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The Great Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 in relation to 1998, 9/11/01 and 2012

The Solar Eclipse 1998 in Europe and the antichrist impulse

zonsverduistering-11-augustus-1998On this day the USA will go through a Great Solar Eclipse that is similar to the one that crossed Europe all the way through to Turkey on August the 11th, 1998. There were many predictions that this event would mean an evil of an enormous magnitude.

It was the first time that day that our Dutch group carried out what we call “Work in the Subterranean Spheres”. Such work was especially designed to counter and transform the impact of evil that roams and lures in the underworld. Different groups of people from the West Coast, center and East in the USA, until in England and Germany joined us on that day with doing the same work. While we knew this day was coming and understood what it was about it was clear to us that it was very necessary that we did this.

One of the fears caused by the predictions was that the antichrist himself would manifest on the earth. Awareness of this might have also come from Nostradamus who spoke of this day in one of his quatrains. In there he said that on the 11th of July, 1999 the King of Terror will come. The calendar he used was the Julianus calendar that was one month off (earlier), and so, when converted to our calendar, this prediction was spot on. The antichrist and King of Terror is also known as sorat, or the 666-being of the Revelation of St. John, and he is the actual source of all evil. The 2 other more known adversaries, satan and lucifer, are his minions. It is also known in esotery that in AD-times when there is a 666 in a year there is heightened impact of sorat’s agenda. In this case it is the year 1998, which is 3 x 666. The time-frame such impact holds sway is for over 20 years.

The chart of the 11th of August, 1998 showed there was a Grand Cross in the heavens between the Sun and the moon, Mars, Uranus and Saturn. That is a very disharmonious configuration, especially while the latter 3 planets are known within astrology to also have strong negative forces. Grand Crosses in general indicate maximum stress and the most resistance, but on top of that this one also involved the middle degrees of the fixed signs of Taurus (Saturn in it), Scorpio (Mars in it), Leo (Sun, Moon in it) and Aquarius (Uranus in it). So it consisted of a 3-tiered amplification. While these 4 fixed signs also represent the human being in its 4 bodies of spirit (Leo), soul (Aquarius), etheric body (Scorpio) and physical body (Taurus) it could be viewed as a direct full attack on humanity. Thus, in a nutshell the chart of that day also confronted humanity with another fundamental choice: will you choose to shape your life in a spiritual manner, or in a materialistic way?

The heightened awareness throughout Europe gave rise to many people opposing the antichrist on that day. At the Apex of the track of the Solar Eclipse, in the city Sofia, Bulgaria, a big doll was burned in a ritualistic manner to express and accentuate this opposition.

My observation showed that sorat did indeed come to the earth, but that his main intention to connect himself to the counter-seraph in the core of the earth had failed. This failure was caused by our work and the inner work of many others on that day. He did however succeed to pull off other parts of his agenda on that day and thereafter.

Since then sorat’s amplified impact has been showing itself more and more in an increasing extent in which people are possessed by him. This has given rise to a variety of phenomena. One of them is the increase of suicide bombings. The consequence of such an insane act is that the spirit of the suicide bomber and of the victims are scattered into pieces. This enables the sun-demons of sorat, the asura’s, to wrest away -steal- such spliced off pieces to use those to incarnate themselves as humans.

The last two decades suicide bombings/terrorist attacks, insane killings and mass shootings have increased exponentially. Besides that these suicide bombings/terrorist attacks, insane killings and mass shootings are moreover false-flag, orchestrated to be aimed at generating extra-ordinary amounts of fear; sorat’s tool to maintain and expand his reign of terror. Such dreadful killings also often occur in case of Solar flares by which the sun-demons/asura’s are cast out of the sun after which they go to the earth.


Another phenomenon with a huge impact that should be attributed to sorat was the attack on the Twin Towers on 9-11 in 2001. George W. Bush then came up with the word ‘terrorist’ and the War on Terror was kicked-off having provided the new world order manipulators – the cabal – with an ideal scape-goat fabrication to try to terrorize everybody and round up anybody who opposed their dark agenda.

hor-aanslag-wtcThe chart of that day showed a Big T-Square in the heavens, a semi-big square between Saturn, the sun and Pluto. A Saturn and Pluto opposition always tells there is fundamental change of the status quo and the powers that be. A core message of that chart therefore actually was that the USA would be much better off with letting itself be nourished by the cultures of the earth instead of continuing to bully and oppress it. After all it is one big melting pot of those cultures. It obviously chose not to do so and even intensified forcing its dark-agenda on the world.

Another phenomenon that the possession by sorat generates is that there are human beings of whom it will be quite impossible to believe that they are actually really human beings. Besides the insane killings, this is also expressed in a hyper-increase of materialism in which it is a matter of developing things only for mere “practical use” and not for a “good purpose”. Just think of how overpowering technology has become in directing our lives.

Such soratic possession can also result in that people’s worldview turns into being a sheer materialistic intellectual one where there is no space at all for any spirituality. It even goes as far that such possessed people who are totally convinced of sorat’s intellectual worldview in terrible ways will not only scoff at everything spiritual, but will also oppose, and want to disregard, destroy, and to push into the abyss anything that is spiritual, because they hate it and don’t want the connection with the spiritual world, but only want to live out their random untenable Ego. They will also show themselves by their external appearance, where you can e.g. see it in their cold and ferocious eyes. The never seen before blown out of proportion vicious hate-filled attacks on Trump because he won the Presidency are such a soratic inspired tendency as well.

Winter Solstice 2012

However, with all that being said the things having to do with the solar-eclipse in the USA of 21st of August, 2017 are quite different. The reason for this is that since the 11th of August, 1999 developments have also taken its own course and a grand worldwide transformation has taken place. This was all reinforced during the winter solstice of 2012. hor-winterzonnewende-2012This event reinforced that the consciousness of all human beings was placed in people’s heart instead of people’s head. The chart of the 21st of December, 2012 consisted of a powerful Yod-configuration between Saturn and Uranus with its point directed on Jupiter. Besides that there was an opposition of Mercury and Venus with Jupiter. That sharply triggered our thinking with our heads (Jupiter), and generated the ability of the transformation of such thinking, partially because there was a grand triangle between Uranus, Venus and the Point of Fortune (Pars Fortunea). This showed that it is best for our souls (Venus) to transform it to something higher (Uranus), because of which we would enable our hearts (Point of Fortune in the 5th House) to let it do the thinking as well as determine our actions.

