Temple Theatre The Fjodor Dome


The building has as its aim to let experience in images and workings the inner qualities of man that deal with his development and that are situated on the non-visible bodies of the life, the soul and the spirit. In a larger perspective, it deals with the forces of the Word of Christ that are being approached in its workings, so that these can be experienced inspiratively and intuitively. Because Christ is the already become Son of Man, the building in its shapes points at the creative future germs that we carry in us.


See here our video impression of the Fjodor Dome on youtube


On organic modelling and architecture

In contemporary architecture straight lines are dominant. Therefore the space we are in hardly moves us, but in it we can orientate ourselves with our daytime consciousness. But when bent shapes surround us we can discover liveliness, we can be inwardly moved and become enthusiastic. This because we feel the coherence with ourselves and because we are formed out of organic living forces; when we sculpture a feeling or one of our impulses, it involuntarily gets a lively, bent form. Within these organic forms certain laws can be discovered in form, posture and gesture; these are recognizable in man – his soul – as well as in the other realms of nature. These reflect a metamorphosis to an increasing perfection and with that a purpose-fullness.
Reality can thus be read as a “universal language” if one has the keys to do so. Those keys are enclosed in the human being as a developing being and have their likewise objectivities in the realms of nature. Organic modeling tries to do research on these laws and to develop this universal language out of that.
The goal of the earthly genesis is the further perfection of man, by which he can also help to transform earthly reality. Christ, the “Cosmic Word”, has preceded man in that. Every purposeful gesture is a realization of the “Cosmic Word” and thus recognizable, interpretable and applicable.
In the substances the cosmic forces are alive, because they are condensations of these “Word-forces”. Only man can redeem and transform these by being able to recognize their forces as gestures and soul-effects, then transform and further perfect for the good them by transforming his own being.
The courses offered by “The Jasper School” can be seen as some of such worked out and applicable methods. These methods – because they approach the Cosmic Word and explore its purposeful realization in man and nature – contain a continuation of the Anthroposophical spiritual scientific methods and results and expands it with inspirational experience and intuitive observation and action. Thus, by distinguishing and learning to handle the creative forces within oneself one can become co-creative in humanity and the world.


On the building

This will be developed organically-plastically out of the original image of what man will be able to become when he develops the “Son of Man” within himself. The next parts are planned:

sense-gates-1 sense-gates-2

R01 Reukzinpoort 2. Hoorzin_poort Wh poort 2 WezenszinWh poort 10 Kijkzin











– On entering the building, one has to choose one of the twelve gates that each has a correspondence with the senses in relation to the Zodiac.


maqu-room-1  Theaterzaal_3_zijkant - 3

· A hall with five folded organic shaped galleries, which each are reflections of one of the organ-processes that gesture-wise reflect in the soul. In this hall, which offers space to 504 individuals (6x7x12), music, theatre and music-theatre can be performed that bring forth the effects of the spirit.


kidney-space-sc  Wh Nierruimte smaller

liver-space-sc  12. Leverruimte_ingang
· Several rooms that reflect the different organ-effects in the soul and their connection with the elements in form, color and space. By working in the rooms, one can learn to get into touch with these elemental realms in and around us.

dragon-sc lyre-as-stage pegasos-sc

· Three round passages on top of each other. In the upper one the Northern star constellations as inspirational developed plastic art are represented. On the middle passage niches are shaped which have connections with the star constellations of the Zodiac and their specific colored effect in the soul, which are represented in the niches in colors and gestures. Each one is connected to an entrance to the building as approximation of a doorway to a sense-organ (see image below of Aries-gate). In the bottom passage the Southern star-images are visualized as inspirational gestures and also the gestures of the virtues which are possible to develop and which can lead us (in)to the spiritual world; these images are placed in rooms which make it possible they come into existence.

vn-8 vn-9 vn-10


– Underneath the theatre hall there twelve cave-like spaces that each correspond with one go the twelve main virtues that we can develop; these stand here as sculptures that have the virtue gestures.



wh-back-west  wh-ne

· Three common halls each with their own characteristics, coinciding with the functions of the soul: thinking, feeling and will. They can be used as foyers and rooms.


