Support with the Fjodor Foundation (Stichting Fjodor)

This foundation has as its purpose to support intentionally and financilly the inner work in applied astrosophy, as this is elaborated in the Rune Workshop and the Jasper School, and as well the E-team that executies landscape healing projects. The Foundation started in 1996. For more information, click here.

Info: C. van der Straaten, Tel. 0031-626174955. Email [email protected] Bank connection: ING Bank Nederland, IBAN: NL20 INGB 0007 7043 70. BIC: INGBNL2A, under the name of Fjodor Stichting

You can become a donator and indicate where you want to spend your gift:


Spiritual Science:

 I.1. Spiritual Highschool activities; Jasper School, to be grounded in a fixed place
– I.2. Jasper schooling of the Son of Man, developing consciousness in inspiration and intuition
– I.3. Translations of the Rune Books in English and German
– I.5. Fjodor Newsletter

Objective Art:

– II.1. Music-theatre group LaukaR Unja with the project ‘Once’
– II.2. The choir Via Natura with singing compositions for colour movements in the atmosphere, the Angel choirs and the growth of trees and plants
– II.3. Wooden sculptures, inner gestures and musical pieces of the star constellations as ideals
 II.4. The development of lyres and violins of the Zodiacal constellations in their gestures
– II.5. The development of ritual planet dances and mantric spiritual high school texts

Moral technique:

– III.1. Supporting a management collective out of the organic 7fold division; coaching, mediation, organisation training
– III.2. The development of silver jewelry as talismans; of the star constellaties as ideal forces, and of the entrance to the different realms within and behind nature
– III.3. The support of landscapse healing
– III.4. Support of the research in a device on ether forces, out of the starry forces
  III.5. Support of the building the Fjodor Dome. For a short video impression of the building click here



Cisca van der Straaten, chairman

Patrick Steensma, finances

Marion Groenendal, secretary

Johan Vaatstra, general member



Carriers of the 7-fold organization (in transition):

? – spiritual connection and research

Nicolaas de Jong – schooling

? – management

All: weighing and conducting

Marion Groenendal – good and clean connections

Cisca van der Straaten – communication

? – carrier of the life

For more information about us, klick here. 

The Fjodor Foundation is looking for people to work with on these projects and its necessary financial support.

For further information:
Nicholas de Jong, tel. : +31-640228769, email [email protected]