Despite the fact that since the beginning of this century the MSM has been pounding its fearmongering upon us over and over again, you can feel and experience that more and more people around the world are awakening and choose to do good and strive for peace, instead of being sucked in wars that only benefit (make more powerful) the elite (cabal). It is becoming more and more clear that nobody else benefits but them. In similar manner people more easily see through the manipulations and orchestrations of the false flag terrorist attacks or mass shootings. They seem to be all phony and an act, including 9-11. Those who continue spreading the narrative whereby they deny the events are manipulations and orchestrations thus show their true colors more blatantly (i.e. that they support the materialistic approach). Thus the choice of the 1998-solar eclipse exposes the ones who have chosen the materialistic way and shows those who have chosen the spiritual way in a more and more obvious manner. An overall tendency has come about that people are just not fooled that easy anymore.


However, the horoscope of the solar eclipse of the 21st of August, 2017 crossing over the USA shows an entirely different pattern, viz. it is one with many spiritual aspects, and as such it seems to more like a constructive continuation of the here above mentioned developments. These spiritual qualities show themselves in the form of quintiles (72 degrees) and biquintiles (144 degrees). These can generate chaos on the physical plane (as indeed what can already be seen in the US), but they also can bring about refreshing new developments. Besides this the chart has many triangular aspects that generate flexibility.

The conjunction of the sun and the moon (the cause of the eclipse) at the northern moon’s node is accompanied by Mars. During a period of 5 hours this conjunction crosses through the entire US from the North-West to the South-East. It lands in Newport, Oregon at 10.15am PST and leaves the US again in Charleston, South Carolina, around 2pm EST. Besides this the quadruple conjunction runs through the houses 10, 9 and 8. Therefore these conjunctions work out in societal realizations, higher knowledge and in the transformation of existing structures.


   Start solar eclipse,                          Middle,                                 End,

       Newport OR                            Kansas City KS                 Charleston, SC

Besides this it is also remarkable that on the 8th of April, 2024 another powerful Solar Eclipse will take place. This one will run from the South-West to the North-East. The cross these two Solar Eclipses thus show have great resemblance to the shape of the star constellation “Eagle”, the powerful totem for the USA and the most important manifestation of God the Father (the Great Spirit) for the Native Americans. It shows the US is in the midst of powerful fundamental changes during these years.

The Eclipse in the US on the 21st of August in detail

Now back to the Solar Eclipse again. A Solar Eclipse is always a release of accumulated astral dirt, so turbulence in the soul and intellectual abstractions (materialistic thinking).

The 21st of August 2017 Solar Eclipse is about a conjunction in Leo of the sun and the moon with Mars. This points to willpower, i.e. the over the top flexing of muscle. This can now be moved aside and gotten rid of in order to make way for a better manner of showing and using power, and then in a more Royal manner (Leo).

There is a biquintile aspect of Chiron towards Mars, which shows healing out of compassion (Chiron is in Pisces) of the improper demonstrated willpower (Leo). Chiron also makes a quintile towards pluto in Capricorn which has to do with getting rid of and transforming societal power-structures. Pluto also makes a biquintile towards the Northern moon’s node that shows the possibility of a fresh dissolution of old karma. During the entire Solar Eclipse Pluto runs through the 3rd House (communication), the 2nd (traditional values) and the 1st first (showing one’s self to the World). The results of these gestures regarding the societal power structures have already been going on during the entire time of the presidential election of 2016 and beyond. Examples of it are the revelations of Wiki-Leaks, the blaming of others regarding seemingly moral issues (Russia’s unproven meddling, Hillary’s loss, democratic party in turmoil) that turned out to be very smelly, as well as the exposure of the manipulations of the Deep State. Therefore this is as if the US has the opportunity to clean house.

Mercury is in Virgo where it is moving retrograde, also towards the sun-moon-Mars conjunction, while it is in opposition with Neptune as well. This shows that the right communication is not taking place and not succeeding because there is no clear goal on which this is aimed at. It is like a ship sailing in the thick fog, and only on its horn, so it only can sail by listening. With this one can think of the exposure by Wikileaks of Vault 7 and the magnitude of abuse of internet espionage, even massive manipulations and the usage of very destructive malware. Also the pointless blown out of proportions accusations directed at everything Trump is, does or says shows this. The democrats have only been adamant at pointing fingers and have shown to be inapt to carry out any retrospection regarding their issues, nor do they show an objective intention to discuss the actual issues that face the Nation. Mercury namely makes a direct triangle towards Uranus in Aries, which points towards new means of communication that need to be directed into the right ways of their applications (Mercury is in Virgo, and Virgo is about directing processes).

Saturn is in conjunction with Lilith, the dark moon (i.e. the hidden feminine) and in Sagittarius (which stands for high ideals) where it makes a retrograde triangle towards the sun, the moon and Mars, which points towards a flowing concretization of moral principles and of values which is actually that what the USA stands for based on its Constitution. This shows that the revamped values and designs generated by the reinstated Republic, which had happened behind the scenes after Trump won the election in November 2016, can come out more clearly now.

Connected to this is a mutual sextile of both Mars and Saturn towards Jupiter. This enables that the will to lead (Mars) and the need to strive for high ideals (Saturn) is supported in a powerful manner by the rejuvenation and renewal (Jupiter) of the Law (Libra). Neptune in Pisces (sheer compassion) is involved in this because it makes a direct biquintile with Jupiter in Libra (Libra is about Justice; the scales), which shows that more clarity in moral compassion is required regarding the youth (Jupiter) abuse (Libra in connection to sexuality), i.e. the child sex industry.

This points towards further exposure of Pizza-Gate, the human trafficking and the likes and the extent of how far all of this has actually been going. Currently there are many arrests going on which may not show up in the news that much yet, but that is because the round up is kick-started from the bottom up. The politicians at the top and corporate leaders will be last.

There is also a direct square of Venus towards Uranus, which shows that there is quite a lot of tension (Uranus in Aries) on people’s soul (Venus) because of the situation at home (Venus in Cancer). This points towards pressure on the image of “the happy family” as the cornerstone of US-society. This causes that inner images can be distorted, which to a large extent is the agenda of the MSM because it sees to it that the level of anxiety is kept at a high level by all the false flag attacks (especially in the UK lately) and mass shootings (like the Congressmen that were shot at the baseball game). The amplified attention for transgenders and the entire LGTB has to do with this as well.

Venus is on the same position as Mercury was in the birth-chart of the USA, and Mercury was in opposition with Pluto, just like Venus is now. This means that the kidneys (Venus) as well as the adrenals (Pluto) are under pressure during the Solar Eclipse, and shows that the powers that be in the USA (the Cabal/Deep State) are about to lose their power, but they may also try to provoke a nuclear war (Pluto is the basis for nuclear bombs, as in plutonium). The big question is of course if they will manage to pull that off.

horoscoopkaart-vs    Horoscope at birth of the US

When you take a helicopter view of the entire planetary dance in the heavens during this solar Eclipse, it shows there are many possibilities for the US to allow renewal in the social sphere (Uranus), in the moral realm (Jupiter) and regarding its higher ideals (Saturn). This make-over can enable it to become the leading benevolent guard of the world instead of the bully who continuously is showing its teeth to those who oppose it or puts its jaws in them. This is also reflected in the Mars and Pluto connection with DARPA, the vast military-industrial complex, which includes those secret services that are hidden and operate beyond the power structures.

