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6. The Path along the Southern Milky Way and Initiation in the Life Worlds

The flow of clear stars through the Milky Way

This path can only be seen partially on the northern hemisphere. It is the clear belt of stars that descends between Taurus and Gemini and again comes above the Zodiac in between Scorpio and Sagittarius. The first part is well visible for us: besides Orion we see the clear stars Alcyon in the Little Dog, and especially Sirius in the Great Dog. Between these flows the southern Milky Way. The clearest part, around the fivefold star constellation Ship Argo, is invisible at our latitudes.

Star_road_Milky_WayThe name of the Milky Way is not chosen for nothing. Right above Taurus in the Milky Way stands the Wagoner, with as its clearest star Capella, or ‘Goat’. So a male goat, and these animals give very pure milk. The mother milk of the higher mammals and of us humans is a physical effect of the life forces that come from the Milky Way, and that nourish us in such a way that we not only have a soul and a spirit in our physical body, but also a life body, in which we let run our physiology, so digestion, breaking down and digestive processes in the water of the body. At death this life body leaves, and those processes stop in such a way that your body ultimately falls apart. With a shortly deceased you still can see often radiate its soul and spirit around and predominantly above the physical body, but the life processes have stopped by then. In Star Wars these life forces coming from the Earth (or another planet) are called ‘The Force’. It is the basis that causes we can live on the Earth.

Initiation in the life worlds

Entering the life world without preparations is not something you can do like that. Neither can we observe our own life body with the usual senses. At the most around someone’s body in the evening twilight you can see lighting up very vague a kind of balloon, initially white but ever more pink. When you intensify this, you are observing in the life body of someone. In us is this body the place where live the own willing impulses. You only get these clear when you have done something (Schopenhauer’s will that only comes to a revelation by acting). Your own thoughts that are stored here in the memory (in the proteins of the muscles) you only get clear when start to move (which is called in politics the walking corridor). When we dream at nights, our soul and spirit leave the body, and the life body then maintains the life. When your soul and spirit return and they do not directly connect with the life body, the extra-corporal events are not impressed in the life body, and then you do not remember your dreams. So you do the other way around.

In ancient Greece observing in the life world was preceded by a big preparation. This is told in the path of the deceased, who had to cross river the Lethe (oblivion). If you did this consciously and by life, you first had to drink the beaker of forgetfulness so that you did no more remember how the earthly relations are, for the laws and workings in the life worlds and still higher are of entirely different nature (something that is forgotten with most of the UFO observations; these are being explained physically). After this you had to drink the beaker of remembering of how it was before your birth, when you still were in those higher worlds. Like this you could find the way in the life world, and later on also the way back. Then you drank the beakers turned around.

Now this entire story of initiation stands expressed at the sky by the star constellations in and around the southern Milky Way. I describe these here short.

Just under the Zodiac in the southern Milky Way you first meet three star constellations: the Little and the Great Dog, and the Unicorn.

Unicorn is the illusion of the earthly, which does not help you on in the higher worlds; the Indians call this maia, veils of illusion of the material world.

-Above this and at the right stands the Lesser Dog, and this is the archetype for your own little waiter op the threshold. This stature is made by your own higher spirit together with your angel, and shows you all your imperfections in one, so your so-called double, on which you first have to work before you can enter undamaged the strong life forces in your own organs and as well can handle these. This is a protection for the initiation in yourself. This waiter walks always besides you on your further paths, and shows you where you still need to work on yourself. And while we not always feel for working on ourselves, we project its workings in ‘the evil’ that then is in the other instead of in ourselves. The media manipulation gratefully plays on this.

-Under the Unicorn stands the Greater Dog, archetype for the big waiter on the threshold to the other worlds, now more outside of ourselves. It is the overall of forces and qualities we already have developed, and this stature holds up the promise to us that we still can grow bigger when we for to develop us further inwardly and explain ourselves with the higher worlds. The clearest star in this constellation, Sirius, is connected to Mother Carey, or Isis Sophia who represents our Mother Earth. According to common astronomy this is the closest standing star.

-Parting from the Little Dog, under the Zodiac and above the Milky Way, stands the long star constellation the Great Water Snake, with besides it the Beaker and the Crow. The Great Water Snake is the archetype for our desire, and this has condensed into our intestine system, with which we digest and transform our earthly, so that we have fuel and building substances. This is the river Lethe from the Greek saga, for here under the diaphragm we are not conscious of our life processes.

-Above the Great Water Snake you first pass along the Beaker: This is the beaker of oblivion. Translated in the intestines, this is the pancreas, which excretes all the enzymes with which we can break down the proteins and sugars from our nutrition, in such a way that these can be transported over the intestine wall. And thus ‘forget’ themselves.

-The Crow is the beaker of remembering. Physically translated in the intestines these are the sour salts from the gallbladder, with which fat is divided in very tiny bulbs, so that it can pass over the intestine wall and remembers itself again in the liver what it was, namely fuel for our physiological processes.

