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1. Stars – the Path to our Origin


Contours of Star Consciousness in Antiquity

The scientific research into cultures of old shows ever more clear that the connection to the starry world was much deeper and expanded as nowadays. The megalithic constructions such as Stonehenge in the southwest of England and Newgrange in Ireland are oriented to the solstices and as well to the overall starry sky. The placing of the recently discovered giant piramides in Bosnia is exactly oriented to the cosmic North Pole at the sky. The distribution of dolmen and ancient sanctuaries shows an exact reflection of the form of the star constellations at the sky above them. Thus is the placing of the piramides in Egypt a reflection of the northern constellation Swan or Northern Cross. Just like the ancient sanctuaries in the Scottish Highlands. A 16 year old boy indicated recently that a few cities in the area of the Mayas were missing, and as well where they could be found. This according to the starry sky above Mexico, because the Mayas had a strong connection to that sky. Upon this the remnants of these cities were found in the jungle. In Ireland have been built towers in the 6th century by the Celtic-christian monks that show a distribution over the island in the shape of the constellations Draco and the Big and Small Dipper together. This is just a handful of examples from the many facts that come up about the connections of old with the starry sky.

My own research on dolmen gave the observation that in each one there is a human who has sacrificed him/herself by being locked up alive in them voluntarily. Hence this person remained connected to that place on Earth, and became the guardian and consciousness of that dolmen. And at the same time he or she represents the consciousness of a star within the star constellation of which that dolmen is part of on the Earth, by his placement in relation to other dolmen. They like to share their wisdom with the visitor.

My research in the sounds and rhythms of the planets in their relation to our inner organs brought me to the initial music from Atlantis. And when you read messages about that old continent, you often come across that the Sun, Moon and the planets were not or hardly to be seen, while there was always fog. The Atlantians have perceived the workings of the heavenly bodies inwardly, and with their music and dance they builded up their organs. The people that left Atlantis as last, like the Celts, Basks and Fins, have taken along that music. You find this back in their cult music, which now passes as folk music. Only the ancient Persians and Egyptians could make an exterior connection to the stars and planets. And from here arose the research for the workings of the planets and stars as we know from astrology. The Egyptian Ptolemeus has written down this old astrology in his book Almagest.

Apparently our ancestors found the connection to the starry sky important enough to organize their cult and culture with it.

Situation now

We live in a time in which reality is mostly considered from a physical perspective. With as a result that we start to understand the laws and workings in nature, and apply these as well in all kinds of practical techniques. That gives ease and prosperity, besides quite some pollution. Through this there is a tendency to explain everything with and from the physical and physiological phenomena. ‘It ‘s all between your ears’ is a clincher you often hear. Science will soon find a solution. Things that cannot be explained, are being finished with superstition of our ancestors. For diseases are being developed medicines, that often more fight the symptoms than that they dissolve the cause, but that appear to work for some time. And when we look up to the starry world, we get to hear that even the closest star is lightyears away from us. The more we reflect on the stars and project our earthly laws unto them, the further they seem to be away from us. Besides, we are being screened off from them by the scattered light at night, especially near roads and large cities. And because of the many satellites around the Earth that all radiate in electromagnetic waves. Not to speak of the techniques of geo engineering, better known as chemtrails, that pull a veil of poison and metals through our atmosphere, and the directed radiation that is unleashed therewith upon man and tries to influence our consciousness. Think for instance of the Iraqi soldiers during the first Gulf war that surrendered in fear, because there were being projected images onto them of what should be done to them if they would not surrender. Music has lost its connection to the cosmos, what you can see in the reduction of the basic measure types and rhythms at the one side, and the tonalities at the other.

It is not made easy for us to attune to the workings of the stars and planets.

Awakening people

It is however as well a time where ever more people are waking up for the limits of mere materialistic thinking. Because the symptom fight of diseases with chemically developed medicines appear not to be sufficient, or sometimes even counterproductive. And because we gradually become awake again for the realms behind the mere physical observable world of shapes and phenomena. Our senses that were directed towards the physical observable reality, again receive perceptions of what lies hidden behind the physical veils. Like our early ancestor did. That gives a whole range of searches to the inner man and his possibilities, and also to the spiritual realities behind the physical observable world. From East and West the wisdoms and techniques are carried unto you to work on yourself. The ancient initiation paths of our ancestors, the Celts and Germans, are being taken up. Concerning the workings of the stars and planets, we can dig from the astrological traditions of the American Indians, Hindus, Chinese and the one that developed in our culture. But these predominantly do not reach further than considerations about the zodiac and the effects of the Sun, Moon and planets in it. Very taking and apprehensive, but these do not bring you closer to the perception of their workings which you only can find back in you by doing in them.