So there is a pretty good set of great (-again) opportunities for America. The big question is: will it grab the opportunity? We sure hope so.


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4. The Paths in the Starry Sky to develop yourself inwardly

A beautiful maze of stars

In my first blog I explained that the star constellations are the cause of our ideals, taken along from them. But how do you find yourself back in that star-sewed night sky?

When you look up in the evening with a clear sky, you see at first an apparent maze of stars. You see groups of stars standing together, can pull lines and wonder about the silent expansion, that only is broken by a fallen star if you ‘re lucky (and one of the many satellites if you have less luck). Besides the two Bears, Orion and the Northern Cross the knowledge stops with most people. How do you get clarity in this? To this you need to realize well some observations, facts and feelings.

Firstly, when you open your heart, you can feel the closeness of the stars, so that far is not their world. Some people hear anew when certain stars rise above the horizon. That was much more common in the days of old. Pythagoras was the last person of whom this is known, and around 550 B.C. he developed our twelve tone system from it – see to this my second blog. In our language we still find back many of those direct connections to the stars. Someone can sing the stars from heaven, you can rise and beam like a star, and as well flower shapes are often seen as star gestures. Geometry has arisen from the stars, and their precipitation you find back in all natural realms, from gem stones to plant to animal shapes. Even the inner structure of our bones has the six angular star as its basic pattern. The Germanic runes have been brought down to Earth as condensed star language. E.g. the Germanic rune ‘B’ (Berkana) coheres with the constellation of Cassiopeia (I will once have a separate blog on this).


A Search for Ordering

From what is known from antiquity I found four star paths at the sky that appear to give you an access to different heavenly realms. After I had worked with these for several years I met the angel gate guardians of those realms. And later I found an affirmation of this in the known Chinese story of King Ape. Apparently their culture still knows the stargate guardians still from Atlantis, from where they as well have deep knowledge about the life forces. I elaborated this working with the star constellations in schooling methods, in which I work with the sounds and rhythms of the stars. I have the participants model out in clay what they observe inwardly, where they come in themselves, and which ideal is being awoken. See also my first blog. So what you read here is thoroughly tested. To find order, you can consider the following facts in their consequences:

-Our four bodies and their connections to the elements and natural realms (which we can experience strongly in the four advent weeks, for in them the angel detaches from those inner bodies):

  • The element earth is connected to our physical body, which we share with the mineral realm.
  • The element water is connected to our life body, which conducts the body juices in which our physiological processes play. We share this body with the plant realm, for plants have also a life body.
  • The element air with in it the light in al its coloring hues is connected to our soul, in which the feelings live (to the outside feelings are color, to the inside sound). We share this realm with the animals, that as well carry a soul.
  • The element fire is connected to our spirit, which conducts all the other bodies from the warmth. If we individualize this warmth, we call our spirit germ from early age ‘I’. It is our inner personal star light, and with it we can go an individual development. While we arde the only self-conscious spirit in a physical body, is the fourth natural realm the human realm. For that matter, there are different beings from parallel realms of the angels of heaven and earth often incarnated in this human realm.

-The star constellations make up our ideals, brought along from before birth. And with inner observation you can recognize their gestures within you and do these to come to those ideal forces. We do this by means of clay modeling. See for more about this my first blog.

-Stars and sounds are closely coherent. To this I worked out a method to determine their pitch by their distance to the eclipse, and their rhythm from their pace through the Zodiac (see blog 3). To this I had to develop star maps with the Zodiac as a center or focus. Here is one, with the Zodiac in the middle (the arrow indicates the direction of the Sun, Moon and planets):


Note: here the North and South pole of the Zodiac have been extended into a line. See for correct star maps underneath.

-When star constellations are being recognized as separate constellations in a certain culture, this means that they come to the consciousness in that culture. Many of the star constellations were known in antiquity, and we inhere this knowledge through Babylonians, Egyptians and Greeks. Only from the 16th century onwards we started to sail the southern seas, and many of the star constellations that you can see from the southern hemisphere have come to our acknowledgement since that time. This happened with the Flood Eridanus and connected to it the southern bird constellations. The Inca natives from South America know many birds at the night sky; here you see parallels.


The four Starry Ways

In accordance with the four human bodies and their relation to the four natural realms, I came to the following four separate starry ways:

1-Along the Zodiac. This path is connected to the development of our spirit, our ‘ego’ all through zodiacal zones. It is closely connected to the warmth breathing of the Sun all through the year (causing the four seasons in our moderate northern regions), and of the life breathing from the Moon during a month (influencing our soul moods). The movement of the Moon is more or less coherent with her pace through the Zodiac. The planets each heve their own tempo in direct and retrograde pace through the Zodiac, and we take along their forces as our inner organs (see to this my second blog). With their passage through the Zodiac all these heavenly bodies mediate the forces and qualities of the star constellations that stand north and south of the Zodiac and parallel to them. See the map above. The star constellations form our ideals, and during the passage of a planet or the Sun and Moon these star constellation ideals are being awoken (see again my first blog). This has to do with our spleen process, which regulates the making of blood cells in the bone marrow: here the relevant star constellation ideals that are warmth crystals in and around us, are being woven into the blood cell proteins as gestures. With these we can give shape to our life and form our biography.

2-Along the northern starry sky in relation to the Zodiac. This starry sky is coherent with our astral or soul body, in which our consciousness lives. The northern starry sky consists of the north-polar constellations Dragon, Little Bear, Cepheus, Swan (Northern Cross) and Lyre, and the so-called Circle of Heroes. This circle starts with Hercules and ends with the Snake Tamer standing under it. This starry path describes the entire development of human consciousness. This starts with making use of the physical body with the 12 senses in Hercules (the twelve works he had to accomplish to chasten his soul), runs via the Big Bear/Dipper – the thinking in the brains), Perseus as the human spirit that marries Andromeda, the human soul. And from this couple come the three spiritual faculties of imagination (Pegasos), inspiration (Delphin) and intuition (Eagle). The Snake Tamer is the archetype for man that has become whole in these three spiritual faculties. He steps in the Zodiac and pushes the Scorpion down, indicating he is the start of a new Zodiac in a new world to come. See the map below.


