27 Jul

The planet dance in summer 2021 and actuality

What is happening at the moment:

-Big floods in Central and Western Europe, England, New York, India, China, the Arab Emirates; many dams are on the brink of collapsing.

-Earthquakes, spread out all over the Earth.

-Extreme heat in the west of North America.

About that, all these weather and earth circumstances are no natural phenomena, but are being provoked by weather influencing with the help of geo engineering techniques, such as HAARP and strong 5G broadcasting towers. The media want us to believe that this is caused by climate change, but this is simply not true.

-Mega protests, on the brink of revolutions, in France, England, Cuba, South Africa.

-Nuclear plants are under fire by water flooding and cyber attacks.

-Also cyber attacks on companies, oil transports, banks and food chains.

-A short abolition of the corona rules, but immediately afterwards almost predictable:

-Again fear mongering for a variant of the inflated influenza virus, with a thread of new lockdown measures.

-An ever clearer censuring of the social and mass media, especially where it deals with critical notes and research about the experimental vaccinations

-The growth of thje number of PCR tests and hence more positive tests, that are being equaled to contaminations; for it is held up for the people that they are only allowed to travel with a corona pass. Meanwhile the IC’s are growing emptier with the day – it simply is not the influenza season.

-Non-vaccinated against the corona virus are made black, while the truth is the opposite: the spike protein in the jab is the real illness, that has already caused more deaths than the entire influenza if you take the entire past year.

-The plan behind all this becomes ever more clear: you can almost not get away from the consequences of this. The conspiracies of which its followers are being condemned, are becoming ever more visible as being real and true. Ever more people wake up to this reality.

-Threats of war in the Black Sea, Chinese Sea, Pacific. Coincidently there are as well large army exercises at those sites.

-Behind the screens the new mony system is rolled out. the Quantum Financial System, which takes over from the SWIFT system and that gives us a value-backed money instead of one that is base3d upon debts, the fiat money of the FED and central banks (which are private banks, owned by the Rothchilds). We have to wait when this will be implemented and brings us its results. The battle rages on many fronts and levels.

-Revelations of election fraud in Georgia and Arizona, 3 other states to follow. The beginning of a snowball-effect, for what is going on with the worldwide democratic elections in name?

–Dr. Fauci and Biden under fire by revelations of email exchanges on Hunter Biden’s laptop and NHS documents.

-The change of consciousness runs parallel to a heavy Sun storm. In short: a summer full of surprises.


How do the planets move?

Until mid August the summer is quite turbulent, with predominantly oppositions and T-crosses at the sky. Then it starts to become somewhat more quiet in the heavens, there come more trines (triangles), harmonious aspects, and with the start of autumn even an almost double large triangle. I describe a number of appealing aspects.

With the start od Summer we see the oppositions of Mars in Leo with Saturn in Waterman, of Venus in Cancer with Pluto in Capricorn and only Jupiter in the Fishers shows a beautiful quintile aspect to Uranus in Taurus. This latter gives clear insights in relation to the water and fishery – the Dutch fuzzing with numbers for the pulse fishing comes in clear daylight. And internationally the egregoreous damage that large scale fishery does to the oceans.

With the initiative force of the individual Mars changes the mandatory social compulsion that (from Saturn in Waterman) is being execuited upon us. The false reasoning ‘vaccinations and mouth caps you do for another’ is being forced to the head by the individual need to make the own choices. The Sun in Cancer brings forth that there will be played well on the mood and the fears of the public.

With the start of July Venus joins the Mars-Saturn opposition, and they make a T-cross with square aspects to Uranus. Venus appeals to the individual feelings concerning the social compulsion that can go out of Saturn. And Uranus in the Bull gives an obstinate relation to nature. Think of the megalomaniac climate plan of EU Commission delegate Timmermans for the EU states, and the farmers who with their protest express they are in jeopardy.

