Organ and Chakra Music

Experiencing the horoscope in sounds and rhythms; as therapy and as self schooling

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From the astrosophical horoscope interpretation there has been developed a method that may have you experience the planetary positions of your birth horoscope in measure, rhythm and melody. Herewith you can perceive in the soul how these soul forces work . This can be very helpful when you have problems in dealing with certain of your reactions, or when you cannot get hold of specific inner processes that can cause an illness. With this form of music healing there have been reported good results with deafness, with mentally and physical handicapped people (especially of the lower levels of consciousness) and with specific types of cancer. The music out of the horoscope attunes you to your cosmical origin, and helps to reopen channels that have been closed during the life. It works out strongly in ordering and cleaning the soul, and as well upon the elemental beings that we carry along and that take care of our physical body and its inner life processes. Mostoften we work with the lyre or another string instrument which has been shaped after the star constellations of the Zodiac (see under Rune Instruments).

To have an even deeper effect of the healing, and bring the inner processes better to the consciousness, there is a method to model out in clay the movements and gestures of the own inner world with directive questions. These sculptures can tell you about your feelings, the specific soul/organ paths, the willing life, your ideals, and what you can develop for the good to get hold of a specific soul conflict or inner problem. In short, you learn to find better your way in your own being, and handle these paths more consciously. With as a result that you can better direct your self curing skills.

There is the possibillity to have a healing session together with the energetic and hypnotherapist Marion Groenendal that works on the level of the soul (lyre music) and of the energy / life and that can amplify one another. Especially during crises this can be helpful.

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Experience the horoscope in sounds and rhythms; as self schooling method

Besides healing the horoscope explanation offers possibilities to deepen oneself in the own soul and spiritual qualities and conflicts.  To this, the horoscope positions can be made experienceable in compositions for each planet position. These are transposed sounds and rhythms, which give you a specific consciousness about the own play of forces in the soul. By walking in the measure types and rhythms at stake, and later on filling this in with sounds in specific tonalities (see under Cosmos, Man and Music), one can get strong inner experiences that create clarity. It helps here to model out the different soul perceptions in clay, to bring the soul processes to the consciousness. This is a path of scholing that brings you to the own inner kernel with ideals brought along. And this, of course, is also quite therapeutic.

Horoscope in sounds and rhythms (only possible after an explanation) € 250, –
CD with the music of the sound horoscope € 75, –
Rhythmical poem out of the horoscope (only possible after an explanation) € 200, –
Working out of the horoscope in sounds, rhythm and with clay modelling 
whole day € 125, –
half a day € 95, –

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