Connect yourself to the stars

Experiencing the Star Constellations as Ideals

When on an unclouded night you look up with your heart, the starry sky seems to be very close and the stars are twinkling each in their own hue, and the groups of stars directly may appeal to you. They can arouse your imagination. If you start thinking about this, the stars seem to stand ever further away, and you look into an empty dark space with stars standing millions of light years distance, according to nowadays science. A fact is that we may recognize the stars with our heart as our homeland, where we lived before our birth, and to where we after our life on Earth return again. It is the World of God, and the star constellations are His ideas of the Divine plan for creation. And on the Earth the star constellations form our ideals, that we give shape until in our bones. For deep down inside we all know that when we give shape to these Divine ideas, we therewith transform ourselves as well as the Earth into what it may become.


Working with the star constellations

When you experience the star constellations inwardly by doing in these with sounds, rhythms, words and gestures, after which you model out your inner observations in clay with directive assays, you can make them recognizable in yourself and through this more effective in the world around. You then can easier recognize them as ideals in the world around and the work them out practically. With this schooling method out of astrosophy you learn to know the paths of the planets and stars within yourself and in the world and as well apply them with the help of sounds, rhythms and modeling of the inner processes and observations. This can be with a birth horoscope, of which you learn to become conscious with the help of music the different positions as an imprint of your karma. But also detached from this, by learning to recognize the star constellations in sound and rhythm, word and gesture and handle these in your life. You develop the Grail with it.

Nicolaas de Jong has at first been initiated in the higher spiritual realms of colour, sound and form, and worked for over 30 years to make these worlds accessible for those interested. He started with experiencing the planets in our soul through our organs, and ended with experiencing the star constellations in our innermost body that is called the phantom body. He made schooling methods out of these, with which one can enter these worlds through music and inner observation.


Introduction video about the star constellations to be experienced in music and gestures:


You find here:


-music of the star constellations, as wel as music with words


The Swan or Northern Cross in music:

The Swan with words to the music:

Music and words with the music in mp3 files   $ 10,00

-introduction video’s of the star constellations, as well as the 4 star paths of initiation

  • along the northern starry sky
  • along the southern Milky Way
  • along the Flood Eridanus
  • along the Zodiac

Example: Introduction to the Swan:


+ video’s of the gestures of the star constellations, on the base of their music and words:

Example: The Swan in gestures:


The online video’s for $ 72,50


-The eBook ‘Star Constellations as Ideals’

90 pages, including star constellation images, descriptions music and gestures.

$ 11, 50

-The eBook together with the music files of the star constellations

$ 23, –

-The eBook together with the online video’s of the Star Constellations


-The e-booklet and online video’s of the Weekday Exercises

Herein you find exercises to attune yourself to the planet/organ workings for each day, on the base of music. Instructions to the movements and as well video’s to show you the exercises and inner meditations.

$ 15,00