3-Along the southern Milky Way. This clear star path, which you can see lighting up on a cloudless night (and away from city lights), consist of the cosmic life streams that nourish all life on the Earth. Mother milk is an effect of this: the mother’s breasts are an expression of these life-bringing forces, and the sculptures of mother goddesses all have round shapes with full breasts as a result of this. Between Taurus and Gemini the Milky Way pursuits its path at the southern starry sky, and comes again above the Zodiac between Scorpio and Sagittarius. The southern starry sky is connected to the vegetative, plantlike forces on Earth. Likewise the path along the southern Milky Way is also the path through the mostly unconscious life worlds. The center of these life forces close to the zodiacal South Pole is the five-limbed star constellation Ship Argo; this is the counter-pole of the five north-polar constellations. This southern way coheres with our life body with its physiology and processes, which occur in the water of our body (this contains about 80 % of our physical body). With our day-conscious we are little aware of this, and only in our dreams there sometimes reflect archetypal workings from the sub-consciousness that come from our life body. With the rhythms of the life you can find an access to these (see my blog 3). And the star constellations along the southern Milky Way each indicate a partial aspect of the path all through your own life body. Like all our organs, our intestine tube is represented, in constellation Hydra, the Big Water Serpent, being accompanied by the Crow (archetype of the pancreas) and the Chalice (archetype for the gall bladder). There also stands the Altar, archetype of the liver. At the entrance you encounter the Small and Big Dog, these are the archetypes of our little and big guardian that can stop us from going the path in ourselves all through the life.


4-Around the Flood Eridanus. This is the largest star constellation at the sky. It stands underneath the zodiacal constellations Taurus, Aries, Pisces and Aquarius. Its mouth is near the constellations Orion and Hare. We can see at our latitudes in winter well Orio, the heavenly warrior, because Taurus and Gemini underneath of which he stands, stand high and well visible at the night sky. Eridanus is accompanied by four smaller constellations Oven, Goldfish, Watch and Net. And at its source stand the Little Water Snake and Phoenix. The entire celestial realm is coherent with our heredity and the flow of ancestors. So this starry path is connected the secrets of the inherited physical body, and the path of consciousness growth of its forces means descending consciously all through the organs and tissues until the levels of the cell, cell kernel and DNA. Through this you can discover the willing germs of becoming within yourself and other people. It coheres with the development of intuition. You thus go through the life germs of your germ cells. Phoenix is the uprising of the individual from the hereditary flow of family, clan and people. From Phoenix there follows a group of constellations that are indicated as the southern birds. These are all metamorphoses of the resurrection forces through the individual development from heredity.


This part of the starry sky only became known to us with our discoveries of the southern hemisphere by sea travels. Which means to say coming to our consciousness; in this case the forces of heredity. The middle ager still believed in spontaneous generation: when you left a pot of grain flower alone for some time, there arose flies from it just from the blue. Now we work with heredity until the level of DNA in our chromosomes.

In following blogs I tell more about the different starry ways, and how these cohere more concrete with your own inner development when you want to go this path.

In our educations Inner Development we go these paths


You can order the star maps in A3 size here.


See also the following books:

Cosmobiology describes how and where to recognize the planet workings and star constellations within our physiology, our organs, tissues, and in nature until in the cells.

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Working with the Rhythm and Harmonies of the Planetary Spheres, with explanations of the astrophonic music based on the organs and planets. Compositions out of this method.

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Self Realization (in translation), in which stand all the schooling methods of the Jasper School, with introductions, mantric sayings, images, music and dance

Weekday Exercises (including a DVD) with which you can work every day with the organ that is relevant for that day. Includes the gestures of inner movements in organs and of relevant star constellations, all based on astrophonic music


29 Nov

2. Organs as inner planetary system

An astrosophical view

‘How are you?’ is a common question.

You will look weird when asked ‘How are your organs?’ And probably even stranger with ‘How is your inner planetary system?’ Your first thought might be ‘This guy is nuts’.

Yet out language is full of expressions in which the organs are being called. ‘What ‘s on your liver’, when you are bitter. ‘You carry the hearth on the tongue’ when you are direct and speak out your feelings and judgments. ‘It lays heavy on the stomach’ when you have something hard to digest. ‘I stirred up his bile’ and ‘I vent my gall’ if something or someone bothers you and you need to make space for yourself. ‘I get oppressed by it’ when your own space is taken in. Here speak out the lungs. ‘I am all ear’ when you offer someone room to express himself. I this the kidneys show, that in their cleansing work of the body juices make a clean inner environment, a chalice in which you can be attentive for what plays within you and in other people. ‘I get a stich in my side when I think of it’ when you are troubled in your acts by something. Thus expresses the spleen.

All these examples, there are plenty, indicate that your organs directly influence your moods and as well your acts. ‘It’s all between your ears’ say the neurologist and shrink. Yea right, that ‘s where you become conscious in your brains of what is going on in your organs. Because we are not directly conscious of the processes in the organs. We did learn to observe the world around us, but looking and specifically listening to the inside is not the strongest side of our culture.

Our observations, to the outside as well as to the inside, start with the senses, with which we perceive impressions. And with this it’s not only about the five known senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and the tactile one. There are more, like whether you feel good or not (the life sense), and whether you feel the balance.

As an investigation to the inside you can question yourself with an event, neeting or problem the following:

-how and where does it enter in you?

-what do you feel with it?

-in what mood does that feeling bring you? Can you experience this as an inner space? And when yes, how does it look like?

-what does it want from you?

-what ideal is awoken in you?

-and how would you react out of it?

Thus you can enter yourself all through your senses and can observe. This usually goes very fast, so I advice to reflect on these steps in rest. And it is even better to model these out in clay. Then you get a clear picture of your inner world. With this as well starts my education in Inner Development.

But in this way you cab come to inner research. For by acknowledging your feelings, you bring your consciousness to the heart, where the feelings sparkle. The head only observes. And in experiencing your moods as inner spaces, you as well bring consciousness to your lungs, that have to do with your space experience, within as well as around you: we breathe in the air that fills the space. And through the different space experiences that your moods bring forth, you gradually get a feeling for the inner qualities that your organs bring along.


Organs and your soul mood

In the following manner the organs can determine your soul mood and consciousness:

-The heart gives rise to your feelings, and it makes perceive yourself as a center, out of the warmth. If you feel being treated with injustice, the heart can sparkle in rage. The inwardly experienced heart space is a center that corresponds to static or dynamic surroundings.

ORGALL-The lungs determine your connection to and place in space. Through breathing they give you the connection of sense impressions and thoughts mainly coming from the head to life (oxygen), and thus as well to the forming of associative thinking. As space determination in social life they hold sadness, and can strongly have you experienced loneliness. The inwardly experienced lung space is dependent on your emotional base about your place in the world. And as this is more or less pleasant, you see the walls of it wide and transparent or rather tightening.

