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8. The Dance of the Planets and Actuality in July and August 2017

The influence of the Planets on the Earth

The movements of the planets at the sky toe ach other give impulses to the people and the Earth to move along with these inwardly or to react. And this you will find back in the world around us, in small as well as in large. Such as in the weather, which is conducted by our moods, wishes and hopes. They offer us chances for development. In this way I deliberate the dance of the planets through the two months to come.

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           Start of July                    Middle of July                     Start of August

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             Middle of August                                 Start of September

It all starts in July with an approaching conjunction of Mercury, the Sun and Mars in Cancer that make an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn and a square to Jupiter and the Moon, in the Scales: a T-cross as a difficult start of these two months. It gives rise to a bundeled thinking power that directs to the inside, which firmly can stir up the emotions When it deals with injustice in societal structures.

Fortunately Neptune makes a trine to the conjunction of Mercury, Sun and Mars, and a quintile aspect (72o) to Venus in Taurus, both standing in own sign. This amplifies the power of compassion and as well flowing along in the motions and feelings. These possibly find an outlet in thunder, and give the possibility to better ground the feelings in the internal world.

There is also a great trine between Saturn, Uranus and the northern moon’s node. This gives a direction to new societal ideals. And this keeps on for some time and even comes back in the beginning of September, when Mercury and Mars participate as well. But more about this later on.

The quintile aspect between Uranus and the Sun gives new spiritual impulses that are directed to emotional stabilizing. Possibly something with family reunion in a renewed manner.

Mercury – thinking patterns and communication

The fast Mercury runs from Cancer via Leo to Virgo, to from the 13th August onwards move backwards again until in Leo. He therewith makes trine to Saturn, causing that the thoughts and ideals can well take shape; later on in July he also makes a trine to Uranus, to stand still in August opposite to Neptune in the Fishes, wherewith he starts moving retrograde. Through Uranus there can be realized new social ideas on a governmental level – but this only lasts shortly because of the speed with which Mercury runs through Leo.

Mercury has to do with the flowing of the life and with the lungs, and therewith communication, and when he wanders backward, this life flow between people, and also in other life flows, such as in the thinking, is hemmed. And through the opposition with Neptune the communication becomes vague, unfatomable and you can no longer see clear to where it goes.

Venus: emotional connections

Venus moves through Taurus and makes a quintile aspect to Neptune. After this she moves on to the Twins, to make a square to Neptune half July, a trine at the middle of August and at the end of August a biquintile (144o): really a great dance between these two planets. Both have to do with the feeling, and Neptune more with the higher force of it, compassion. Venus carries the astral, the soul of Earth and man, wherewith we have feelings and from these can connect to each other, to the world and also to ourselves. With Venus in Taurus you consolidate your own feelings for other persons. And Neptune then gives a renewing, deepening impulse to these that brings the memory in the love expressions to others on a higher level. In the Twins Venus gives a need for the exchange of feelings, and the reflecting to one another. The square with Neptune halfway July makes the connection on a higher level somewhat hard, puts it under pressure, through which there can easily be created a distance in love relations. Or you need to peer deeply into yourself and your own wishes for the other person, then this can work out for the good as well. There is also a biquintile aspect from Venus to Pluto, and this involves in an unusual way the higher will: it is a possibility to see the deeper thrive for power over another person in the relation in the eyes and determine how you continue with this.

Then via an opposition with Saturn the third week of July, wherewith it is hard to have your feelings crystallized in any way, your feelings become fluent again half August, when the trine between Venus and Neptune becomes full. Venus then also makes an ingoing square to Jupiter in her own sign Balance, causing you can be tested in your feelings of equality and justice. Venus then moves through Cancer, and your feelings predominantly are being drawn to your own domestic circle and your internal world, which can make you self- directed. At the Sun’s eclipse on the 21st of August in the US she makes an opposition to Pluto, which may cause a kind of paralysis of the will in love affairs: should you express your love to the outside and help the other person on, or should you pull back within yourself. To this no one can give you a solution.

Against the end of August Venus inclines to a biquintile with Neptune, through which you can bring back to life a mystical love lien anew, all through the external apparent blockages. This gives a nice promice for relations furing the two months to come.

