rune1  books  have as an aim to publish the writings that have arisen out of holistic research in rhythm, sound and form to the outworkings of stars and planets within human and earthly phenomena, or that are closely connected to this issue. Because these outworkings express themselves firstly on the level of life processes, and this region is only experienceable through the soul, these writings bring forth the relation between art, science and religion.

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rune1 books about the backgrounds in astrosophy, geomancy and goethean/holistic science of sound and form :

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SCIENCE OTHERWISE 2nd revised print

.The obsolete science practice
.Adaption to the present-day consciousness
.A picturing of new ways and methods of investigation on the base of own experiences
.The image of the stars and planets, working on earth, and pictured in the horoscope, as an archetype of man, the earth and the social organism
.Astronomy, mother of science, as a new one, covering the others
.The sciences grouped after cosmic-human relations; outworkings of the different sciences out of astronomy and the workings of the angels.
.The seven-limbed soul of organizations as the organic base for the three folded social organism
. A model of a three folded high school organization within the levels of spiritual science, objective art and moral techniques.

Science Otherwise INDEX                  Chapter 4

Bound, soft cover, 450 pages € 50, – / US $ 55 / UK £ 45 / Austr $ 72, 50 / NZ $ 75

As an e-book € 21, 50 / US $ 29, 50 / UK £ 17 / Austr $ 37 / NZ $ 42

ISBN 978-90-77147-12-2


Self Realization frontSelf Realization – A Guide for Inner Development

In translation

In this book all the schooling methods of the Jasper School come together. With illustrations, art paintings, initiation music, dances and exercises to practice. A book to practice, with spiritual backgrounds; to follow an initiation or develop yourself on the path of white magic.

Contents Self Realization

Book, 390 p. bound A4 size  € 85, – / US $ 92 / UK £ 74 / Austr $ 120 / NZ $ 130    

As eBook € 60, – / US $ 65 / UK £ 52 / Austr $ 84 / NZ $ 92, 50     

ISBN/EAN  978-90-77147-26-9






An anthology of the Rune – books,
. A short history of esoteric Christianity
. Practical exercises in music and clay modeling

Index           Chapter 1

Stapled, 68 pages € 7, 50 / US $ 8.50 / UK £ 6, 75 / Austr $ 10, 50 / NZ $ 11, 50

As an e-book € 3, 50 / US $ 3. 90 / UK £ 3, 15 / Austr $ 5, – / NZ $ 5. 25


KARMIC ASTROSOPHY – a practical method of experience within image, music en plastic art

.The difference between star image and star sign and its meaning for mankind
.The musical elements of the four human bodies in connection with the worlds of elements, natural beings en angel hierarchies
.Directions for horoscopes, experienced within sound and rhythm on the base of images out of nature, as a path of training.
.Directions to work out from impulses towards virtues and ideals within plastic, out of the horoscope

KA Index        Chapter 3a

Bound, soft cover, 442 pages € 43, – / US $ 68 / UK £ 34 / Austr $ 74 / NZ $ 65, 50    Only available in Dutch

As an e-book € 17, 50 / US $ 19,40 / UK £ 15, 62 / Austr $ 25, 30 / NZ $ 26, 50



Weekday Exercises frontWeekday Exercises 
to reconnect you to your cosmic origin

-exercises for each day of the week with its specific planetary and starry forces

– sayings, music and gestures;

– Planet sounds and rhythms as soul prayers

-Chakra virtue gestures

-Star constellations as ideal forces

-Video’s on DVD of the music and the movements

Booklet 24 p. + DVD € 20, – / US $ 22, 35 / UK £ 17,23 / Austr $ 30 / NZ $ 32, 15 Shipping costs included

 As an eBook + video files  € 12, 50 / US $ 13,90 / UK £ 11 / Austr $ 18 / NZ $ 19