-The kidneys separate waste and astral substances (Nitrogen in broken down proteins). This is the base for your consciousness, that lives in the astral or soul body. This body consists of feelings, and hence the kidneys bring you the feelings and emotional connections. In a negative sense as well the basic fears, be cause the kidneys carry and take care of our body water. And in it work our predecessors, with their traumas and undissolved problems. The inwardly experienced kidney space is special and colorful, without a center but carrying like a chalice.

-The liver is our chemical factory, where the proteins are synthesized on the base of sound musters, or the dance of the substances. Besides this it makes the sugars and fats as fuels. Hence our faculty to grow, and as well to act inspired on the flow of life. When hemmed in your life expressions, there arises bitterness and rage. As an inner space out of your soul moods you can experience the liver as a moving ongoing space, like a riverbed that can reverse.

-The spleen organizes in us the making and breaking of blood. With the making of the blood inside our bone marrow the ideals are being elaborated in it. These come from the star constellations (see to this my first blog). So this spleen process carries our karma, our earthly fate upon which base we can develop. When you want to describe the mood of the spleen, this has to do with slowing down or being hemmed, with interiorizing and deeply contemplative fathoming, intuition, plight, and as well acting out of this. When you feel you did not handle well, remorse can arise from this by the self-imposed feelings of guilt. Inwardly you can experience the spleen space like a tunnel that forms in the deep.

-The gall bladder brings forth the propelling force in our blood. In the liver, in which it is embedded, this propelling force from the heartbeat comes in thin veins, which in hemming give rise to sound musters, on which base the proteins are being formed from amino acids that come from the guts. The gall bladder has to do with our forcer to do and undertake things. It has as well the possibility to create space for yourself and your initiatives, or space when others do not leave you this. When it’s hard for you to express your will, this can give rise to temper. Inwardy you can experience the gallbladder space out of its provoked mood as a dynamically created space in which things can develop.

-The stomach helps us to predigest out food, and besides this carries as well undigested experiences, which strongly influence your well or wrong feeling. As a soul space it gives you the experience of a turbulent inside lake that is enclosed by its walls.

-Your guts and the pancreas that is closely related to these specifically have influence on your capability to express your will ad therewith transform yourself and the Earth. They hardly come to the consciousness. There is the expression ‘Who has the guts to do that?’. This indicates courage, so a quality of the will, that comes from the guts. Qi Kung from China knows the connection between the small intestine and the lungs, and the large to the heart. So becoming conscious the guts goes through the organs mentioned. You become conscious of the pancreas through the stomach and spleen, and not so much by itself. It is our overall earth-organ, that makes the digestive juices, indispensible for our digestion.

So here you have some indications about the perception of the organs as soul moods.


Organs as inner planetary system

Now about the question how this forms an inner planetary system.

Before birth you came from your own star, entered the zodiac and condensed yourself ever more within our planetary system. Your thereby pulled ever denser bodies around your essential kernel, and these bodies each have been stilled in you as an organ process, of which the organ in concern is its precipitation.

-Within Saturn’s sphere you take on a warmth coat, through which you can apply your will on the Earth, for without warmth no deed can be done. Think of ‘dead’ fingers in winter. This finds its end in the spleen process. It mediates the processing and breaking down of the blood, ad in your blood lay stored the willing impulses – which is commonly being called your karma..

-Within Jupiter’s sphere you also get a life body, which makes that om the Earth you are not a stiff piece of wood, but can grow as well by your life processes. In our body the life processes are enabled by the liver proces, for in this the basic proteins of the body are being processed on the base of the sounds and rhythms that play in it. So the liver is our inner Jupiter organ.

-Within Mars’ sphere we also become a cloak of soul substance, an astral body, or a soul. Therewith we can connect us to other people and as well generate feelings. We can develop the soul when at each time we get new impulses and perceive things that get us in motion. This is being propelled by planet Mars through our gallbladder process: the force to come in motion and bring forth our willing impulses.

-Within the Sun’s sphere we come together with the groups of kindred people with whom we share karma and want to develop further. We work here unto one another with and out of the astral body, so that on the Earth we can recognize our traits with one another. When finished with this, we pull ourselves together around our basic pulsing rhythm of what later on while incarnated on the Earth will be our heart beat. Thus we separate from from our companions and continue our journey to the Earth. So in your heart you carry along all your companions, and besides this, your spirit germ, your ego, is centered in the heart.

-Within Venus’ sphere you work on the individualizing of your own soul, so that it later on the Earth expresses your personality. That soul or astral body is carried and kept clean by your kidneys. Your solar plexus chakra conducts your being on an astral level.

-Within Mercury’s sphere your life body is being personified and connected to the groups of people where you will connect to in life. These carry specific notions and thoughts, which are being worked as well into your life body. On the base of these life flows you can think later on. Also because with the lungs (Mercury’s organ) by the absorption of Oxygen you bring life to yourself and to your thoughts. Your life body consists of currents, rhythms and gestures. T he Chinese call these the meridian orbits, that go out from your second, navel chakra.

-Within the Moon’s sphere together with your guardian angel you look for the most suited couple of parents for you, which enables you with your possibilities and hang-ups you can best work out your fate and thus develop. Like this the Moon has to do with your basic life processes and your hereditary determined physical body. Most known of this is the menstruation cycle of the women, but each human knows the changes in mood all through the month, that are being influenced strongly by the movement of the Moon all through the Zodiac. You become conscious of your soul and life processes in your brains, which thus are the end of the workings of the Moon.

Organen en planeten - 1Thus you can get a notion for the coherence of the organs with the different planets. But this still is mere thought, and not experience. Over the possibilities to experience this I bothered many years. For if that succeeds you can make their inner workings more conscious, and thus get to know yourself better, with the possibility to conduct yourself.

After I first started to look at the motions of the planets towards the Earth and understand these, I could come closer to this. You can get to this as follows. All the planets turn around the Sun in egg-shaped orbits. Our Earth as well, and we are the third in the row. We on the Earth experience that the Sun turns around us, as well in an elliptic, egg-shapes orbit. And hence the planets around this make rhythmical dances to the Earth, enveloping us in loops. Each planet does this in its own, specific way, with its own pace all through the Zodiac and its specific amount of loops. So they make a basic measure-rhythm towards the Earth. Now if you start to experience these basic measure rhtyhms, you will notice that these bring you in specific moods, that attune to the organs that have been brought forth by the planets. I had experienced this in workshops and educations for years, with repetitive experiences. In this manner I worked this out in my compositions. So these rhythms give you a basic experience of the different organs.