Angels and stars

And what is perceived all through the veils of the physical phenomena? Since these perceptions are not as clear as those from the physical senses, you get here very diverse observations and interpretations. The one sees elfins, goblets or Angels, the other UFO’s and aliens, and claims to be included in space ships above the Earth or even further. It may be obvious that the interpretation plays an important role in this. Detached even from the possible truth it may reflect.

One thing became more conscious to me. That is beautifully narrated in the first encounter that the Spanish colonist Cortez and his people had with the residents of a Caribbean island. Their ship could not reach the beach, and let go the anchor at the mouth of a bay. From here they came with a sloop ashore. The natives greeted them and showered them with gifts. They communicated with hands and feet. At one moment they asked Cortez how he had reached them. He pointed at his boat in the bay and said ‘ship’. The natives looked and looked, but saw nothing that struck to them. Hereupon the shaman sailed with the sloop and entered the sailing ship. He tapped and sanctified all he saw. Then he returned ashore, pointed at the sailing ship to his people and said in his language ‘ship’. Thus these people from then on know where and how they should look.

Now this is still about a phenomenon in the physical world that was not observed, because these people had no reference to it. How much thinner is an observation on the higher levels of the life forces, of the soul and of the spirit. Or rather different dimensions outside the three dimensional one in which we usually are awake. And there you see the explanations and designations strongly divert. If we perceive something from those regions, we try to explain it from what we already know. And that is often based upon an experience that has been gathered in the physical world. In short: to interpret observations behind the veils of the physical world, you could gradually become conscious and also interpret from what is already known from these realms, told or written down by people who have gone before, and relate to their experiences. I will do this in relation to the planets and stars. From my own experiences, supplemented with knowledge from different esoteric directions, specifically from Europe.

You can imagine that God, the Primal Source or whatever you might call this being, has created the Cosmos, the Earth and ultimately man as well. He did not do this on His own, for He had helpers to this. Each time the Universe became differentiated and formed a little further. In the Beginning He created a group of beings that carried and elaborated for Him the archetypes. And these beings again created lower ones that caused a further refinement and differentiation. These creatures are being called differently in each culture, some even by name. Like the gods, archetypal forces, emanations. Our western-christian culture knows them as the Angel groups, that are being ordered hierarchically after their consciousness. So there are within our Cosmos nine groups of angelic beings, that each created its own starry and planetary sphere, which they as well inhabit. In the stars live the Seraphim or Love Spirits; in the Zodiac dwell the Cherubim or Harmony Spirits. And thus the lower groups each inhabit a sphere, from Saturn until the Moon, and they all work towards the Earth. Since our Cosmos is created in four stages, in such a way that our four bodies could be developed, there are as well four elements on the Earth that stand behind these four bodies, in the following way: element earth – carries our physical body; element water – carries our life body with its physiological processes; element air – carries our soul which with the colors can express the feelings; and element fire – carries our spirit that lives in the warmth of our will. Because they thought, these angelic groups have created the Elemental Beings who direct and maintain these four elements. We take along this planetary system, and from this we form our organs. The starry forces we take along as our ideals, which penetrate our physical body as warmth crystals. This you can grasp as follows.

In between two incarnations on the Earth you can go to your own star. That is your home, and you are the representative of that star on Earth. You can stay there, but there is being held a promise before you, in the shape of a mighty image of what you might become when you descent to the Earth and work on your imperfections. We are destined to become Angels as well, being one of freedom and love. If you decide to this, you leave your own star and at first pass by different colonies of Angels and not-incarnated people under the guidance of Seraphim, who all work on a specific idea of the Divine plan for creation. You can cooperate in this for a while, and thus take it along. You continue your path, and after having visited more of these colonies you enter our Zodiac. Here within the different planetary spheres each time you dress in another ‘cloak’ (body) around your spirit germ. Together with your guardian Angel you choose a parent couple that help to give birth to you. On the Earth you can see those groups of Angels and men working on a specific theme of the Divine plan as the star constellations. The ideas or rather forces of the constellations you bring down as the warmth crystals around and all through your physical body. These form your ideals, for you know deep down that when you realize them, you help with the realization of the Divine plan of creation all through you, so that you can grow as well to become the Angel that was held promise to you.

Concerning the so-called extraterrestrials: First, there are already 127 patents issued in designing flying saucers. These are most often used by our governments and armies, but these are not released for the public. So many of the UFO observations can be traced to earth ships. Second, with the further development of the Divine plan every time there have been created angelic groups. But not every Angel was willing to cooperate on this plan, because he did not feel the freedom in it. Hence he could start to oppose. Thus it became a counter-striving angel, and each angelic group has its counter-group. They all got an own sphere to dwell in the Earth. And thus there are nine counter-spheres in the Earth, until its kernel. These are the beings that we can get to know as the counter forces within ourselves, our life and in society, of which they are the inspirators. That which we use to call ‘evil’. But behold: without the snake seducing Eve to eat as well from the Tree of Knowledge, we would still hang around dreaming in Paradise.