-The Great Water Snake ends in the Wolf, a chaotic heap of stars gathered without a clear form. This is the archetype for the chaotising workings of digested nutrition: Dung on a field gives a larger harvest because it chaotises and thus makes vivid the bottom. As such is the wolf also the image of our inner teacher, for only through chaos can we come to a change, if not we stay stuck in the comfort zone of habits.

-Under the Great Dog stands the Dove, deep down at the southern starry sky. It shows a slated rising up line and a somewhat waving horizontal star line. It is the archetype for our conscience, which dwells in the heart and is connected to the middle nerve node in it. We weigh what comes unto us with what this arouses in our willing as reactions, and like this we come to actions or don’t. The Dove shows you the possibilities to this.

-Slanted besides and under the Dove stands the Easel. This star constellation stands close to the South Pole of the starry sky, is light feeble and stretches from the zones of Taurus until Leo. It stands slanted under the Ship Argo. It has to do with the reflective faculty in our consciousness of the processes in the life worlds, in and around us. You can develop that faculty by schooling of your chakras.

-Downward passed over both Dogs Honden the Milky Way continues in the fivefold star constellation the Ship Argo. This is the center of the Milky Way, so also the center of the life forces that originate here. The overall star constellation is the great archetype for our life body. In the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts Jason sails out to acquire the golden fleece. This is the skin of the Ram, which means the astral skin of consciousness around the life body through which you can observe what comes into you and what goes out as life gestures and beings. This is the archetype of the Grail, our developmental being. Jason however was lazy and did not conquer this golden fleece by himself, but let his wife Medea steal it for him. After this he sails away from that place and is attacked by sea robbers, after which the ship with all and everything sinks to the bottom of the sea, the collective sub-consciousness. So the Ship Argo is the archetype for our consciousness in the life body, that has sunk deep down in the sub-consciousness. The Germanics called this life body with its potencies in which our ego could stand up, the life tree Yggdrasil or ‘I’-carrier. And the five parts of the constellation Ship Argo cohere with the modifications of the life tree in us, which you can find back in the different organ systems in us, our own inner trees, each one a differentiation of the paradisial life tree in our organ systems.

*Argo-Stern: This partial star constellation shows like an ascending cage, as is as well the shape of a 17th century ship. In the back part of such a wooden ship as it was used in the 16th and 17th century (the time that the southern star constellations were being named during the sea journeys to the southern hemisphere), amongst others there is the caboose, the kitchen and dining room. You find here as well the bridge with the steering wheel, from where it is conducted. You find back these workings on an inner level in the legend of Parcival, as it is told by Wolfram von Eschenbach. He sees in the Grail castle that the Grail, a chalice, goes around along all thee tables, and the knights and ladies give it the best of all spices, so that they honor these. This is the archetype for all inner organs, which send of their finest life forces, the life ether, to the hypophysis or pituitary gland, our ancient clairvoyant eye, or our Grail chalice, through which it is honored and can become clairvoyant anew. Thus forms the Stern the inner digesting tree with intestine canal and inner organs, which all feed the hypophysis, our Grails chalice, with the finest life ether substances.

*Argo-Keel: This partial star constellation shows the carrying stem of the Ship Argo that cleaves its way through the (life) waters. With our first breathing we take in our soul in us. This impresses itself on the brain cortex, which is different for each human in its plies and lobes, and an exact imprint of the planet positions at that moment. This is a blueprint of our earthly destiny, expressed in the positions of the planets and stars. This tissue still grows on for a half or whole year via our nerves until in our muscles. Thus forms the nerve-sense tree from our brains. And this forms the matrix for our body and fate in our earthly life, the keel for our further earthly development.

*Argo-Compass: This small partial star constellation of Ship Argo forms a star line that splits in two downward. It is the archetype for our intuitive forces, die light up suddenly like in a flash, and then again disappear, but do form the guideline for our acting. So like an inner compass. It coheres with the small brains, which conduct our life processes from out of the parasympathetic nerve system and the hormonal regulation of soul processes in us, which usually runs unconscious, for it is conducted by our angel. It gives us a key to act from suddenly lighting up insight, so a key to train with our intuitive faculties, which are the highest which we as humans can develop.

*Argo-Sails: This partial star constellation has the shape of a parallelogram, so it has to do with the earthly-physical. The sails a ship form the propulsion, the energy to motion, which comes from the wind, so the air. In us the lungs absorb oxygen and thus give us the life forces upon which base run our physiological, life processes. So you can see the sails of this star constellation as the lung tree in us, that part of the life tree that gives us prana or ch’i, life. This is transposed to our entire organism by the small blood circulation, which is also enriched with the sense impressions. The lung tree also coheres close with the tree of the small blood circulation.

*Argo-Flying Fish: this partial star constellation forms a group of stars that is connected with the Keel of Ship Argo, as if it penetrates in it. A flying fish brings the life forces of the water to the air and therewith at the light, so at the consciousness. In our lymph lives the primal astrality in which are also based the desires. So the star constellation coheres with the lymph tree in us, and gives keys for development through that we can become conscious of our soul dregs and by transforming this we can develop on.

