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5. The Northern Starry Sky and our Consciousness Development

Image formation

Until now all the big leading cultures predominantly had their center on the northern hemisphere, above which the northern starry sky stands; this means above the Zodiac. In winter the northern people also see clear Orion, even though that star constellation stands underneath of the Zodiac, because here the Zodiac rises high at the sky. In ancient Egypt however this star constellation was seen as their god Osiris, who was killed and lived on in the underworld, which means the subconsciousness. They also saw in the southern star Sirius in the Big Dog Isis, their goddess of the Earth. And the star Alcyon in the Little Dog was for them the dog-god Anubis, waiter of the underworld. These are examples of how the northern starry sky coheres with the development of consciousness, if you know to read this well. The southern hemisphere of stars coheres more with the unconscious life world and its vegetative processes. See to this as well my first blog.

Concerning our post-Atlantic culture development: after the exits from Atlantis, that went down by water disasters, it continued via ancient India, of which the Veda’s and Upanishads are a last precipitation, Persia/Mesopotamia, with the Gilgamesh epos as a precipitation, Egypt, Greece, the Romans to the Germanics, who were guarded by the Celts. The Celts and Fins are the last peoples that left Atlantis. The Chinese as descendants of the last bog Atlantic culture of the primal Mongols, have conserved, guarded and further elaborated the knowledge about the life body and its processes. We encounter this now in the Tibetan Pön and in Taoism. The Celts as well had this knowledge and applied in a different way. You find back this weaving in the life world with the so-called wooden, metal and stone interlace, the wood cut work and cultic metal objects which they made, and after them their followers after the Germanics. This changing sequence of cultures went together with each time a change of consciousness, wherewith each time a certain limb of the soul was elaborated and made ready to receive around the year zero our spirit germ, to which we say from our 3rd year ‘I’, and start to work with it. Through it we were meant to awaken step by step form the group consciousness of family, clan and tribe, and up to an individual consciousness. To be able to ultimately become an independent spirit. In this development of the ego from out of the group consciousness we are still in the middle.

This path is carefully prepared from the mystery places. Thus there was from 1000 A.D. at the banks of the Eufrat just south of modern Turkey the central place of Marduk (who we now know as Archangel Michael). The members of the traveling caravans that passed by were incited to join their feasts. In the evening around a fire at sunset the family and tribe were honored. At sunrise the individual was honored. And in this way acknowledgement of the individual was slowly awoken. Ancient Greece know the ‘big mysteries’ on the island Samothrace. On it, you prepared yourself for over a year to ultimately speak out in smoke the names of the three ‘Kabyrs’, these are the representatives of the Mars-half of the Earth, until the year zero, the Mercury-half of the Earth, from that year, with in between the Christ-input of the ‘I Am’ for each human, which changed everything on Earth. These did appear in the smoke. When you had seen this, you acknowledged the sense of your earthly existence and could take on you your life tasks. See for the developmental stages stadia through which our cosmos goes my third blog, about the cosmic octave in us.

In the placement of the Egyptian pyramids as well as the Scottish mystery place you see a reflection of the northern star constellation the Swan, which coheres with the consciousness of the ego. The Celts had their central sanctuary in and around Newgrange in East Ireland. Here you were being initiated in the forces of the ego in midwinter already thousands of years before A.D. Avalon, near Glastonbury, had a direct inner connection with Knowth, situated next to Newgrange, where you were honored by twelve priests in your own spiritual qualities. The Celts in their earth bound mysteries, as the only ancient culture have also witnessed the death and resurrection of the Christ being. This stroke saint Patrick when in the fifth century he was sent by the pope to convert them: they already had their own form of Christianity, connected to the four elements. The Germanics had their central sanctuary at the Externsteine in the middle of Germany. Here the individual human ego at first needed to undergo a test of courage, to be initiated afterwards in the cosmos, with the help of twelve guardians who each carried a part of the still very delicate ego. The Germanics were prepared by the Celts to carry the ego totally conscious in their physical body; the peoples before them still carried this in a dreamy condition, cohering with their soul development of that moment. In the 6th century A.D. the Celtic-Christian monks built meditation towers, spread all over Ireland, in the shape of the northern star constellations the Big and Little Bear and the Dragon, and these constellations have to do with the erection of the spinal chord (the Dragon) through which the ego can become conscious in the brains (both Bears). Shortly after this Celtic Christianity, in as much it was not yet taken over by the papists, became the prey of the Normans, who funded an own kingdom in Ireland, through which this Celtic Christianity threatened to be lost externally. You also find this back in the legends of Avalon, which disappeared by the church-Christian tradition. Behind this however there hides a completely different though hidden knowledge. The Greek folk soul namely had offered itself for the formation of the external church. The Roman folk soul took care that the individual ego for each civilian could develop in a protected way, with the origin of the civil rights. And the Celtic folk soul offered itself for the progress of esoteric Christianity, with its branches amongst others in different monk orders, Manicheism, the Templars, Rosecrusians and Anthroposophy. These are the different steps of the Grail, which means the gradual inner development of animal via human to an angel consciousness.