Star Constellations as Ideals in Sound, Word and Ideals

. An explanation about the workings of the star constellations in us and on the Earth
. The four paths at the starry sky as possibilities for inner development
. The star constellations experienced in sound and rhythm
. Gestures of the star constellations as possibilities to get your ideals clear, and to re-connect yourself with these
. Instructions in a book, accompanied by 2 music-CD’s en 8 video-DVD’s with introductions and instructions of the star constellation gestures (for the online video’s, klick here)

eBook, 90 pages € 10, – / US $ 11, 50

Book bound, 90 pages, € 20, –  / US $ 23, 00

eBook with 2 music CD’s included  € 20, – / US $ 23, 00

Book with 2 music CD’s included  € 25, – / US $ 28, 50

Box of 8 DVD’s en 2 music CD’s, eBook included € 70, –

Book with 8 DVD’s, 2 music CD’s included  € 85, – 


Books to be translated:

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KBCOSMOBIOLOGY on the base of sonic phenomenology

.What lives within sound; physical and spiritual sound

.Musical sound and chemic.Musical sound and color.Musical elements for the experience of the planets, star images and the cusps within the horoscope
.Starry sky as a language of images, and approached within sound
.The finding back of star workings within the natural kingdoms
.Musical instruments in connection with man
.Elements of the sonic phenomenological working methods
Bound, linen cover, 400 pages € 55, –

Contents Cosmobiology

ISBN 90-77147-01-2



WmE VoorkantWORKING with ELEMENTAL BEINGS (also available in German )
. The four elements investigated in a sonic and form phenomenological way
. Elemental Beings in nature and technics and their connection to the stars, planet spheres and the angels that are active within these
. Astrosophy as a base for insight
. Astrophonical tools to get in contact with the elemental beings out of the horoscope
. Practical methods of landscape curing


Bounded, soft cover, 160 pages

ISBN 90 – 77147 – 07 – 1



.A history of the Grail Christianity until the present
.The four spiritual streams within the consciousness soul at present
.Inner development, seen out of the inner physiology
.The difference between the Grail chalice and its substance; mother Sofia and the
sun of mankind
.Biography, workings of the double and angel experiences
.Practical exercises


Bound, soft cover, 81 pages

ISBN 90-77147-03-9



Ways in Thinking,
Forms and Spaces out of Love

– Different forms of love
– Workings of the Grail: Ways through thinking, feeling and the force of acting
– Warmth currents as the tools of the ego
– Ideal forces out of the star constellations, described and made perceptive in rhythm, sound and form language
– Ways of schooling for inspiration and intuition through the worlds of the life, the soul and the spirit
– The workings of the starry sky through the planets

In this book a new way is being described to be able to come via the consciousness to insights in the workings of deeds out of love. Besides a more theoretical explanation, it offers practical tools to start working with these all by oneself by at first fathoming the own being in ways of thinking and feeling. Through this one gets to know ones own organ processes.
A must for he or she who wants to develop inwardly further on the path of the initiate and of the magician.

Contents A Philosophy of Love

Bound, soft cover, 375 pages 

ISBN/EAN: 978-90-77147-14-6



PRCOVV2Method of Artistic Experiencing on the Base of Communal Singing / Rhythms of the Sun, Moon and Planets

. about the backgrounds of sonic goethean science and astrosophy
. the planet movements experienced in measure types and rhythms

The methods of sonic goethean science is described and explained along existing literature and own experiments
The movements of Sun, Moon and planets  towards the Earthas well as their moons are transposed in sound and measure type and compared to the present-day heliocentrical view. The observations of the astronomers Tycho Brahe and Johann Kepler are being elaborated after the outworking of  Joachim Schultz. The sound and rhythmic patterns are being translated within man, connected to his basic heartbeat-breathing rhythm. This is a start for music-theater play ‘Thought Glimmering’.  


