptive for suggestions that distract us, out of selfishness; the tail of the Dragon works out splitting,  so that the asura’s (Sun’s demons) can come between us and our thoughts; and the middle part of the Dragon works out condensing out of greed, thus thriving out of the life region and into the physical realm, which makes us incarnate until in the skeleton. Through resisting these three forces, as a man and later on as an angel we can stand up and grow (the erection of the spine), out of the golden treasure which the Dragon holds up before us as a promise for growth. To this the Dragon talisman can help you.

The constellation is the archetype of man that has incarnated until in the physical realm.

Silver € 295, – / US $ 327, 50        

Gold € 1125, – / US $ 1250, –


Centaur, silver


The Centaur helps to sublimate the life- c.q. libido forces and to direct these with the consciousness. Just like the centaurs who were half human – half horse and had to transform their natural thrives into wisdom.

Silver € 295, – / US $ 327, 50

Gold € € 1125, – / US $ 1250, –


Wolf, silver

wolf-1  wolf-2

The Wolf has to do with the possibility to find new impulses out of chaos. As such he can wake up your inner teacher. The constellations shows a chaotic heap of stars, in which need to find a lead.

Silver € 295, – / US $ 327, 50

Gold € 1125, –  / US $ 1250, –


Southern Cross, silver

south-cross-1   south-cross-2

The Southern Cross stands for the wheel of karma. You stay captured in it until you start to see your own compulsive patterns of acting and then behold yourself.

The talisman hels you to recognize vast karmic patterns. Thus you can start to do it differntly and free yourself of superfluous karma.


Silver € 295, – / US $ 327, 50

Gold € 1125, –  / US $ 1250, –


Sagittarius, silver

The zodiacal constellation of Sagittarius shows an out-striving and erecting force out of a centraal square, which is the center of forces. The working of this talisman is reinforcing, stimulating enthusiasm form out of the chest. Besides this it gives clarity in the actions.

A talisman to strengthen your ideal force.

Silver € 295, – / US $ 327, 50                          

Gold € 1125, –  / US $ 1250, –

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Other Pieces of Jewelry /Amulets :


Vril-ya jewelry, silver

vrilya-1 vrilya-2

The vril-ya people live in the Earth and are not danser incarnatie that until the air condition. They work from underneath when we do landscape healing, and cooperate with us. They want to help to develop and use the free energies on the Earth, and they actually wait for our work on the Earth.   This piece of jewelry helps to make a conscious connection to them.Elfensleutel voor

Silver € 295, – / US $ 327, 50                          

Gold € 1125, –  / US $ 1250, –


Elfin key, silver


This piece of jewelry helps you to connect to the real of the elfs. Once you can observe and communicatie with them. When working in the Earth they can help you to find more easily the way n it and get in contact with the earth beings. They themselves live in the air and the right, but have as well a deep connection to the Earth.

Silver € 295, – / US $ 327, 50

Gold € 1125, –  / US $ 1250, –


Trust in your Path into the Darkness, silver

Vertrouwen in de Duisternis - 1    Vertrouwen in de Duisternis - 2

This talisman helps you to find the force in going into the darkness and find your path. It reinforces you in your observations and intuitions.

Silver € 295, – / US $ 327, 50  

Gold € 1125, – / US $ 1250, –



PRICES (6 % VAT included) :

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silver € 420 / US $ 465, –

gold € 1375 / US $ 1475, –


Existing model :

silver from € 295, – / US $ 327, 50

gold from € 950, – / US $ 1050, –




These have a strong effect because of the form gestures and therewith life forces which they help to direct with the barer.

They can be ordered, after deliberation.

talisman-trust Talisman ‘Trust in going the path of the darkness’, beech wood.


The jewelry will be sent to you on request, including porto and administration costs (EU € 7,50/piece, outside EU € 9,50).
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