Music of the Planetary Harmonies


It is important for Nicolaas Marius that he can have a conscious contact with his public, in which understanding and warmth may resound and flow. With many of his songs he invites his listeners to join in and sing along the moods of it inwardly as sound landscapes. Thus arises a field of warmth and clarity which may order and clean the sphere at that place. The sounds and rhythms of the planets, stars and star constellations, as being laboured in his methods of astrosophy and astrophony.  lay the base for his compositions. In this way there can be cooperation between the Earth and the cosmos at that site by music. This can be felt after a gig.

He also likes to play at sensitive sites in nature, with compositions that help to reinforce the beings of nature and the angels in their work.

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1. Perspects

Time: + 2 hours

CD Perspects plusThis consists of an anthology from the cd Perspects plus, English and French songs that have arisen during travels, encounters and at landscape healing projects. They describe in images the events and circumstances, and are mostly carried by propelling rhythms on the guitar. The singing and guitar play, sometimes lyre, complement one another.
A fixed part is singing with the public the mood of that moment, against which Nicolaas accompanies on the lyre the sounds and rhythms of the Sun, Moon and planets on that moment. From this arises a deep concern with the moment, and one can more easily open up one’s soul.
Some Songs:
Songs of Parcival (accompagnement with the lyre), The Sea, Come here, Song of the Fjords, Illusions, Une fois, The Void, Dreamer, Elektra, A Creation of Matter.
A Creation of Matter.



Music sample: Eugly



2. The Widar Songs

Time: + 2 ½ hours

Widar Songs Voor EngelsThese describe each a specific life realm where we can easily loose ourself in technics and fixations; besides what we can place opposite to this from out of our own inner world as life qualities to meet these challenges of life.
The songs are written on the rhythms that are connected with our inner organs and soul moods, and originate in the planets. Through this there arise very different sound spheres, in which the listener, when he opens up to these, can move along and meditate if he wishes. To this aim, each song will be continued with its rhythm and peg as a sound meditation which we can make together by singing along in an improvised way.


Music sample: If ever man



3. Songs of the Inner Temple

LiT frontTime: + 2 hours

These 11 songs, like the Widar Songs as well written on the planetary scales and rhythms, describe the soul paths you can surpass when really encountering another person in love. The sound meditations will be held after each song.



Music sample: Curbing unto you



3. Improvisations of the sphere harmonies by planet- and star sounds on the lyre and harp and with singing

In this interactive performance there will be worked with the mood of the moment, determined by the positions of the planets at the sky, and as well with positions in a personal horoscope (on request).

This performance is joined by applicable songs on the guitar and lyre that suit the situation. Experience the cosmical and organ workings in sound, singing and rhythm.

Music sample: Neptune in Aquarius, the 10th house 



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