In the Rune Workhop the following type of images are made:

– Organ images

– Lotusflower images

– Images of Elemental Beings and Angels

– Feelings images


Organ images

Bij het gaan van een innerlijke ontwikkeling kom je je eigen zielsprocessen tegen, die zijn gegrond in je organen. Door het gevoel heen, gelegen in het hart, kun je deze waar gaan nemen als innerlijke ruitmes.

Hieronder zijn enige daarvan weergegeven. Zij kunnen ook als poster (A4 of A3 formaat) besteld worden, al of niet met mooie teksten om met de organen in contact te kunnen komen


Heart space                                                                Lung space

Hartruimte 02            Longruimte 01
Kidney space                                                                    Live space

Nierruimte 01              Levensruimte 01

Gallbladder space                                                                           Liver space

Galruimte 02       Leverruimte 01
Spleen space

Miltruimte 01


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Lotusflower images

With inner observation all through the feeling in the heart yo can perceive your own lotusblowers, chakras in colors and specific gestures. Here images of the 8 most important chakras:


Forehead lotusblower (6th chakra)                     Throat lotus flower (5th chakra)

Voorhoofdslotus 06         Voorhoofdslotus 08Voorhoofdslotus 08           Keellotus 17


Heart lotusflower (4th chakra)                                     Solar Plexus lotusflower (3rd chakra)

Hartlotus 04                        Zonnevlechtlotus als beeld 02


Navel lotusflower (2nd chakra)                                 Tailbone lotusflower (1st or root chakra)

Navellotus                           Stuitlotus


Thymus lotusflower (8th chakra)                                               Crown lotusflower (7th chakra)

Thymuslotus 02                                  Kruinlotus 06


Elemental Beings and Angel images

When you develop your chakras, you gradually can observe in the thinner realms of the life, of soul and of spirit. You will meet the in these living creatures; the Elemental Beings in the four natural realms, and the Angels of Heaven and Earth. Everyone precies these in his own way, for you go with your inner senses and the soul to the place of consciousness where they want to show themselves, with the contents you have already mastered of those realms. And that differs for everyone. Hence your observations are quite personal. But you do can recognize the observations of other people when you see these expressed, e.g. in designs, clay models or by narration. Here are some examples.


Landscape deva at her point of flowing out                                 Sea nymph

DEVUIT02                          Zeenimf


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Feelings images

With the inner observation you also learn to see your feelings as gestures and attitudes. Here some examples.


Schrik                    Vreugde

                                Fright                                                                                    Joy


Verontwaardiging       Woede 06

                       Indignation                                                                                Anger





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The images can be ordered in A4 and A3 size, printed on beautiful paper. With the organ spaces there can be printed suited meditative sayings on the image. You can order postal cards and covers as well.

Image A4 size (21 x 30 cm) € 7, – / $ 7,80

Image A3 size (30 x 42 cm) € 12, – / $ 13,35

Image A2 size (42 x 60cm) € 25, – / $ 27,85

Postal card € 2, – / $ 2,25

Double postal card € 3, – / $ 3,35

Sending costs € 9, 50 / $ 10,60

Order via [email protected]

The images above are owned by Nicolaas M. de Jong and may and even cannot be copied or publishes without consent of the maker. 

© Nicolaas Marius, Rune 2012

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