And in this way you can trace back how culture was and still is conducted.

The five north polar star constellations

Now the development as can be read from the northern starry sky.


The Little Bear now heeds the North Pole; in the course of this century it will move to the star constellation Cepheus. The earthly North Pole circulates through five star constellations during the world year of about 21.000 earthly years.

You can consider these five north-polar star constellations as archetypes for our bodies. And from their subsequent exodus from Atlantis in relation to the north-polar star constellations have arisen from this the different human races, who each have developed strongly a specific body. As follows:

– The Dragon has to do with incarnation until in the physical body, and as such with the planet Saturn lays out our spleen process. Through it we can work out our willing impulses and write our deeds in the blood as memories. A dragon is in many myths a fire-spitting monster with a golden treasure: it imagines the promise of incarnation as a possibility for growth by getting to know the ego fire and learning to control it. In Atlantis these Saturn-mysteries were guarded by what we now know as the Red Indians. They cohere with an experience of unity of the spirit. These guardians sailed out westward: the Indian race know their Great Spirit as the undivided God. Their most important task is explaining themselves with death. They are strongly connected to the physical body.

Cepheus has to do with the physical body which you make to your own home, with the memory in it; hence the link is made with the archetypal Adam, It is a precipitation of the planet Mars that lays out in us the gallbladder process, by which we can create space for ourselves and our impulses. the coheres with the primal Mongolian race, that brought much knowledge from Atlantis about the life body from out of an ancestral memory, and through this also much knowledge about the life forces and energy.

– The Swan has to do with the awakening of the ego in the astral body, the ego consciousness, and cohering with this the becoming conscious of life and death. It coheres with the planet Venus who lays out in us the kidney process: connected to her is the Australian race, the aboriginals. Their didgeree doo music helps you to descend in your lymph flows by a dream-like consciousness, and thus find the guidance of the own Angel, as well by singing that shows them the way.

– The Lyre imagines the music that your higher ego plays on the soul through the intestines, through which you can work out your karma; or the image of the soul that plays on the life body. This coheres with the planet Mercury who lays out the lungs in us and as well the navel-chakra, with which you conduct your life body. The brown African race has to do with this impulse: the African lives mostly from out of the life body with its very differentiated rhythms.

– The Little Bear, just like the Big Bear is a box on a stem, coheres with the brains, and the Little bear specifically with the vegetative small brains. You can see the brains and the nerve system as the physical outworking of the astral body. This coheres with Jupiter who laid out in us the liver process and the nerve system. Cohering with this is the development of the primal Semitic race, so the Indians, Arabs, Jews and white peoples. In them the nerve system is dominant, which amongst others appears from out image of the atom, consisting of a dense kernel, with very far away around it the electrons as loads: this is the reflection of a nerve cell with its long offshoots that transfer loads. We make images of what we are ourselves. It makes this race suited to refine observations in the physical world and explain itself with it, just like modern science tends to do. And thus develop technique. When this race does not develop itself inwardly, with the degeneration it becomes the apocalyptic blond beast from the sea, which coheres with the implosion of the consciousness in nerve system, making us a slave of greed and desires, in short the primal thrives. Nazi Germany has been a prelude to this.

The northern Circle of Heroes

The development of our consciousness began when we started to take use of our senses, for which Hercules stands, via the development of ego-conscious man in Perseus who marries with the human soul in the body, Andromeda, until the three spirititual faculties of clairvoyancy, imagination, clear hearing and feeling, where to as well conducting, the inspiration, and clear willing, the intuition will be developed in the Snake Tamer Ophiochus. In that star constellation man can keep these three higher forms of consciousness together and gives the start to a new world cycle of development. It was or is each time half god who did before a task on the Earth so that entire humanity could copy this thereafter. That is why this group of northern star constellations is called the Circle of Heroes. Underneath I will discuss them on their sequence. With this you can trace a personality test within your own horoscope, ny looking at the positions of the Sun, moon and the planets. At the end below I will give you some tools to this.

Sequence of human development within the northern Circle of Heroes

Hercules looks like coming out of the head of the Dragon, and he stands with his head downward, as seen from the Zodiac. This is the image of the man who comes from the spiritual worlds and incarnates in the physical body in which he needs to take serve of his twelve senses. And in doing this he can chasten his thrives. You find this back in the tale of the twelve works Hercules had to accomplish to put straight that he once killed a man out of rage.