bound, soft cover, 130 pages



Working with the Rhythms and Harmonies of the Planetary Spheres 

. Music from the Cosmos and singing to create and heal the connections. Directed sound as attuning, opening and healing of man and Earth;
. Scales from the Zodiac and planets out of the cosmic octave as developmental archetype in us; rythms and life; measure types out of the planetary dances; word sounds, colors
. Sound horoscopy as a reflection of the cosmic order in our four bodies. Also as social proces in singing and communal singing
. Practical working methods;
. Singing to the own inner world of organs and chakra’s, with rhythms
. Making music of planet sounds in the landscape and listen/observe what that brings back
. Singing to the star constellations. Some music and text examples to work with
. Experiencing the sevenfoldedness of an organization out of the planet singing
. The star constellations in sound and rhythm; in persons and in larges landscapes
. String instruments after the Zodiac
. Angel hierarchies, spheres and music/singing
. Many compositions as examples to work with


Bound, 150 pages, A4 


Consciousness in the Heart – 2012 and the new path

* the transformation of the consciousness to the heart as a possibility for further development
* learning to discover the paths within yourself all through the organ processes and chakra’s
* schooling possibilities through music and clay modeling
* paintings of the inner processes
* unique paintings of the organ processes and chakra’s
* possibilities for further development of society through the 7foldedness

Contents book ‘Consciousness in the Heart’

bound, 122 pages
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-77147-00-9


The Transformation of the Darkness through the Heart: Work in the Subterranean Spheres with Fallen Angels

by Patrick Steensma and Nicolaas de Jong

-Painting of the fallen Angels in relation to the regular ones and their place in the plan of creation
-Placement in time of their work in the line of development along recent history
-Working methods to recognize them inwardly and in culture, and transform them
-The subterranean spheres and world religions in relation to esoteric and cosmic Christianity
-Reports of landscape work on wounded places and contemplations about it
-Tools for selfschooling and as well the transformation of the own double

CONTENTS Book ‘The Transformation of Darkness through the Heart’

Bound, 260 pages

ISBN / EAN: 978-90-77147-16-0



The Starry Sky als a Basis for the Development of Man and the Earth


. Descriptions of the Stars, Star Constellations, the Angels of heavens and of the Earth, beings of Mother Earth and man as a microcosmos

. The phantom body of man and the development of star constellation ideals

. Starry ways as paths of initiation

. Working methods to get in contact with the star constellations and develop yourself inwardly further

. Landscape rituals to connect the star angels with man and the beings of the Earth

Bound, 388 pages





The Quest for the Ritual Trees

A story about four island dominions, where a young priest makes efforts to restore the unity by acquiring stones that can connect the rituaal trees with one another. Through this the rule of the grays, inhabitants of one of the four realms, will be broken. He encounters in this his own shadow and follows the path of the subterranean spheres and vaults, where the fallen creatures dwell. The story is a precipitation of our landscape healing work in the subterranean spheres with fallen beings. 
Bound, 147 pages



LRKLBCOVLYRES in the form gestures of the Zodiacal star images
SOUND SCULPTURES of the planet processes

.Explanation, backgrounds and photographs of the instruments and sound
sculptures that have been developed within the RUNE-workshop.
Stapled, 44 pages € 5, 50
(also available in German)




MUZTHCOVMusic therapeutic applications out of the horoscope

(also available in German)

On the base of astrosophical insights

Stapled, 18 pages € 3, 20






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About the author

NM Okt '16Writer and composer Nicolaas Marius de Jong has come to this form of astrosophy out of goethean science in sound and form via the natural sciences, especially in biology. In encounters during travels, different jobs, at stays in communities, with landscape healing projects and with street music and theatre he has built up an own creative idiom in which the developed methods of artistic and spiritual research have been precipitated.
With this, he tries to make a universal accessible bridge between the inner and the outer world, soul/spritual experiences and physical phenomena. This  through research and and experiences of the cosmical processes that lay as a base to man and nature and reflect in the realm of the life, out of which these can be perceived most directly, and thus are accessible.
In the music and music-theatre plays he renders the connections in sound and rhythm between man and cosmos in a way these can be experienced, so that these can be lived in and investigated by players and the public in image, word music and gesture. Besides this, the vivid texts and beautiful music can as well be read and experienced without these backgrounds.
The treatises in goethean and spiritual science are meant as background deepenings of the developed artistic experienceable methods.

rune1  CD’s and music books are music publications that came forth from these uitworkings.

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