Mid July Venus and Mars move on and make an opposition to Jupiter, who again moves backwards into Waterman. This double opposition makes a T-cross to Lilith who at the border of Gemini stands together with the northern moon’s node. This opposition is a focus of attention during all of summer: the hidden female in relation to the future karma of relations (Gemini). Policy (Jupiter) is being exposed in its evil daylight by the individual force of acting an personal feelings – it was the time that notions about the spying of the FBI on Tucker Carlson of Fox News in the US came up, and in the Netherlands the unholy mess within the Christian Democratic party around Peter Omtzigt amongst others. The feminine or anima side of our soul is being misused in a tormented way in the LGTB discussions and the compulsive image formation going out of this upon society. This as well deforms the karma of many people.

In the third section of July the Sun makes an opposition to Pluto. This pushes up to the light the desire for individual freedom versus the fixed and often hidden structures of power, with as a result the many international protests against the more or even less hidden vaccinaton compulsion and lockdown rules.


In August the Sun in Leo starts with an opposition to Saturn – here you have the greater and smaller I (ego), the individual freedom and the compelling society opposing one another. Also Mercury in Virgo, his own sign, stands opposite to Neptune in the Fishes. This will bring up that the forces of analysis of the critical intellect with insight in jurisdiction and medical cock-ups oppose swilling feelings of impotence and implied unity. It is a false experience of unity upon which is being played, and through this it can well come to the light and wake up people. For which we will chose as a society is another story. But this aspect does have to do with awakening and alertness versus dreaming that there will be taken care of you.

Then from mid August onwards the tensions at the sky begin to dissolve somewhat: we see Mercury together with Mars from Virgo make a biquintile aspect to Saturn. The analysis of societal and medical processes through this is being connected to acting force, action, and this gives another, more refreshing light upon the duty and compulsion of society about the rulings around corona out of this.  Around 20 August there also forms a great triangle between Venus from Libra, Saturn and the conjunction of Lilith with the northern moon’s node. Together with this the Sun as well as Neptune make a quintile aspect to this conjunction. Here justice and the feeling capacity are being focused together on societal compulsion, wherewith the female aspect, or rather the female approach will get a boost that may heal the man-female karma. Good communication about this then will be possible, the tensions somewhat are being calmed by then. The Sun, still at the edge of Leo, helps to stimulate the force of the individual and its creative faculties to activate the feminine in the soul in a peculiar way, and Neptune gives the power of compassion to this, so that all of a sudden there can be made quite different decisions out of love instead of from fear.


In September we again see many trines at the sky: that begins with Mars to Pluto – this attunes the lower with the higher will, which is being directed toward societal process conduct; Venus to Jupiter, which helps to restore equanimity in social conduct out of the law; and somewhat later on a large triangle between Mercury, Saturn and the conjunction with Lilith and the northern moon’s node. Through this you get a flowing movement in lawmaking of societal processes with which there will be reckoned with the female and human karma on the Earth: you might almost say that this means the end of all rulings on the basis of unlawful laws (for in conflict with the Neurenberger code).

The Sun and new Moon make an opposition to Neptune. This awakens to alertness in heart and soul, so no longer dreaming that it all will end up good. Anyway we will get the chance to this.

The Sun makes a biquintile aspect to Saturn and also to Chiron in Aries. Around the 6th of September the Moon joins this. The large but hidden soul wounds that have been done to us by the corona rules, together with the compulsion of society out of this, now nwill get the opportunity to be seen and healed.


And autumn begins an almost double large triangle between the conjunction of the Sun and Mars from Libra to Saturn to the Lilith-moon’s node conjunction. The Sun makes a trine to Pluto. Here the individual and the deed force out of it are being applied to twist the societal compulsion out of the feminine, soft in the human soul. Even the will force in societal structures (Pluto) will be softened, if not penetrated.


So finally the tensions at the world stage will get a twist for the good toward freedom? Let’s hope.