In old folk music of different kind you can encounter these often unusual measure types. Separately from each other the Celts (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Bretagne), the Basks and the Hungarians know the 5/4, 7/4, 11/4 and even 13/4 measures in their music. Also the Turkish music from around the Dardanells. That is probably an echo of the temple music from Atlantis. That continent did not or hardly see the Sun, Moon and the planets because it was almost always foggy. There the people resonated inwardly with the planets. And still now you can experience in the folk music of those cultures how vivid is in its unusual measure types. We are awoken by these.


Chakras and planets

Now the planets do more than merely bring about the organs in us, for we have as well the germs in us to from our basic constitution develop us further on. These are our higher soul senses we call chakras or lotus flowers. ‘Chakra’ is the Indian word for wheel. These organs namely start to turn as soon as you start to develop them. Therewith has each chakra a specific amount of ‘petals’ when you start to develop these. So their development looks like a flower, a lotus flower. Hence the other name.

Between our life body with its life and water currents, rhythms and gestures (of the proteins) at the one side and our astral body at the other, develop higher soul senses, our chakras. We have seven ‘til eight large and about 20 smaller ones of these. We develop the petals of the chakras by making conscious (astral body) gestures (life body) to make effective our willing intensions and ideals in our lives. That means we develop good habits, or virtues. The larger chakras and their workings are:

-The forehead chakra is connected to the hypophysis and was our ‘third eye’ of old, our clairvoyancy. For most people it is closed nowadays, and now we can bundle our thoughts by it, and organize and direct these, by the ‘brain sand’ that is being formed in the hypophysis. When we start to see overall connections, the workings of archetypes, and as well the beings that represent these, we again become clairvoyant. Note: we already speak of the time spirit, but observing it all through the phenomena is already a step in the direction of clairvoyancy. It is similar for the beings behind the phenomena of nature. This chakra has to do with Jupiter, who through the liver helps to synthesize our thoughts with the life. If we become clairvoyant, the influence of Uranus comes through more strongly.

-The throat chakra has to do with giving shape, as of our thoughts in words in our larynx. The thyroid gland before this regulates the calcium absorption and decalcification of the bones, and so it has to do a lot with form. The chakra also concerns the formation of decisions, and the consequent execution of these. You develop this chakra through making your own the qualities of Buddha’s eight-folded path. It has to do with Mars and the gallbladder process, wherewith you make space for what lives within you. The throat chakra gives the possibility to organize your own life space.

-The heart chakra observes what occurs at the three nerve centers of the heart. At the upper one is observed what comes in from the thinking and the world outside, and probed at the feeling for truth. From the lowest nerve center it observes the willing impuses that are being aroused by a sense impression or event from the outside, and probed at the good. And in the middle nerve center is being weighed with the conscience what needs to happen with the impulse and its inner reaction. Hence this chakra has to do with the faculty to weigh and conduct inspired the actions at each moment. Just like the Sun balances and conducts the planets. When we refine and elaborate this chakra, the influence of Neptune becomes stronger, who usually seizes at the epiphysis.

-The thymus chakra regulates the rhythms of the organs to one another. When you start to develop it and thus enlarge your consciousness, this has to do with carrying out your soul plights (Indian: dharma) through which you can better elaborate and transform your karma with other people. This refinement of the inner and outer flows causes that you start to develop your ether heart, at the left side of your chest vault. This is the future organ for your inner growth. The chakra as healing and growth capacity has a strong connection to the planet Mercury.

-The Solar Plexus chakra carries your astral body, as do your kidneys, and out of your solar plexus nerve center it conducts your digestive processes though the vegetative nerve system. With this caretaking side it shows its coherence with the kidneys and therefor with Venus. When you start to handle the workings of the solar plexus consciously, you can learn to conduct in the astral worlds with and through the feeling, on the base of the colorful light rays of the astral world.

Mens en etherwereld-The navel chakra, just beneath the navel, carries and conducts your lif body with its processes. From here flow the life orbits called meridians by the Chinese that maintain and conduct the life. If you start to make its processes conscious, you need to investigate your habits of thinking, emotional attitudes and acting and trace how much these are liberated from the judgments and morals of your youth and surroundings. You should make these more flexible and learn to handle them. Then you can, all through your solar plexus chakra, start to observe and conduct in the life worlds, and help to develop the good in it. Then Pluto starts to cooperate stronger herein. He usually seizes at the suprarenal gland. The navel chakra as a carrier and keeper of life coheres with Mercury, within whose sphere our life body was individualized.

-The tailbone chakra receives and bundles the four life flows that we get from the Earth (known in Star Wars as ‘The Force’). Thus our conection to the Earth is brought forth, feeding both our physical and our life bodies. That shows the coherence with the Moon. When we start to handle this chakra in a conscious way, we can learn to awaken the ‘sleeping snake’ (Indian: kundalini) and to erect it along our spinal chord. Then we open our crown lotus, and become a clairvoyant magician in the higher worlds. We then become the ‘winged serpent’ (Aztec: Quetzalqoatl), and every American Indian chief indicates he has done this by his feather crown hanging down the spine. However, just like the esculap of Hermes, the kundalini snake consists of here interweaving snakes: the white one of egoism/greed and the black one of Greed/power are kept in balance by the pink one in the middle, keeping that balance by erecting. So that is a strong image for the development you need to go by erecting the kundalini snake. You then bring the Moon (tailbone) in a direct contact with Saturn (the crown) and become a ‘Snake Carrier’ r Snake Tamer’. And that is the last northern star constellation of the Circle of Heroes, the goal of human development. This constellation forms the thirteenth zodiacal constellation. It presses the Scorpion downwards and indicates that herewith an new Zodiac can be developed by future man.

A comforting image, isn’t it?

Nicolaas de Jong.

06 Nov

1. Stars – the Path to our Origin


Contours of Star Consciousness in Antiquity

The scientific research into cultures of old shows ever more clear that the connection to the starry world was much deeper and expanded as nowadays. The megalithic constructions such as Stonehenge in the southwest of England and Newgrange in Ireland are oriented to the solstices and as well to the overall starry sky. The placing of the recently discovered giant piramides in Bosnia is exactly oriented to the cosmic North Pole at the sky. The distribution of dolmen and ancient sanctuaries shows an exact reflection of the form of the star constellations at the sky above them. Thus is the placing of the piramides in Egypt a reflection of the northern constellation Swan or Northern Cross. Just like the ancient sanctuaries in the Scottish Highlands. A 16 year old boy indicated recently that a few cities in the area of the Mayas were missing, and as well where they could be found. This according to the starry sky above Mexico, because the Mayas had a strong connection to that sky. Upon this the remnants of these cities were found in the jungle. In Ireland have been built towers in the 6th century by the Celtic-christian monks that show a distribution over the island in the shape of the constellations Draco and the Big and Small Dipper together. This is just a handful of examples from the many facts that come up about the connections of old with the starry sky.

