Personal consultations :

A Horoscope Explanation as the Blueprint for your life

An astrosophical horoscope explanation gives indications about the temperament, the constitution, karmic lines, the quality and possible problems of the organs, and soul tendencies that can either stimulate or block a development. This plays an important role in the contact with other people.  The horoscope is the picture of the karma to which one has said ‘yes’ before birth. It is the matrix for the body and soul to develop, for its planetary forces imprint themselves at the first breath on the brain. And these forces grow into the body along with the still developing nerves, finally forming the proteins in the tissues. So a birth horoscope can tell you about your initial impulses to develop in this life. Saying that it indicates the areas where one has his ideals, talents and interests.

Horoscope explanation, written down € 270, – / US $ 300, –


Horoscope explanation and consultation as a dialogue

In a personal delibration can come up biographical lines and issues. A consultation about biographical questions, decisions to be made, or the horoscopen interpretation can give you clarity in your life.
Consultation € 75, – / US $ 85, –                      We can have visual and telephone sessions through Skype or FaceTime.


Music healing and inner schooling by experiencing the horoscope in music and rhythm

The horoscope explanation also offers possibilities to deepen in and explain oneself with the own soul and spirit; qualities and inner conflicts. To this aim the horoscope can be experienced in music and rhythms which may give you more consciousness about the play of forces in the own soul. When moving or walking on the specific rhythms and measure types, and after this filling these in with music, you can get inner experiences that create clarity. As extra deepening of this inner process, you can model out in clay the different soul sensations, which helps to lift the experiences to the consciousness all through the heart. This way of working can become a path of schooling unto the own inner kernel and ideals. Therapy and schooling complement one another.

Horoscope in music and rhythms (only possible after explanation) € 250, – / US $ 277, 50

CD with the horoscope in music € 75, – / US $ 85, –

Rhythmic poem out of the horoscope (only possible after explanation) € 200, – / US $ 225, –

Working out of the horoscope in music, rhythm and clay modelling 
whole day € 125, – / US $ 140, –
half a day € 70, – / US $ 80, –

We can have visual and telephone sessions through Skype.


A combined aura reading session

Together with Marion Groenendal, a hypno- and energetic therapist, there can be held a combined aura reading. This goes together with healing at the energetic an soul levels. Both therapists have their own observation and working methods, which complement and reinforce one another. The reading can be recorded.

Combined reading € 150,- / US $ 165, –  ( + 1,5 hour).


Consultations for in the house, at an estate, company and organisation :


For the energetic cleaning or healing of a house, garden or estate

It occurs moreoften that a house in which one enters is not entirely energetic and astraal clean, and that there are still beings, sometimes dead people, stayed behind and hang around. These can influence the sphere in the house, and can as well be threatening, especially for children. This can happen as well in a garden or estate, for example when there have been committed crimes at that spot in the past.
By observing well what is going on here, and then apply some cleaning methoden after the goethean science (like the singing of specific colours and moods, that open op the soul), we can ask these beings to be transformed and help the in their way on, if needed. Thus the sphere in the spaces are clearing up. It works best with a group of people, because the common consciousness helps to penetrate deeper into the spheres of the life and the soul and do something in it.
On estates or larger natural unities like parks there can be done methods of landscape healing. With this one needs to find the sensitive landscape points and get in dialogue with the landscape angel of the place. To this the working methods of goethean science and landscape ritualshave been developed.
At a very wounded piece of land, for example on a previous battlefield, or when there have been people sytematically tortured or killed, can be applied a deeper form of healing, which takes the participants through the 9 subterranean layers, where the counter angels dwell. By tracing which beings caused this place to be depressive and fallen, and trying to transform them towards the more regular development, one can heal the ;landscape and help the dead and the beings free and help further on their path.

Consultation and investigation of the problems around a house or stretch of land from € 100, – / US $ 110, –
Execution of cleaning and healing work in huis a house or stretch of land  € 100 – 150 / US $ 110 – 165 (dependant of the situation)
Participation of a house and land cleaning, landscape healing: half a day € 35, –/ US $ 40, – ; a whole day € 60, – / US $ 65, –
Participation at work in the subterranean spheres (1½ day) € 120, – / US $ 135, –
Participation is only allowed after delibration, or after following some of the Japser courses in the relevant direction.


For a company or organisation

Each form of human organisation, such as a school, company, help organisation, is being guided by a higher Angel Being, an Archangel, who inspireer to this sensitive people within the organisation. This angel has just like us, 7 inner divisions, which may express themselves as the limbs or departments in the company. Then within the social network there can arisee a good current of ideas and new impuulses through understanding and reciprocal warmth, which connect or anticipate well to society. There can however also be hardening, coldening tendencies in an organisation, that may cause that the wrong organisational structures arise or have arisen, and make that the people or departments in concern may alienate from one another. By starting to search for the inspiring being and his organic division, one can build up a more conscious relation to it, which may help to make the organisation more receptacle for the new ideas and impulses, and give the coworkers a better work motivation.
There have been developed exercities in observation, that are based on the artistic opening of the heart, and in rhythm and common singing may make the contact with the being in his divisions.
For the workers or volunteers in there have been developed schooling methoden with which one can investigate the own motivations and possibillities within the organisation. This may help with the working process, or to new tasks that connect to their biography at that moment.

To get a clear sight on the problems within the company or organisation, it can be significant to have the concerned people participating in a project in which there is being worked directive in the subterranean spheres. Through this there can be observed what kind of fallen beings have connected to theorganisation or the building. Learning to observe and explain these, and give them possibilities for further development, may give the organisation an important impulse, because the participants learn to see very direct the causes and problems, give these a name so they deal with these.

– Observation in a company or organisation, 1 or 2 days

– Working with workers and managers

– Participation at work in the subterranean spheres (1½ day)

                 Prices in deliberation; in cooperation with Gaiaheartworkz

See also ‘Working with Elemental Beings’ and ‘Landscape healing’.

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