– The Snake’s Head and Northern Crown – these two constellations are closely related. The Snake erects itself and inclines to the Northern Crown, which is like an open chalice upward. This is the consciousness in the head, which initially still was open to the cosmos, and even today at birth we still are a bit open at the skull, until our fontanels close. These star constellations together have to do with the Greek sage of Ariadne who had spun a thread for Theseus so that he could find the way back from the labyrinth (the brain windings). In the labyrinth lived the Minotaurus, half man half bull, who each time demanded a human sacrifice. This creature is an image for the strong digestive forces in the pituitary gland, causing we could not think clearly (we still have this a little after we a heavy meal). Through that Theseus killed the Minotaurus, these digestive forces in the head were lessened and you can always think clearly when you are awake. The labyrinth was situated on Crete; that lay in between the culture of Small Asia and Europe/Greece, and it formed a culture of transit. The gestures of the Snake’s Head and Northern Crown you also find back in the functional tissues of the kidneys; the islands of Bowland and the tubes of Malpighi, which together excrete the finished protein substances, axtract the soul forces and send these to the head. Because of this we can observe and think clear.

-The Bear Tender (Boötes) has to do with the erection of the life body, through which we can act as well when standing or sitting. The plant works with this in such a manner that it can grow toward the Sun. The star constellation also coheres with Dyonisos who introduced the wine cultivation. Through the hangover after drinking you incarnate ever deeper in the physical body, and this was very necessary at that time.

-The Hair of Berenice represents ancient virginal wisdom that was lost through drinking alcohol and thereupon incarnation.

-The Hunting Dogs (Canes Venatici) cohere with the sense of smelling and tracing, a sense organ that is connected to morality: this is what makes man to a human, because we not only think, but weigh our thoughts and acts with the conscience. A faculty that was given to us already at an early stage of development.

– The Big Bear or Dipper, a box on a stem, coheres with our large brains, through which we can think and erect us. The Big and Little Bear together clasp the tail of the Dragon: the large and small brains can erect the spinal chord through their clearness and tus we can develop our clear day-consciousness. Because it stands the above the Lion, it is as well the reflection of the heart in which impressions and willing impulses come together, or rather the three nerve ganglions that cohere with the moral heart functions feeling for truth (the top one), the will for the good (the lowest) and the conscience (the middle one). These three together make up the heart’s rhythm. The star constellation is seen as the place where Christ was carried into our cosmos, and the seven brighter stars in this constellation then are seen as the seven Rishi’s, the teachers of mankind who prepared His coming and incarnation.

– The Little Lion (Leo Minor) underneath of the Big Bear coheres with the pericardium, which screens off the heart from too much influences from the outside. Through this our heart can carry our spirit germ, our ego.

– The Lynx is a next step in the development. It coheres with the darkness on heaven’s mountain, and therefor with closing off, the formation of skins, contours, enclosing surfaces, evil, the separation. Here the consciousness is no longer the ‘we’, but the ‘I and the other’. Death’s fear which coheres with the cat-like animals becomes conscious here at humanity.

– The Wagoner (Auriga) has the shape of our larynx, with which is coheres as well. It has to do with the taming and controlling, directing of the life forces, and these can thus lead tot word forces, so speach. Through the word we can express our spirit force on the Earth in communication; we can give words to ideas and thus transmit these.

– The Giraffe has a kite shape and has to do with the thyroid gland, situated before the throat (like the Wagoner it stands in the zone of star constellation Taurus, the archetype for the throat). This helps us to form and maintain our physical body. This you will notice when there is something wrong. Bone decalcification Parkinson’s disease can be the effects.

Perseus is the archetype for the human that erects and thus becomes completely aware of itself. In the Greek myth he kills Medusa, a goddess of destiny: from her neck arise snakes (these are old wisdom forces of the life body), the silver sword of the intellect, and the poet horse Pegasus, meaning the clairvoyant imaginative thinking that is freed from the body.

– The Northern Triangle that stands above the Ram is the stamp of God, Dios, upon creation. The start and closing of the cosmos, which starts with the Ram.

Cassiopeia is the wife of Cepheus, where she stands underneath, and both were the rulers of Ethiopia in the Greek myth. She is the general human soul which still is not individualized, and hence without being able to act (she is seen at the sky hand wringing). It is the condition of our soul when before our descent to the Earth we meet our kindred at the Sun, are melt together with and work on one another so that later on Earth we can meet out of the soul recognition and the feelings this calls forth.