My own research on dolmen gave the observation that in each one there is a human who has sacrificed him/herself by being locked up alive in them voluntarily. Hence this person remained connected to that place on Earth, and became the guardian and consciousness of that dolmen. And at the same time he or she represents the consciousness of a star within the star constellation of which that dolmen is part of on the Earth, by his placement in relation to other dolmen. They like to share their wisdom with the visitor.

My research in the sounds and rhythms of the planets in their relation to our inner organs brought me to the initial music from Atlantis. And when you read messages about that old continent, you often come across that the Sun, Moon and the planets were not or hardly to be seen, while there was always fog. The Atlantians have perceived the workings of the heavenly bodies inwardly, and with their music and dance they builded up their organs. The people that left Atlantis as last, like the Celts, Basks and Fins, have taken along that music. You find this back in their cult music, which now passes as folk music. Only the ancient Persians and Egyptians could make an exterior connection to the stars and planets. And from here arose the research for the workings of the planets and stars as we know from astrology. The Egyptian Ptolemeus has written down this old astrology in his book Almagest.

Apparently our ancestors found the connection to the starry sky important enough to organize their cult and culture with it.

Situation now

We live in a time in which reality is mostly considered from a physical perspective. With as a result that we start to understand the laws and workings in nature, and apply these as well in all kinds of practical techniques. That gives ease and prosperity, besides quite some pollution. Through this there is a tendency to explain everything with and from the physical and physiological phenomena. ‘It ‘s all between your ears’ is a clincher you often hear. Science will soon find a solution. Things that cannot be explained, are being finished with superstition of our ancestors. For diseases are being developed medicines, that often more fight the symptoms than that they dissolve the cause, but that appear to work for some time. And when we look up to the starry world, we get to hear that even the closest star is lightyears away from us. The more we reflect on the stars and project our earthly laws unto them, the further they seem to be away from us. Besides, we are being screened off from them by the scattered light at night, especially near roads and large cities. And because of the many satellites around the Earth that all radiate in electromagnetic waves. Not to speak of the techniques of geo engineering, better known as chemtrails, that pull a veil of poison and metals through our atmosphere, and the directed radiation that is unleashed therewith upon man and tries to influence our consciousness. Think for instance of the Iraqi soldiers during the first Gulf war that surrendered in fear, because there were being projected images onto them of what should be done to them if they would not surrender. Music has lost its connection to the cosmos, what you can see in the reduction of the basic measure types and rhythms at the one side, and the tonalities at the other.

It is not made easy for us to attune to the workings of the stars and planets.

Awakening people

It is however as well a time where ever more people are waking up for the limits of mere materialistic thinking. Because the symptom fight of diseases with chemically developed medicines appear not to be sufficient, or sometimes even counterproductive. And because we gradually become awake again for the realms behind the mere physical observable world of shapes and phenomena. Our senses that were directed towards the physical observable reality, again receive perceptions of what lies hidden behind the physical veils. Like our early ancestor did. That gives a whole range of searches to the inner man and his possibilities, and also to the spiritual realities behind the physical observable world. From East and West the wisdoms and techniques are carried unto you to work on yourself. The ancient initiation paths of our ancestors, the Celts and Germans, are being taken up. Concerning the workings of the stars and planets, we can dig from the astrological traditions of the American Indians, Hindus, Chinese and the one that developed in our culture. But these predominantly do not reach further than considerations about the zodiac and the effects of the Sun, Moon and planets in it. Very taking and apprehensive, but these do not bring you closer to the perception of their workings which you only can find back in you by doing in them.

Angels and stars

And what is perceived all through the veils of the physical phenomena? Since these perceptions are not as clear as those from the physical senses, you get here very diverse observations and interpretations. The one sees elfins, goblets or Angels, the other UFO’s and aliens, and claims to be included in space ships above the Earth or even further. It may be obvious that the interpretation plays an important role in this. Detached even from the possible truth it may reflect.

One thing became more conscious to me. That is beautifully narrated in the first encounter that the Spanish colonist Cortez and his people had with the residents of a Caribbean island. Their ship could not reach the beach, and let go the anchor at the mouth of a bay. From here they came with a sloop ashore. The natives greeted them and showered them with gifts. They communicated with hands and feet. At one moment they asked Cortez how he had reached them. He pointed at his boat in the bay and said ‘ship’. The natives looked and looked, but saw nothing that struck to them. Hereupon the shaman sailed with the sloop and entered the sailing ship. He tapped and sanctified all he saw. Then he returned ashore, pointed at the sailing ship to his people and said in his language ‘ship’. Thus these people from then on know where and how they should look.

Now this is still about a phenomenon in the physical world that was not observed, because these people had no reference to it. How much thinner is an observation on the higher levels of the life forces, of the soul and of the spirit. Or rather different dimensions outside the three dimensional one in which we usually are awake. And there you see the explanations and designations strongly divert. If we perceive something from those regions, we try to explain it from what we already know. And that is often based upon an experience that has been gathered in the physical world. In short: to interpret observations behind the veils of the physical world, you could gradually become conscious and also interpret from what is already known from these realms, told or written down by people who have gone before, and relate to their experiences. I will do this in relation to the planets and stars. From my own experiences, supplemented with knowledge from different esoteric directions, specifically from Europe.

You can imagine that God, the Primal Source or whatever you might call this being, has created the Cosmos, the Earth and ultimately man as well. He did not do this on His own, for He had helpers to this. Each time the Universe became differentiated and formed a little further. In the Beginning He created a group of beings that carried and elaborated for Him the archetypes. And these beings again created lower ones that caused a further refinement and differentiation. These creatures are being called differently in each culture, some even by name. Like the gods, archetypal forces, emanations. Our western-christian culture knows them as the Angel groups, that are being ordered hierarchically after their consciousness. So there are within our Cosmos nine groups of angelic beings, that each created its own starry and planetary sphere, which they as well inhabit. In the stars live the Seraphim or Love Spirits; in the Zodiac dwell the Cherubim or Harmony Spirits. And thus the lower groups each inhabit a sphere, from Saturn until the Moon, and they all work towards the Earth. Since our Cosmos is created in four stages, in such a way that our four bodies could be developed, there are as well four elements on the Earth that stand behind these four bodies, in the following way: element earth – carries our physical body; element water – carries our life body with its physiological processes; element air – carries our soul which with the colors can express the feelings; and element fire – carries our spirit that lives in the warmth of our will. Because they thought, these angelic groups have created the Elemental Beings who direct and maintain these four elements. We take along this planetary system, and from this we form our organs. The starry forces we take along as our ideals, which penetrate our physical body as warmth crystals. This you can grasp as follows.

