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Construction Leo Lyre NMIn the 35 years of my development, after a few quite heavy spiritual experiences of elemental beings, of Angels and as well of Christ in a cloud, I decided to develop a form of astrology which is based upon spiritual insights. This contains relating to the four intertwining bodies of man, which reflect in the four elements of nature. These bodies are the spirit, expressing itself in the warmth (element fire), the soul, expressing itself through the air and its colors (the soul of Mother Earth), the life body with its physiological processes, using the element water, and the physical body, coagulated in the element earth. With this cloud-experience there was the initiation in sound and form.  A deeper investigation in those realms brought me to the developments of paths to go into the worlds of the life, the soul and the spirit. These became methods for inner development, which I gave in educations. I wrote the methods out in books , music and music theatre but also did research in the music from the cosmos and the shapes that give sense to our gestures and traits. On the way I got clairvoyant pictures, which I worked out. And with my clear hearing of sounds on places and at moods of the moment, I needed specific musical instruments to play my music. To this I did research in the interaction of shape and form, which you can see in my sound sculptures. So a whole range of products arose at this path of inner development, which I partly finished with my recently published books ‘Self Realization – A Guide for Inner Development‘ and ‘The Starry Sky as the Basis for the Development of Man and the Earth’ (to be translated). See for yourself.


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