Music theatre plays

Experience the astrophonic methods in word, image, music, movement and gesture:

(all to be translated)

THOUGHT GLIMMER (Gedachtengloren)
Musical movement theater on the base of the planet rhythms and their movements, transposed within music;
experienceable workings within the soul out of the organ processes
Bound, linen cover, music included, 135 pages







STARRY WAYS (Sterrewegen)sterrewegen-voorkant

A nowadays Grail story out of the star worlds; the starry images are being
experienced within different types of man and their images within the soul
Libretto bound, linen cover, 224 pages € 22, 50

Music to Starry ways
Unbound, 116 pages, A4 size




volkwcovPEOPLES WORTHINESSES (Volkenswaardigheden)

The German twilight of the gods and the promise for the present time,
within the unifying Europe
Elemental beings as musical thoughts, the promise of the new mysteries
A kafkanian alchemical play
Libretto bound, linen cover, 212 pages € 27, 50

Libretto with music, linen cover, 364 pages € 30, –





STORIES around the TREE of LIFE (Verhalen rond de Levensboom)

A fourtych about false initiations, about agogic institutions and their societal shadows in the twenty-first century; the third evil
On the base of sonic horoscopes and human relations
Libretto bound, linen cover, 382 pages



hm-voorkant-220x300The HOUSE and the MOTHER (het Huis en de Moeder)

The twelve senses, the four spiritual streams that guide the earth in its
development from the beginning onwards, musical therapy on the base of
sonic phenomenological-astrosophical principles en the physical body
Libretto bound, linen cover, 120 pages € 15, –






ONCE (soon also in English and German)

Music theatre play out of a dialogue between the Evening and the Morning.
The soul of the Earth in the hours of the day, the colors in the atmosphere and the elementals in Nature.
Bounded, A4, music script included, soft cover € 20, –

ISBN 90-77147-05-5