Cosmos, Man and Music

If we succeed in experiencing our inner processes in music, we can learn a lot about ourself and what lives in our soul as thoughts, feelings and willing impulses.

The sonic researches within the Rune-Workshop has given insights in the musical workings within ourself and the natural phenomena. Through these, man as being a reflection of cosmical activities can be approached in the following way, cohering with one of his bodies :

Body : the physical body

Element : earth; shape

Musical element : measure type; the organs are the planet activities that we have taken into us. Their rhythmical dances towards the Earth render their specific type of measure.


Body : the life body of formative forces and rhythmical life processes

Element : water, chemistry

Musical element : rhythm, metre


Body : the soul

Element : air/light

Musical element : tonality; made up of a planetary church scale that moves within a major scale of the zodiacal sign in which he moves.


Body : I or Ego, our spiritual kernel

Element: fire

Musical element: musical motive, that dresses itself in measure, rhythm and tonality


Furthermore we did research in the movements of the Planets as rhythms in us, and the connection of the Planets to the inner organs. We developed communal singing to the elements, colour movements, plant growth and weather pictures, to distill the workings of music and tone in relation to our souls. This gave rise to the understanding of major and church scales in relation to the planet workings in our souls. We tested at each time the findings in workshops. This has been developed gradually into a musical system and connected to the birth horoscope, or the horoscope of a certain event and moment, so that you can experience the inner workings of the planets through the organs in the soul. The music, composed in this base by Nicolaas M. de Jong, offers a possibility to investigate these, as well as the improvised singing with these elements do. These workings are being used in music therapy, in landscape healing work with elemental beings, and in the Jasper educations for inner schooling. In the Bard school ‘Widar’ is being taught how you can work with these elaboration and apply them in and around you.

You will find videos about our musical method here.

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