The Sun and the propelling consciousness in morality, together with the will power of Mars

The Sun represents in us the heart, I which are connected our feeling for truth, our will for the good (that is based in our star constellation ideals) and the conscience in between these two. Meaning the Sun stands for the possibility to develop our morality. And in Spring and Summer everything that has brewed in Winter as seeds, comes to the light.

The Sun moves in these two months through Cancer, Leo and Virgo. This can help us to develop the virtues of soul chastening, freedom through compassion and courteousness, but with the tact of the heart. The Sun starts together with Mercury and comes ever closer to Mars, and they move toward the northern Moon’s node toe. Initially Mercury runs fast through Virgo, but in the third week of August he joins these three, back in Leo. When at the 21st of August the Moon joins in, we have a strong solar eclipse.

This going together of Sun and Mars indicates a strong willing aspect that can be posed with the heart: this planet lays down in us the propelling gallbladder process, with which we can create order in our life and fate. On world level the power through which people can come into action against abuses of higher ups from out of indignation. Initially Mercury makes here the communication easier.

Half July both planets make a biquintile to Saturn in the Archer, who stands together all the time with Lilith, the dark Moon or the pure female aspect of our existence. Here new ideals in relation to women can be forceful elaborated in the managerial level.

At the start of August there follows a biquintile of both to Neptune, wherewith compassion can be elaborated in practical applications on a higher level.
Then halfway August follows a trine to Saturn and a biquintile to Pluto. And against the end of August this turns into a trine to Pluto and an opposition of the Sun with Neptune, now from Virgo.

The entire period the issue at stake is the explanation with societal power structures (Pluto), higher ideals (Saturn) and deepening, interiorizing of emotional relations (Neptune). Often a dance between extremities, that can make us very awake in these realms. Over and over again the question: where are we up to? You will not get this from world politics, for because of the retrograde pace of Mercury from halfway August onwards and the opposition with Neptune this cannot give you any grip. The issue here is to learn to listen to your own conscience and that which lives in your higher will.

Jupiter: growing force and thinking systems

Jupiter brings forth in us the liver process, through which we can grow and expand. He moves through Libra, which gives an expansion of insights in equality and justice.
All through the months Jupiter has a square with Pluto, who stands in Capricorn, the sign of hierarchical organizer society. The misuses and inequality of the existence within it again come in the light, and continue to demand the attention until the last week of August. What are we going to do with this? In the middle of July the trine with Venus brings feeling clarity to this.

From the middle of August onward Jupiter makes a sextile aspect (60o) to Mars as well as to Saturn and Lilith, which can give a boost to the equivalence in the field of the sexes. Perhaps this is institutionalized on a governmental level as an initiative.

At this Jupiter also makes a biquintile with Neptune, which lets one feel into the inequality in deeper connections on a deeper layer of the soul, which can give refreshing new insights. This ultimately may lead to truthfulness in deeper connections, and through this growth of the individuals concerned.

Saturn: the duties and forms

Saturn brings forth in us the spleen process, which with the blood formation helps us to work out and as well remember our ideals and deeper willing impulses. Until against the end of August he runs backwards in Sagittarius. This gives rise to a deepening of and also duty in relation to societal ideals that can be elaborated practically. During these months he moves ever closer with Lilith. This indicates that the ideals are in relation with the female, and specifically female sexuality. The matriarchate that takes shape ever more belongs to this. Until the second week of August Saturn makes a square to Neptune in the Fishes. Indicating that the higher and more tender feelings are under pressure and need to be renewed. But this only goes with releasing of obsolete ideals and duties, probably again in relation to the female.

From the middle of August onward Saturn makes a trine to Mars and the Sun, and this trine with Mars in Leo acontinues when the Sun moves to Virgo. The initial resistance of people that like to sting to power execution (by the initial square between Mars and Saturn) can now enter a fluent transformation, wherewith the old centralistic power structures can be bended to new norms.

During all of August Saturn makes a sextile to Jupiter. Though this justice as well can cooperate to lift up again the female values as ideals.

Ultimately against the end of August there forms a great trine with Uranus, Mars and Mercury. Through this renewals of social impulses can be elaborated forcefully.

The overall image of the months to come shows a great possibility for growth of love relations on a personal and also on world scale. If the chances indicated in the solar eclipse of 21st of August are being seized in a positive way. This is always to be awaited is. But there is a lot of hope, and hope makes live and strive on. The motto for our generations is and remains:

“Be the change you want to see”.


This blog has been included in our magazine Starwise, edition 2.

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