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About the Workshop

The Rune Workshop researches the elemental world and the world logos working within it. Wherever possible the results are applied practically through music, landscape healing, and related activities. This is possible because we draw on a holistic, phenomenological approach to sound and form.

Using astrosophy as our foundation – a star wisdom based on astrological, astronomical insights as well as knowledge provided by Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy – we connect this with the four-fold human being of spirit, soul, life body and physical body. This knowledge is gleaned through research, accurate observation and meditative insight. The workings of the stars and planets can then be applied in an experiential way – especially through music and movement. This leads to a cultivation of our higher, spiritual senses and to effective principles guiding our daily life.

In ancient times an individual was schooled to become sensitive to higher influences and thus develop greater moral stature. This was achieved through an education of the heart. Contemporary education, however, has been reduced to a mere transmission of knowledge and techniques to achieve an end. Because the moral sphere is excluded in this approach education has become amoral. Part of our task at the Rune Workshop is to renew and, literally, re-educate ourselves through a schooling of our soul.

By connecting ourselves with the world via an awakened consciousness of the heart, we simultaneously develop our spiritual senses or lotus flowers. The aim is to develop moral techniques which allow us to enter into the etheric world. We achieve this through Objective Art, through working with art in an objective, self-observational and phenomenological manner. This approach allows us to access the human being and nature in a soul-filled and meaningful way.

The Rune workshop has, using these methods, developed a number of products in different fields which are effective in daily life. See above


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Aart van der Leeuwlaan 12

2624 LD Delft, the Netherlands, EU

Tel. 0031 – 6 – 40 22 87 69


About the initiant

Nicolaas Marius de Jong was born in Rotterdam, NL in 1956. He had some strong spiritual experiences, of which one of the etheric Christ in the clouds was the strongest. After gaining a bachelors degree in biology he applied himself to phenomenological research into the etheric processes in human being and nature. He has, via astrology and anthroposophy, developed his own form of astrosophy through which he can interpret an individual’s essential qualities with respect to his body, soul, and main karmic and biographical themes. Distilling the musical-melodic elements within a horoscope allows him to guide the individual into an experience of their inner life and soul processes in a unique way. This approach, which he calls astrophony, also allows him to do research into the forces and beings within nature. In addition, he utilizes clay modeling as a method to bring to consciousness the seeds latent within the will. This he calls ‘astrognomy’ as here the formative, shaping activity of the stars and planets are found within the human and etheric worlds.

This research has led to landscape healing and working with the elemental beings. His discoveries find artistic expression via music theatre, rituals, articles and publications – see Rune Books and Starwise. He has also developed sculptures and musical instruments out of the influences and movements of the stars. In addition, he gives courses in developing clairvoyant consciousness in both Europe and America. He gives coaching and education out of Jaspis.

From his workshop in Delft he gives his educations and hearings, life or online.


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