Peat Wool Vests

Peat Wool Vests

with Organ Shapes and -colours


Peat and Peat wool

Peat wool is sheepwool, in which fibres have been woven in of the cotton grass, occuring in peatmoor. Because peatmoor has a strongly consolidating activity, the peat which is taken from it, gives a protection for people. Hence peat and peat wool are being applied more and more, where people are being exposed to electric or electromagnetic radiation, like close to broadcast towers, at the computer or because of a dense or strong electricity network.
The fibers in peat, which mostly consists of died moorland plants, are too short to be spun for cloathing. Only the cotton grass, which also grows in peatmoor, has fibres long that are enough for production; and only that which grows in raised bog around and above the Polar circle (Sweden, Finland). Because this cotton grass has been conserved together, it holds as well the enveloping and conservering qualities of the peatmoor, which makes it appropriate for cloathing with these characteristics. Because it is rather tough, it is not yet possible to spin threads of it. One is occupied to make these fibres flexible enough to be able to spin threads from it. Until then it is being spun into threads of wool or silk. Fot the Netherlands this is being done in the curative therapeutic institute Breidablick in Middenbeemster, NL, in the weaving mill and production, which is being executed by the Turfpost Foundation.


liver-vest-1   liver-vest-2

Liver-gallbladder vest


Organ shapes

Besides the task that the organs take care of our life functions, like heart beat, breathing, the inner physiology, they affect our consciousness. With the heart we feel warmth and coldness, with the kidneys we can bring forth the feelings, with the lungs we can connect to the outern world, with the liver we can weave ideas and thoughts into our life, and with the gall bladder and spleen we can work out what lives in our will. When an organ does not function well, we notice this in our behaviour. Because of their activities in the realms of the life world, they have a specifical shape and because of the effects of the consciousness mostoften a specific soul colouring.
In the Rune-Workshop there have already being made many experiences with the activities and shapes originating from the different organs; that happens during the schooling projects and educations of the Jaspis courses. Hence these could be rendered in the peat vests as coloured form gestured.
The goal of these vests is at the one side to show the body how it can come back into healthy organ workings, at the other side the expansion of the consciousness, when one bears specifical organ vests. By the combination of the enveloping peat wool with felted wool or with silk, the optimalisation of both effects has been strived for.
The shapes and substances on and in the vests are in development.
The vests can be manufactured at the wished seize, or being delivered in the seizes small, medium and large. The inside is made of silk, in the same organ colors.

Costs: € 295, – per vest, additional the sending costs € 9, 50 in EU. Prices 6 % VAT included.



hartlung-vest-1   heartlungvest-2

Heart-lung vest

heartlung-vest-silk-1   heartlungvest-silk-2

Heart-lung vest with silk organ shapes



Kidney vest

spleen-vest-1 spleen-vest-2

                                                       Spleen vest

Peat wool cover for your cell phone

These potect against the electromagnetic radiation of your apparatus.

Hand made


Different models; can be made at your size.

€ 15, -.

Can be sent for € 1, 50 extra