Andromeda is hanging upside down on the rocks (the physical body) and can be swallowed by the Whale underneath of the Zodiac, or connect with Perseus (the human ego) who rescues her, so that they get seven children together: image for the ego with its three soul limbs and three spirit limbs. She stands above the Fishes, so the constellation is very important for this time, namely being the archetype for our consciousness soul which can become conscious on the physical body. Their children you can recognize in the star constellations that come after both. Let’s first make this clear: the era of the Fishes has only started in 1417 with the Renaissance. At present the vernal point of spring stands at 5 degrees in the Fishes, and it will still last 360 years before this enters Waterman. Then it will need about a 1000 years before there will come an initiate that completely lives into this impulse and wakes it up. And then it will take about 500 years before it will be absorbed by humanity as a whole. Our culture period has started when Parcival could make himself to a Grail king by falling and rising up again, around the year of 950 A.D. This was first picked with the Renaissance, about 500 years afterwards.

-The Lizard (Lacerta) represents the choice of freedom for man. It stands above and in between Andromeda and Pegasus, above the Fishes, and so it has to do with the present. It puts us the question: to where do you want to develop? Our time is about the division of mankind, from the direct question: do you go for the spirit (your own inner development) or for matter? Upward or downward? In our body this spiritual reality has condensed in the two uppermost neck vertebrae, the atlas and twister in the neck, through which we can freely move our head.

Pegasus, the poet horse, is our imaginative or spirit self faculty, with which we can have inner clearvoyant images that are free from the body. It is our next spiritual limb, equal to that of an angel, which can be worked out in the next Waterman culture time. The star constellation stands above the Waterman.

– The Foals are a continuation of Pegasus, and has to do with the rejuvenating thinking forces of the spirit self. You can experience this when you speak freely spiritual images: these nourish you and your audience, in opposition to abstract notions.

– The Dolphin, standing above the Goat, indicates the faculties of inspiration, or clear hearing, clear feeling and the faculty of conducting in life processes. This is called the life spirit and is equal to the consciousness of an archangel, who conducts and guides groups of people. In the Capricorn culture period we can elaborate this faculty further.

-The Arrow (Sagitta) stands at the border of Capricorn and Sagittarius. Together with the Eagle it forms our intuitive faculties to be developed, the forces of clear willing, or observing the willing germs to become within yourself, in other people and in the phenomena, and act after this in helping them realize. This faculty is called the spirit man, the magician and is equal to the consciousness of a time spirit. We can elaborate this further when the vernal point of spring enters Sagittarius. the Arrow is in this the body-freed intuitive thinking that has a strong penetrating force.

– The Eagle (Aquila), above Sagittarius, is the intuition that has become body free until in the actions, and that has formed itself back the Scorpion that has fallen in the beginning.

– The Snake Tamer (Ophiochus) carries all three the higher forms of consciousness within, and he can call to life the snakes, tame them, carry and conduct. Thus he becomes the start for a new Zodiac: he presses down the zodiacal star constellation of Scorpion. This one was the start of our world: the eagle and snake that decayed into a scorpion. So the magician. His shape is also cyclic, just like the entire Zodiac.

The Snake Tamer stands underneath of Hercules, however with the head up as being the end of an intire cycle of becoming and start for a new one. And with him is the Circle of Heroes at the northern starry sky complete.

Where do you stand now?

You can trace for yourself where your consciousness lays: planets that stand parallel with a star constellation indicate which organ in you needs to develop specific qualities, which are indicated by the star constellations above it. This can give you a personality test of your state development. It can be that je you still have to catch up with or fine tune what you ever slept over. The influence of the different celestial bodies:

The moon   – in the life, the brains as a reflection of the life processes

Mercury – the lungs and life body (the ancient Indian culture)

Venus – kidneys and astral body (the ancient Persian culture)

The Sun – heart and ego, our spirit germ (events around AD in Palestine)

Mars – gallbladder and sentient soul (Babylonian and Egyptian culture)

Jupiter – liver and intellect soul (Greek-Roman culture)

Saturn – spleen and consciousness soul (the present Fishes period, started in 1417)

Uranus – pituitary gland and spirit self, angel consciousness (future Slavic-Iranian culture)

Neptune – epiphysis and life spirit, archangel consciousness (future Californian culture)

Pluto – side-kidneys and spirit man, time spirit consciousness (a next future culture cycle)

Note that the horoscope charts always render the placement in the star signs, and not the star constellations. With the star map underneath yu can find at the top and bottom the star signs in relation to the star constellations.

Success with your figuring out !

In the next blog will discuss op the paths and workings of the southern star constellations along the Milky Way.

Star Map Broad

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