developed as practical applications of astrosophy

clay modelingDuring the inner development that followed from the search after the meanings of sound, colour and form, there arouse different fields of investigation. In exploring these, most often together with other people, Nicolaas de Jong his observations and the way he found these into practical methods. At first he acknowledged that not many people had the same clairvoyant images and sounds as he did. But knowing he was not hallucinating, he wanted other people to have their own inner pictures and sounds. So he developed his visions into paths and methods of inner development. This led him through the fields of nature and its beings, and as well fallen places. So places with lots of sorrow, sadness and sickness as well. Like former battle fields and concentration camps. In order to work there, he had to educate people so the work could be shared, and the participants could carry and as well correct one another in their observations. This has led to international landscape healing projects, but as well to healings of persons, houses and landscapes.


The Rune Workshop has developed the following methods:

Cosmos, Man and  music

Music Therapy

Working with Elemental Being

Landscape Healing; deva’s and sublittoral work

Inner Training