So they do have a function, namely making us conscious and strong by transforming the blockages they offer us. And therewith them as well. Some of those opposing Angels have also taken this physical incarnation path. And we now know different groups of these as the alien races, who are indeed physically present (or can manifest on this level). And honestly speaking, they are also trapped in this physical body and want to get out, or want to ascend together with mankind. The one race is more prepared to this than the other. And some tell us strange deviating stories as if they should be gods that have juggled with our DNA and made us from apes into man. You have to be very careful with such stories.

It is known from different races that they originate a specific star. There you recognize again the connection to the starry worlds. To be clear about this: we are all star children, each one of us originates from his own star, of which we are a representative. Our four bodies, based in the four elements, actually form our ‘space suit’ so that we can function on the Earth and develop, causing we ultimately can return to our own star as an Angel being. The question is ‘how’.

New ways

That question has puzzled me my entire adult life. And not in the least because I had e few spiritual experiences that did not lie. In natural phenomena, at certain places, but also in relation to the stars. This has put me to work and find new ways to the planets and stars, all through us, so that you can trace these paths consciously and afterwards form them in yourself and go.

My experiences of hearing music at different places, in weather changes and also in spaces has stimulated me to transpose the movements of the planets at the sky in measure type, rhythm and sounds. This I tested within workshops, making it possible to fine tune. I learned how you could experience these planet workings transposed into music in the organs. Thus I could observe and investigate the moods out of the organs in the soul. I applied this to birth horoscopes. Meanwhile my wife and I give strong healings by playing birth horoscopes in sound and rhythm to other people. This goes together with other healing methods, such as improvised common singing, Reiki, Healing Tao, Quantum Touch or just praying. We do it often within a group of people, our so-called ‘healing circles’. This gives a reset until in the cells and DNA, for those sounds give a sound picture of your overall life tableau of inner forces to which you have said ‘yes’ at your birth, and with which you have built up yourself. You can recognize soul patterns in it, and when needed, transform these in more healing behaviors. So here you come to practical applications in daily life, that can help you progress inwardly as well.

In order to work with the star constellations I transposed their place at the sky into sound and rhythm. Thus arise specific sound patterns, melodies, that are recognizable for whoever wants. For we experience these patterns when a planet, Sun or Moon in the Zodiac moves parallel with the constellation in concern. A series of specific assignments to model out in clay helps you to come closer to the star constellation-ideal in concern, and this gives you tools to realize it easier in your life. All through the resistances of the realization you namely develop the petals of your chakra’s, and thus you refine your soul and spirit. If afterwards you sing with an open soul in the night to one of the star constellations, it may open up to you. Through this you might see and hear the active Angels and not-incarnated humans in it. Then the stars appear to stand much closer, while you connect yourself to them all through the feeling.

A Search in Astrosophy

This all was preceded by a long journey for me where I at first fathomed the roads at the starry sky in coherence with our own development. Next I wanted to understand the star constellations by making sculptures of them out of their sound patterns, which make their inner gestures. And I worked with groups of people in the inner search and realization of this, so that ever more objective workings showed up.

In the end I attuned my training methods on how each person individually out of his own birth choices can connect all through the organs with the star constellations as his or her specific ideals. In such a manner that you can grow inwardly on them and give them a better shape in society all through your life. See to this my book ‘Gestures of the Star Constellations as Ideals’, accompanied with videos of the constellations with introductions and as well gestures for each constellation on the base of its music (all still in translation). The music is available on CD. See as well my sculptures, jewelry and musical instruments from the star constellations.

Far from my bed? I don’t think so.


When you thus restore a more intimate connection to the starry worlds, you can recognize as well where in our society and culture is missing the true connection to the spirit and cosmos. And you can help to restore this. You remind your own origine and strengthen your connection to it, which makes you vaster in doing your work on the Earth. By working on these connections with more people, there again will be made more gates to the spirit out of the Earth, also through the screens of obstructions. Besides this you transform yourself through striving in the direction of your own development to not merely a human, but an Angel in progress. And already through this you make the world a lot more beautiful.

Amongst others, I myself use this work with the stars in landscape healing, in which, together with my groups, I help to restore the nature spirits in the elements and the landscape Angels in their functioning, at sites where the energetic relations are being disturbed by us. In this way I learn to cooperate with them, for from now on we have to manage the Earth together. But this is just one of the elaborations.


In the following blogs I want to elaborate the parts of this overall star project. Interested? You can subscribe to my blog.

30th of Augustus 2016,

Nicolaas de Jong.


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