Working with Elemental Beings

Elemental Beings in man and in nature

With every observation we absorb through one of our senses, and with everything we eat, we do not only take in impressions and substances, but also the beings that cause these. These are being called the elemental beings, because those are the ones that conduct the elements of fire, air, water and earth in all their movement and phenomena. These elemental beings are the original thoughts of the Angel hierarchies which have each thought out a part of nature and man. These thought/elemental beings now maintain these elements. So when we take in something from the surrounding world, we take them in as well. We have to explain ourselves with this. For instance through thinking over an observed phenomenon in its consequences. We then take those beings out of our memory, follow them as a thought; thus we can form our own judgement, with which we also transform these beings. Many of our perceptions do not come to the consciousness, and we do take these living beings in, but do little with them. This hangs around us as undigested experiences.
We are build up wits the ideas of the divine primeval source, which have been directed by the Angels to our being, and condensed until in the physical. So we also have more of those banished elemental/thought beings in our being and body, of which we can become aware. Or not; they do the serving maintenance work so that we can direct ourselves to something else. If we however follow consciously the road of inner development, we thoroughly have to become aware of those beings and learn to cooperate with them.
For our normal consciousness the elemental beings are not visible or tangible. They live in a less condensed world than the physical one of matter in which we move as usual, being the life world of formative forces, standing one step higher above it. We have to make conscious efforts to be able to observe them as beings. This demands some preparations.


Deva of the landscape at Almen, The Netherlands. N.M.

Our task as humans to the elementary worlds

In itself it should matter little if we should not engage ourselves with them. There did however change something in the entire development of about the last 50 years. In the life world Christ has been crucified anew (more exact in 1942) and resurrected again, which caused that the relations in the life world have been changed in such a way, that we do have something to do with this. Namely that the Angel worlds, who until then have brought forth the elemental beings as their ideas and who conducted these beings, have retreated themselves more and more from the elemental beings since that time. The control over the earthly development has been handed over to mankind in order to guide the Earth and the elementals further on. The elemental beings know this and wait for man. Who is hardly or not conscious about this. Which makes them impatient, causing they can and already do turn away from man. A large part of the natural disasters of the last years is a result of this (water and fire disasters). So it is our business to become conscious of their facilitative work, and also to learn to cooperate with them. In future we have to do it more and more with one another to carry on the world and as well to onwards.

Within the Rune Workshop there have been developed scholing methods to learn to get in contact with the different groups of elemental. First you learned in a directed way to observe them; by means of communal singing, observation, movement and clay modeling. You discover inner tools that can open up gateways to the life worlds. Then these inner faculties of observation are being directed to the beings that work all through the elements, that conduct and maintain these. The singing helps you to open up the soul, through which it can connect to the inner and outer phenomena. The clay modelling helps you to condense and objectify the observations. In debriefings we make  the experiences and observationsmore conscious.
Next is tried to communicate with them – and that is a specific task for each group. After this there will be considered whether they need to be reinforced on places in the region in which is being worked (according to the methods of landscape healing; see underneath).


Some practical tools to get in contact with elemental beings have proved to be the rhythms that have been developed in astrophony, for these connect our life body to them in the different realms of the life forces (each house of the horoscope corresponds with one specific life region behind one of the elements). The elemental beings are connected in a three folded hierarchical way with a specific element, which they rule and conduct. In the following way:

Earth beings:

Gnomes: work on the physical – 2nd house

Tree faunes and treegroup beings: work on trees and groups of trees – 6th house

Masters of the minerals, Earth god Pan: conducting and maintaining work in and upon the Earth – 10th house

Water beings:

Undines: mediating life from water flows with the rest of nature – 4th house

Nymphs of woods. lakes, seas, meadows, river gods: maintaining harmony in a piece of nature – 8th house

– Watergod: conducts and rules the water through the water beings – 12th house

Air beings:

Sylphs and elfs: caring for the colours in the atmosphere and in nature – 3th house

Faeries: dance the cosmic harmonies from the landscape points into space around – 7th house

Deva’s: maintain the archetypes of plants and landscape temples – 11th house

Fire beings:

Fire salamanders: caring for growth, ripening, blossoming and burning – 1st house

Light bulb beings: spreading of light and warmth of the Sun’s beams in the atmosphere – 5th house

Muses: inspire spiritual qualities in spaces (meadows, rooms) – 9th house
See for the rhythms in relation to the life worlds under Man and Music


The education ‘Working with Elemental Beings and Landscape Healing’ is appropriate to develop the inner skills to get in contact with elemental beings and work with them. More info click here.