In between two incarnations on the Earth you can go to your own star. That is your home, and you are the representative of that star on Earth. You can stay there, but there is being held a promise before you, in the shape of a mighty image of what you might become when you descent to the Earth and work on your imperfections. We are destined to become Angels as well, being one of freedom and love. If you decide to this, you leave your own star and at first pass by different colonies of Angels and not-incarnated people under the guidance of Seraphim, who all work on a specific idea of the Divine plan for creation. You can cooperate in this for a while, and thus take it along. You continue your path, and after having visited more of these colonies you enter our Zodiac. Here within the different planetary spheres each time you dress in another ‘cloak’ (body) around your spirit germ. Together with your guardian Angel you choose a parent couple that help to give birth to you. On the Earth you can see those groups of Angels and men working on a specific theme of the Divine plan as the star constellations. The ideas or rather forces of the constellations you bring down as the warmth crystals around and all through your physical body. These form your ideals, for you know deep down that when you realize them, you help with the realization of the Divine plan of creation all through you, so that you can grow as well to become the Angel that was held promise to you.

Concerning the so-called extraterrestrials: First, there are already 127 patents issued in designing flying saucers. These are most often used by our governments and armies, but these are not released for the public. So many of the UFO observations can be traced to earth ships. Second, with the further development of the Divine plan every time there have been created angelic groups. But not every Angel was willing to cooperate on this plan, because he did not feel the freedom in it. Hence he could start to oppose. Thus it became a counter-striving angel, and each angelic group has its counter-group. They all got an own sphere to dwell in the Earth. And thus there are nine counter-spheres in the Earth, until its kernel. These are the beings that we can get to know as the counter forces within ourselves, our life and in society, of which they are the inspirators. That which we use to call ‘evil’. But behold: without the snake seducing Eve to eat as well from the Tree of Knowledge, we would still hang around dreaming in Paradise.

So they do have a function, namely making us conscious and strong by transforming the blockages they offer us. And therewith them as well. Some of those opposing Angels have also taken this physical incarnation path. And we now know different groups of these as the alien races, who are indeed physically present (or can manifest on this level). And honestly speaking, they are also trapped in this physical body and want to get out, or want to ascend together with mankind. The one race is more prepared to this than the other. And some tell us strange deviating stories as if they should be gods that have juggled with our DNA and made us from apes into man. You have to be very careful with such stories.

It is known from different races that they originate a specific star. There you recognize again the connection to the starry worlds. To be clear about this: we are all star children, each one of us originates from his own star, of which we are a representative. Our four bodies, based in the four elements, actually form our ‘space suit’ so that we can function on the Earth and develop, causing we ultimately can return to our own star as an Angel being. The question is ‘how’.

New ways

That question has puzzled me my entire adult life. And not in the least because I had e few spiritual experiences that did not lie. In natural phenomena, at certain places, but also in relation to the stars. This has put me to work and find new ways to the planets and stars, all through us, so that you can trace these paths consciously and afterwards form them in yourself and go.

My experiences of hearing music at different places, in weather changes and also in spaces has stimulated me to transpose the movements of the planets at the sky in measure type, rhythm and sounds. This I tested within workshops, making it possible to fine tune. I learned how you could experience these planet workings transposed into music in the organs. Thus I could observe and investigate the moods out of the organs in the soul. I applied this to birth horoscopes. Meanwhile my wife and I give strong healings by playing birth horoscopes in sound and rhythm to other people. This goes together with other healing methods, such as improvised common singing, Reiki, Healing Tao, Quantum Touch or just praying. We do it often within a group of people, our so-called ‘healing circles’. This gives a reset until in the cells and DNA, for those sounds give a sound picture of your overall life tableau of inner forces to which you have said ‘yes’ at your birth, and with which you have built up yourself. You can recognize soul patterns in it, and when needed, transform these in more healing behaviors. So here you come to practical applications in daily life, that can help you progress inwardly as well.

In order to work with the star constellations I transposed their place at the sky into sound and rhythm. Thus arise specific sound patterns, melodies, that are recognizable for whoever wants. For we experience these patterns when a planet, Sun or Moon in the Zodiac moves parallel with the constellation in concern. A series of specific assignments to model out in clay helps you to come closer to the star constellation-ideal in concern, and this gives you tools to realize it easier in your life. All through the resistances of the realization you namely develop the petals of your chakra’s, and thus you refine your soul and spirit. If afterwards you sing with an open soul in the night to one of the star constellations, it may open up to you. Through this you might see and hear the active Angels and not-incarnated humans in it. Then the stars appear to stand much closer, while you connect yourself to them all through the feeling.

A Search in Astrosophy

This all was preceded by a long journey for me where I at first fathomed the roads at the starry sky in coherence with our own development. Next I wanted to understand the star constellations by making sculptures of them out of their sound patterns, which make their inner gestures. And I worked with groups of people in the inner search and realization of this, so that ever more objective workings showed up.

In the end I attuned my training methods on how each person individually out of his own birth choices can connect all through the organs with the star constellations as his or her specific ideals. In such a manner that you can grow inwardly on them and give them a better shape in society all through your life. See to this my book ‘Gestures of the Star Constellations as Ideals’, accompanied with videos of the constellations with introductions and as well gestures for each constellation on the base of its music (all still in translation). The music is available on CD. See as well my sculptures, jewelry and musical instruments from the star constellations.

Far from my bed? I don’t think so.


When you thus restore a more intimate connection to the starry worlds, you can recognize as well where in our society and culture is missing the true connection to the spirit and cosmos. And you can help to restore this. You remind your own origine and strengthen your connection to it, which makes you vaster in doing your work on the Earth. By working on these connections with more people, there again will be made more gates to the spirit out of the Earth, also through the screens of obstructions. Besides this you transform yourself through striving in the direction of your own development to not merely a human, but an Angel in progress. And already through this you make the world a lot more beautiful.

Amongst others, I myself use this work with the stars in landscape healing, in which, together with my groups, I help to restore the nature spirits in the elements and the landscape Angels in their functioning, at sites where the energetic relations are being disturbed by us. In this way I learn to cooperate with them, for from now on we have to manage the Earth together. But this is just one of the elaborations.


In the following blogs I want to elaborate the parts of this overall star project. Interested? You can subscribe to my blog.

30th of Augustus 2016,

Nicolaas de Jong.


Relevant books:

Karmic Astrosophy, with an explanation about the interpretation an the music associated with the horoscope.

Science Otherwise, in which all the Angel hierarchies in relation to the planet spheres and stars are being described. Besides how you can renew science when working out of your organs as the inner planetary system

A Philosophy of Love (in translation), in which all star constellations are being described as ideals

Consciousness in the Heart (in translation), in which the organs are being described as meditative contents and as schooling paths

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Gestures of the Star Constellations as Ideals (in translation), with video’s of the music and gestures of the star constellations (music also on CD)

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