The objective is to work out the various parts in common projects of schooling (today taking place with the mentioned initiatives and also realized through the courses and educations of the Jasper School). The construction will be in such a way, that parts can be transformed if necessary. Like this the building stays in a developing process, coinciding with its social-organic character. The executive construction will be – where it is possible – done with natural materials. A model of the building in wood and wax has been made.

maq-1 maq-2

maq-3 maq-4

                                      Maquette of the building in wood and wax


On the landscape garden

The space outside and the enwrapment of the building will be a landscape-garden in which organic images and plantation connect to the building in such a way that they can help to consciously get in touch with the elemental forces and beings in nature (elemental beings). The images try to finish of the gestures of which nature itself is not capable of doing seen her level of revelation. At the basis of these images stands the original gestures solemnized by Christ in his walk through the Holy Week of Easter, through which he revealed the ancient mysteries step by step.
In their original image it is a way by which nature, humanity and the earth can be unveiled, revealed and possibly transformed and liberated by us. Thus this garden can cure and have a conscious-making effect.
The garden fosters the opportunity for people and elemental beings to be able to have a renewed meeting with each other, after centuries of denial of their existence. This can be an example for the whole culture.
The present elemental forces in the garden will be strengthened by plantation, dynamic watercourses and qualitative improvements with enlivened preparations. As a whole this offers possibilities to school one’s self and become aware of one’s inner creative organs.
okbeeldentnbpiet2 tuinbeeld-pieta

Sculpture of ‘The Piëta’ for in the garden.


On the social impulse

The Fjodor Foundation intensely works together with other active and organized initiatives in the spiritual, cultural, social and economical area. We organize gatherings in which the aim is to help and work out, join or stimulate various personal and grouped initiatives (see also the below mentioned cooperational-body). Like with the World Warf in Olen, Belgium. With these initiatives workshops are organized (see The Jasper School), smaller conferences and presentations are held and projects are shaped. Essential in all these activities is to meet one another and the desire to exchange, so that everyone’s inner experience is heard.


On the social-organizational impulse

wh-workTo support the activities and initiatives to which Fjodor is linked and which it also stimulates, and to create possibilities for their realization, an open cooperational-body is formed based on a seven folded organization. For constructive cooperation an attitude of openness towards each other and of devotion and responsibility for each others being and destiny is required. The seven folded structure is based on observations of sections within the human being, his life-processes and those within organizations and is based on the afore mentioned new Goethean Science of the Stars. This structure is all about creating the possibility for a higher (Archangel) being to incorporate in this cooperational-body and to inspire and guide it. like this the participants can clarify and work out their own impulses, test their own knowledge and insights and bundle it with each other, through which the spiritual originated wisdom (Mother Sofia) can regroup itself in every participant present and thus bundle insights. This organic seven foldedness consists of:

· The research-division (Saturn/ the spleen-process); this group asks questions and by acting they work on possible solutions or applications necessary to answer questions (so it is an acting-research, according to the higher steps of Goethean Science).

· The think-tank/policy-preparing-division (Jupiter/liver-process); in a company called board of directors, but in this structure has no direct competence for making decisions. This group thinks about the lines between the results of the research and the questions and initiatives which arise from in –or outside the cooperation-body. Suggestions are handed, on which the policy-gathering, consisting of representatives of all sections, can decide on their direction. It also takes care of the coordination and tuition or education, if applicable.

· The management-division (Mars/gall-process); a group which execute the initiatives of the policy-gathering and of itself, which tries to clarify initiatives of others and execute this or looks for support or ways to do it. The difference with a company is that not only initiatives coming from the policy-gathering are delivered but also of individuals. For that they create the necessary space.

· The administration/secretary-division (Venus/kidney-process); a group taking care of inner communication between the other sections and creates a layer in which the whole group can function well. Otherwise than in a company nowadays here the functions of meeting-platforms and artistic contributions are added; its latter creates possibilities for inner development between participants and people coming from outside of the organization.

· The policy-gathering (Sun/heart-process); gathers frequently and in it every (or more) representatives of all the divisions take place. In these gatherings the various occupations are discussed and if necessary new lines of action are determined. Every division has its degree of autonomy by mandate. Complete equality between the division is present. To make things happen it is necessary to have a broad consensus on affairs concerning the whole group.

· The marketing/sales-division (Mercury/lung-process); a group taking care of contacts with people, groups or organizations outside the cooperational-body; materially seen this consists of the selling of goods, services and advertising between human beings creating connections and the maintenance of networks and associations.