-Slanted above the Ship Argo, in the ascending line of the southern Milky Way, stands the Centaur. It encloses the star constellation Southern Cross. As star constellation it shows a few striving up and joining star lines, forming in a kind of arrow upward. In the Greek myths was the centaur half horse, half human. It cohered with the taming of the life forces, like you see now adolescent girls struggling with the taming of their sexuality in the breaking of horses. And this is where the centaur as star constellation stands for: the taming and erecting of the life forces, which in itself are very wise, but initially wild and untamed. This offers tool for inner development by controll of the will.

-The Southern Cross is a kind of quadrangle and it stands between the legs of star constellation Centaur, as was it his cross. It coheres with the wheel of karma. If you only run after your desires and thrives, you stay captured within the laws of karma. If you want to rise above this, it is good to behold your thrive life and from where you stand, transform this to a higher state. Of course only if you feel the inner need to this. The Southern Cross can keep this before you to develop on.

The small star constellation the Set-square nowadays only consists of two visible stars, but it was discovered there were seen three, standing rectangular to each other; hence its name. It is one of the few objects that were seen at the sky. Assuming that the 17th century sea travellers had enough imaginative and inspirational forces so that they could also perceive the meaning of a star constellation, this star constellation coheres with the geometric shapes in our life body, which however have been formed out too much, so are hardened. Our life flows, going out from the navel lotus, form the life paths upon which base we think. Through our education there have come into these hardenings by the dogmas and moralisms that have been imprinted to them. To this gives Set-square tools, to be able to look at these and soften them, transform, so that we become receptive again for the workings from the cosmos and higher angel hierarchies.

-The three star constellation Compasses as well stands close to the ascending branch of the Milky Way. It coheres with our present-day Euclidian world vision, through which we experience ourselves as a middle point, the world and other people as a periphery. The star constellation helps us to become conscious of ourselves, but as well see the limitations of this, so that we can develop a more social consciousness for man and the Earth.

The star constellation Southern Triangle is actually a quadrangle (earth directed) as a parallelogram wherewith the upper two stars stand closely together. It stands under the ascending Milky Way. A triangle indicates spiritual creation, a quadrangle the earthly. In us is this the archetype from where we can re-create ourselves, so it coheres with the regenerative cells in the gonads and in the perineum, where still can be found back our primal stem cells. This forms the basis for heredity, and gives tools to transform ourselves entirely until in the physical plan.

-The star constellation Altar shows two parallelograms (quadrangles) on each other, which have been shifted to each other. This gives the image of a double transformation of the earthly. It is the archetype for the liver, in which all earthly substances from the guts (sugars, vats and amino acids) are being transformed into fuels (sugars and fats) and body-own substances (proteins). With these we form as well as transform ourselves; every 7 years all body tissues are replaced entirely, so we are only moment pictures in our physical appearance, and constant in change, development. The Altar gives indications and tools to this.

-The three starry light feeble constellation Southern Crown stands between the legs of the Archer, Sagittarius. It shows a bended chalice slanted down. this indicates that it has to do with clairvoyance in the life worlds. To this give the Southern Triangle us the key.

-The small star constellation Telescope, of which there are only two stars visible with the naked eye, shows a line downward. Like the Compasses and Set-square, it is an object that has been viewed at the sky. It indicates clairvoyant observation and the amplifying the attention when you peer into the life worlds.

– The Milky Way continues its path between the Scorpion and Sagittarius to the northern starry sky, and in it or nearby stand the star constellations Snake Tamer, Snake’s Tail, Eagle, Arrow, Swan, Cepheus and Cassiopeia. This however is a different path of development, which I have worked out in the previous blog.

Your initiation?

All the described star constellations in or at the southern Milky Way in one way or another have to do with the conscious going of the path through the life worlds. And at this moment of the human development, now that with the winter solstice of 2012 the path of our consciousness through the heart has been reinforced, is this the path which we will follow in the centuries to come. Ever more people are born for who this path stands open. Ever more young people perceive elemental beings and angels in these life worlds, and sometimes also the deceased persons that stayed lingering in them. Finishing these people as hallucinating and shoot them full of psychiatric drugs is no solution. Giving them good guidance in their observations does however. And this is what we do in the Jasper School, individually as well as in groups as a process. Besides in house and landscape healings, for we also have destroyed many life patterns on the Earth by ignorance (or greed). Here lays an important hesitation for many people to take their observations serous, for when you know you not only have to deal with the physical worlds, and are being carried the life worlds and still higher ones, gives a larger responsibility for your deeds. For destroying things, profit from it or leaving behind your garbage in nature suddenly has bigger consequences as what your conscience already indicated by gnawing inside.

Is this path one for you? Contact us.

See also my recently translated book ‘Self-Realization’ Chapter 11-13 about the beings behind physical reality.


Nicolaas the Jong.