Landscape Healing


Just like the human body the Earth is kept alive by a web of life forces, and that is conducted by beings with a soul. These are the elemental beings, which work in a hierarchical order, each in his own element, and that each have to execute specific tasks. A life unit of a landscape is being conducted by a landscape Angel, which is an angel of Mother Earth. She most often is called a Deva. She seizes in a landscape at three points: one point of inflow of the cosmic forces, one point where these cosmic sound-forces are being joined with the life processes within that landscape, where is being digested and transformed; the point of transformation. And a point of outflow of these transformed forces, where a refined subterranean flow returns to the point of inflow. At each of these points work the elementals from different realms and from different order to get this digestion performed.
This has ever been installed by the Angels and worked over thousands of years. The last centuries however, while man interferes ever more in nature, many of these landscape unities are being disturbed. Also the many warfares, especially In Europe, where there is being fought and destroyed on a much larger scale), have destroyed or fixed whole landscapes and regions.
As well because the guidance of the elemental worlds has been put into our hands, we have a task towards the landscape and the beings crowding these to restore it where necessary, or to install new landscape unities. With this there is won a lot for men and nature beings, for we can relearn to get in contact with them and do something back for them, and they can develop further through our work, especially where it has to do with offering forces. These namely are warmth elemental beings consciously being transformed by us, which they because of this transformation can elaborate further. We do this offering out of the own freedom: that is a characteristic which they can only acquire with hardships. In this way arise liens of cooperation between man and the elementals on a new basis.

Within the Rune Workshop methods have been developed to at first get in contact again with the different elementals within their realms, and second to do something at the landscape in dialogue with their wishes. Often this comes down to the grounding of one or the Deva in her landscape points, and the connecting of her with the beings of the other element realms, through which disturbed activities can get in motion again, and there can come a total new breathing over the landscape.
Besides this there has been developed work in the still mostly dark nine subterranean spheres, in which the banished beings can be observed, acknowledged in their desires, and be brought back into development. At violated places, for instance where there have been executions or acts of war, one often frees the people that have been kept here in fear, indignation about the injustice that has been done to them, or just incomprehension of what has happened to them; souls of people that have been stuck here and cannot come to a development any further.

The landscape work is being done in element weekends. On a landscape during a year there is being worked each season one weekend (Saturday and Sunday) with one of the elements and the hierarchical beings that live and work in these. There is started in autumn with the air beings, of which the landscape Deva is the highest one. The winter follows with the element earth, of which the Earth god Pan is the highest representative above the landscape. It is most often being tried to get him interested for the Deva and to connect with her. When this succeeds, the landscape directly is deeper grounded, and lives more clearly. In spring there is being worked with the elementals of the element of fire, of which the highest representatives, the muses, have a culture impulsing and maintaining task. Through this work they are being connected to the landscape in a more conscious way, so that the people that come there, are being directed more unto their individual responsibilities concerning nature and their moral acts. At last in summer there is being worked with the water beings; the nymphs and undines sustain impulsing life, so that with the conscious connection of these to the landscape, it will really come to life.
The methods are the living into nature in a phenomenological way, the singing of the interplay of forces that found the phenomena, the walking of rhythms which connect us to the life worlds, and the modelling out in clay of the observations, wherewith the own observations are being transformed into wishes for the development of the landscape. At last these wish-models are being put down at one of the landscape points. This is being accompanied with gestures and sayings, mostly on rhythm and music, which the participants learn to one another and that each are being ‘danced’ into the landscape with music and movement. In this way there arise new forms of rituals that are being executed together with the elemental beings. Observations have been indicating that they join from their side as hard as we are doing, and they take out the intentions and form gestures which have been worked into the models to be able to work further with these.
The main thought behind this all is that the models, gestures and wishes are being offered to the elementals in freedom, whereby they can choose for themselves what to do with it. That learns to them what freedom can be. Most of the time they cheer at these developments; in future we do have to get done together more and more to rule and change the Earth.