· The production-division (Moon/brains-germ cells); a group of people and representatives (of a company) who are active within the cooperational-body and take care of the economic basis. This could be a company, a employee or a family or community, because they directly have their basis in the economy.


Out of this seven folded cooperation three concentric regions come into existence, which coincide with the functions of the soul (thinking, feeling and the will):

Inner circle: Core of activities that are directed towards the spirit (I & II):
I.research & development
II. devising & meditating, determining lines

Middle circle: Social setting platform of activities (III-V):
III. organ for policy; consultation and condensing decisions
IV. taking and supporting of initiatives
V. care for communication, clear and sound relations

Outer circle: Economic directedness; relations with the surroundings(Vi,VII):
VI. connections with the outside world; transportation
VII. manufacturing departments

Within these cores and their made associations with the outside world, renewing art –and scientific activities can take place and be carried by the economic and social layer. Geographically this can take a wide-spread character and thus advances multiformity of spiritual life.
These social and organizational impulses therefore shape a layer for the building and the social-structural and activities which strive towards the spirit.


On the impulse for a renewal of the arts and sciences

To create a connection with the worlds of life, soul and spirit one needs to cultivate spryness in one’s feeling to be able to awake the human soul-organs and learn to develop them. Especially specific directed artistic occupations are suited for this, because the artistic actions and the thus tender connection with phenomena, awakens not presumed refinements of the senses as observational-organs and at the same time the possibilities of developing creative skills. As man and the world are created by the effects of the “Cosmic Word” which takes hold by the stars and planet-spheres, the background of this new impulse for research emanates from a new and Practical “Goethean Science of the Stars” (see:www.bruisvat.nl/english/jasper.htm) which is developed out of the methodologies and results of research of the current spiritual science, Anthroposophy. By making the effects of the stars and planets experienceable in an artistic way, which includes the observer into the observed phenomena, ways have been developed to open up the higher sense-organs within man that let him experience the abilities of clair-sentientcy and clair-audiency, the consciousness of inspiration, and of clair-volitancy, the consciousness of intuition. These methods can be called Astrophonics and Astrognomics. Through them one is able to experience and act with the life forces and in the life world, as well as one’s observation in what way one has already created paths of life forces within oneself, to be able to observe the realms of life within and around us. The tools that are developed with and within music and its link to the human bodies help to develop the abilities of clair-sentiency of those direct phenomena (inspiration). By understanding the gestures which are the objectivity of the willing of phenomena and the willing within oneself, one can learn to recognize those germs of development within oneself and within every creature and phenomenon and thus the abilities of clair-volitancy (intuition). See also for further elaboration the the Jasper School and especially the book “ Science Otherwise” by N.M. de Jong, which is entirely about this new Goethean Science of the Stars and contains how those insights can be applied on every area of the arts and sciences. The same author wrote another booklet called “Astrosophy and the Grail” which gives a fine overview and profound introduction on all these topics.
Concerning the artistic area the following: By applying these insights in their effects on man and the world, one can try to end up in the objective realm of the artistic creations in which life, soul and spirit can reveal themselves and as an artist one can become co-developer in the unfolding of what wants to become on earth. Through the observations in beings and things and their original becoming germs, which emanates from the methodologies of Astrognomics, one can develop new forms of technique, which have the capacity to let the good rise out of things. These forms of technique can be called moral technique.

The Fjodor Foundation endeavors the realization of a renewing Spiritual School amidst society out of which it is nourished and inspired. It consists out of the next 3 sections:
I. Spiritual Science. A science devoted to truth and which directs itself by cultivating the training of thinking towards the spirit and is impregnated towards imaginative consciousness.
II. Objective Art. A way of art that searches for the effects in man, nature and the universe and works it out in artistic creations. This offers possibilities to experience and apply the inner guidance in processes and creates possibilities for developing inspirational skills (clair-sentiency and clair-audiency)
III. Moral technique. A technique which tries to realize “the good” which is hidden within phenomena and beings. Therefore such a technique can help with the development of clair-volitancy, the intuitive consciousness.
These 3 departments have a mutual interaction, so they can fertilize one another. The building and landscape-garden are expressions of these endeavors and methods of research.

The Fjodor Foundation is looking for people to work with on these projects and its necessary financial support.
For further information:
Nicolaas de Jong, tel. : 0031-640228769, email [email protected]

ramgate-clay                 Wh poort 2 Wezenszin

        Gate of Aries, clay model                                                                 Gate of Aries, design