12 May

7. Landscape Work with Star Angels


In August 2015 for the last time we did a large landscape healing project in Italy, where amongst other we did work in the subterranean spheres with fallen angels. This was in sequence of previous work all over Europe At predominant wounded sites like previous battlefields concentration camps. In England I had already heard some years before from the spiritual world that we had already done more than was necessary, and that the Earth and the people now should find further on their relation to the fallen angels and deal with these. In Italy it became clear to us that it was enough indeed. The closer we came to Rome, the harder it was to penetrate the darkening, and I felt that the support from the spiritual world was diminished. Within our group the tension augmented. We were able to finish, but the feeling afterwards was that is was enough with our digging for the darkness. We had batter take care of ourselves and screen off from evil, to be able to work later in in a different manner.

It was also clear to me that after the winter solstice of 2012 there had to be worked otherwise. From then on the consciousness was placed in the heart for all of mankind, and ever since all through the heart you can make much easier contact with the beings of nature, with the spiritual worlds. And through this you have easier insight in what is good and bad for you. A strong eye opener to me was one time during an family presentation of planets, in which I was strongly directed to the Earth in order to cure her. Whereupon the Earth said that she very well could do this by herself.

So ever since for me has been a kind of external pralaya concerning landscape work, during which I have worked strongly transforming and cleansing inside, and brooded on a different approach of landscape work. My work with the stars and star constellations deepened, as with the cd’s and videos of the sounds and gestures of the star constellations. I write blogs about these. I also gave shape to these in my monthly schooling days, and still do this. I found ever more indications that the starry sky has impressed itself on the Earth until in the physical. For example is the geographical orientation of dolmen, sanctuaries and animal graves a direct reflection of the starry sky above. In Central America even the distribution of the ancient Maya cities. I came across the work of Richard Leviton (see his book Stars on Earth amongst others) who had found out and investigated that the stars of specifically the Milky Way had impressed themselves on the Earth already three times, which have formed star domes, spread out over the Earth, and these domes have formed either mountains (that are sacred to many indigenous people), or have inspired to sanctuaries, like in Stonehenge and Avebury. And because we have done landscape-healing work on many of the places in Europe and the US Leviton describes, I recognize a lot in his descriptions. I also had encounters with the four stargate guardians, that each one transmitted their message inwardly. This also gave me a strong impulse to develop new landscape work with them as guardians, and in my brooding it brought me that far that I started to write and compose a new landscape ritual.

mysterieplaatsen-schotland-1  swan

Distribution of sanctuaries in Scotland             Star constellation of the Swan


A first start at the Hillegonda Hill in Rotterdam

hillegondakerk            Through a friend we got the tip that there was also an ancient sanctuary at Hillegonda Hill in Rotterdam-Hillegersberg, not far from where we live. This is a sand hill upon which now are situated a church, a castle ruin and a cemetery, dating back from the Middle Ages. We started to observe here at different times, and through directing our consciousness to it, there revealed ever more of the old sanctuary.

There is a myth of this site: the female (earth) giant Hillegonda lived at the coast and was send for her task more inland by her parents. She was homesick for the coast and secretly took some sand along in her apron, which she let flow out as the hill that is mentioned after her. There is a beautiful bronze stature of her and her apron at the village square, nicely planned besides the point of flowing out of the landscape angel. Another story tells that she had a red apron, and that this was the sign for women of old that at this site menstruation blood could flow in the Earth, as honoring Mother Earth. So a Mother Earth cult place. I suspected that both stories are a precipitation of different cult layers, so of different times. There namely was as well a channeling that this in very ancient times, going back to Lemuria, has been much higher and was carrying a temple complex. Any way, this is the oldest inhabited part of Rotterdam and its surroundings, and it has already been inhabited before the Germanics, Romans and Celts, while it was a higher refuge in the ancient flow delta and the open dune region at the mouth of river Rhine.

The first time we visited the hill, Marion and I made contact   with the landscape angel at her point of flowing in. This angel guards energetically the area, and so the hill of the star angel. We both experienced that she was glad with this recognition, and that her landscape unity could become more valued. Hereupon we visited the church, and at the main entrance we found the seizing point of the star angel. At my question which star she represented she indicated that she anchored the star Phakt (Dove) in the Earth. This is the main star of the southern star constellation the Dove, which coheres with the conscience and thus seizes at the middle nerve ganglion of our heart.

I experienced that I needed to work here very cautious, while there were probably laid many culture layers upon each other and that the site should not be forced so that it could restore and reveal itself. The second time Marion, our friend and I have listened to the sounds of the star constellation the Dove, as I have developed this, at this site and we sang out of these sounds in an improvised way in order to connect to the angel through the star constellation. With this we felt and observed that the angel could erect herself in could unfurl in her dignity. The gratefulness for this was reciprocal, and we have left the place like this.

The third time we visited the complex with two other persons that are known with landscape work. It appeared that the angel had opened more sensitive spots besides the church where probably have been separate cult places of old, like niches, sculptures, altars. One of these people felt a headache, and she experienced this had to do with abuse of power. Which was not unexpectable, while the church had been placed upon what was presumably seen as a pagan cult place. This happened a lot all through Europe.

And a couple of days afterwards we investigated the site with three co-workers in landscape work with whom we already shared quite a few projects. It now appeared that the sections had been forming out much more, as if the entire star angel was unfurling itself. We could recognize the seven organ workings in us that cohere with the seven ancient planets. We could as well recognize the workings of the three new planets as seizing points, that cohere with the pituitary gland, epiphysis and kidney cortex and that prepare for the higher spiritual qualities clairvoyance, clear feeling and clear willing. We had never experienced this so strongly on other sites (which could also be dependent on our observational faculties). We sang again the star sounds for the angel, and each one of us experienced that it could manifest itself radiating and forceful. It was the 10th of April, hillegonda-hill-after-the-workthe day the activities from the Gear Bear could be worked into other star sites and reconnected. From the Great Bear mankind is being guided by the White Brotherhood, and in the seven stars of this constellation are being seen the seven Rishis, who have helped to bring down to Earth the Christ-I Am and who still conduct the effects of this through Grail Christianity. For this reason we have also sung the sounds of these stars in an improvised way. With this each of us had a strong perception of unity, connection and force that was carried by the heart region and could radiate from it. The thought became vivid that all the older cultural layers could mingle with the present one, for this the time felt ripened. We all experienced that this was a new impulse to landscape work, which does no more points at and transforms the darkness, but brings down the positive spiritual forces right away. My years of prayer to Mother Earth to send me her angels whenever they needed help, were well being heard.

When I drove past the landscape angel at her point of inflow, I saw how much she had grown and was working almost explosively. There probably was digested what had been revealed, as well because of our work.

After our work I realized that since a couple of months a higher elf had settled in our garden, and that he actually had been sent from the Hillegonda Hill. He is preparing to reach at a large area of the mouth of the Rhine. We live at the rim of Hillegersberg, which is under the influence of the star dome of Hillegonda Hill. I got the strong impression that we have been sent to this house with its garden to give further shape to the work of the stars in connection to the Earth.

Concerning other star seizing points: a week before this work we were for a landscape project in South Limburg (the south of the Netherlands) at a castle. In the garden of it there was a circle of old trees, and in it was the seizing point of a star from the constellation the Dolphin. And as I suspect, like this there are many more places in the Netherlands and Europe where star angels are active. By amplifying these, we bring closer the beings and forces of the spiritual worlds. So work enough. Feel for joining us? Contact us.


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