These are some outlines; in each landscape is traced what is the real question or need, where are the bottlenecks, and how we can jump into these. This is most often a creative process in which are mainly clear some methods and directions to take. In acting the path to follow shows itself.

There are two presumptions important to this work. At first that there is being worked with people that observe already some of the elemental beings (feeling in to them is already a form of perception). A way to this is participating the elemental Sundays already mentioned. Secondly there is never being done anything where there live no questions; neither with the elementals nor by any man. It is not good to wish for undertaking something out of the own initiative, for then the own wishes and preferences are beginning to play their role. Like that one ere cultivates karma than that one frees and transforms it.

Work in the subterranean spheres

The meaning of this work is to penetrate the dakened layers of the Earth in such a way, that one can come to the centre of the Earth, where the shamballa (New Jerusalem) is guarded by Mother Earth (Isis Sophia) and thus ‘see the Sun at midnight’. So trying to look through the Earth and her darkened veils and see how we can perceive the spirit-light of the Sun at night as well. A big aim, to which each time there can be given impulses, and each participant in his own way, with his own possibillities and the inner senses he has already developed.
In these darkened subliteral spheres, one might meet all kinds of fallen creatures in the different spheres, like the counter angel hierarchies, demonic and darkened elemental beings which one then have to encounter from out of one’s own morality and try to get them along with the regular development; asking them whether they want to be transformed and released. One can meet what is blocking or hemming at the place one is working, and try to heal or transform this, so that the natural and cosmic energies can flow at thtat point. That makes this work far from being free; it can be considered as work for the spiritual school, with deeper going consequences.
In order to be able to enter the counterspheres, for each one there has been wrtten rhythmical sayings that attune our ether body and soul to that sphere and the beings living there. The rhythmical words however are written in such a way that they connect our life processes and separate lotusflowers directly with what lives in these spheres, out of the corresponding rhythms.
There are nine layers of counterspheres underneath the soil of the Earth, in which dwell the counterhierarchic angelbeings, together with fallen elementals. Together these form the veils of darkness that can prevent that we see the ‘Sun at midnight’. Each of these spheres can be approached out of the houses of the houses of the horoscope, which indicate the realms of our life body and connect us to the corresponding life spheres of the Earth. So through applying their rhythms (approaches of their life realm) we create ourselves gateways to these spheres out of our own life bodies. This is an astrosophic approach, which has prooven its value over twenty years of working at wounded places with this, all over the world.

Working method

As preliminary there is given an exercise in which one learns to close off the soul with an indigoblue cloack. There is the warning that whenever fear comes unto the heart, to not let it in, and if necessary, get out of the sphere with the consciousness.
There is being worked at a point in the landscape where the Deva of that landscape (an Angel of Mother Earth) seizes; most often this is the point of transformation in that landscape.
We live ourselves into the specific mood of the day and that moment through improvised singing (which will be accompanied by lyre music after the sounds and rhyrhms of the planet in their positions in the Zodiac and towards the Earth at that moment).
After this we shall describe the subliteral spheres one by one, the rhythmical sayings will be sung in an improvised way, after which we sing together into the sphere, as well in an improvised way. This helps to open up the soul for the realms of that sphere,and each participant can follow the images and feelings of the beings or constellation of forces he enters.
When everyone has finished, we discuss our observations and try to understand one another.
After each sequence of three spheres we can model out one of the experiences we have had.
This will be continued until the last sphere.
A supplementary effect, which is especially suited for wounded places like battlefields or concentration camps, is to place all the models of the different spheres one by one around a landscape point, whereby the maker learns the other participants the movement he has observed and wants to offer the landscape. After this, the colours of the four bodies (physical, etheric, soul end the spiritual body) are being sung in an improvised way; this makes an etherical crystal around the sensitive point and reinforces it. This ritual will ground the elementals and helps the Deva to reorganise her landscape temple.
There can either be worked with a local group, or with the already experienced E-team; the latter on request.

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