27 Jul

The planet dance in summer 2021 and actuality

What is happening at the moment:

-Big floods in Central and Western Europe, England, New York, India, China, the Arab Emirates; many dams are on the brink of collapsing.

-Earthquakes, spread out all over the Earth.

-Extreme heat in the west of North America.

About that, all these weather and earth circumstances are no natural phenomena, but are being provoked by weather influencing with the help of geo engineering techniques, such as HAARP and strong 5G broadcasting towers. The media want us to believe that this is caused by climate change, but this is simply not true.

-Mega protests, on the brink of revolutions, in France, England, Cuba, South Africa.

-Nuclear plants are under fire by water flooding and cyber attacks.

-Also cyber attacks on companies, oil transports, banks and food chains.

-A short abolition of the corona rules, but immediately afterwards almost predictable:

-Again fear mongering for a variant of the inflated influenza virus, with a thread of new lockdown measures.

-An ever clearer censuring of the social and mass media, especially where it deals with critical notes and research about the experimental vaccinations

-The growth of thje number of PCR tests and hence more positive tests, that are being equaled to contaminations; for it is held up for the people that they are only allowed to travel with a corona pass. Meanwhile the IC’s are growing emptier with the day – it simply is not the influenza season.

-Non-vaccinated against the corona virus are made black, while the truth is the opposite: the spike protein in the jab is the real illness, that has already caused more deaths than the entire influenza if you take the entire past year.

-The plan behind all this becomes ever more clear: you can almost not get away from the consequences of this. The conspiracies of which its followers are being condemned, are becoming ever more visible as being real and true. Ever more people wake up to this reality.

-Threats of war in the Black Sea, Chinese Sea, Pacific. Coincidently there are as well large army exercises at those sites.

-Behind the screens the new mony system is rolled out. the Quantum Financial System, which takes over from the SWIFT system and that gives us a value-backed money instead of one that is base3d upon debts, the fiat money of the FED and central banks (which are private banks, owned by the Rothchilds). We have to wait when this will be implemented and brings us its results. The battle rages on many fronts and levels.

-Revelations of election fraud in Georgia and Arizona, 3 other states to follow. The beginning of a snowball-effect, for what is going on with the worldwide democratic elections in name?

–Dr. Fauci and Biden under fire by revelations of email exchanges on Hunter Biden’s laptop and NHS documents.

-The change of consciousness runs parallel to a heavy Sun storm. In short: a summer full of surprises.


How do the planets move?

Until mid August the summer is quite turbulent, with predominantly oppositions and T-crosses at the sky. Then it starts to become somewhat more quiet in the heavens, there come more trines (triangles), harmonious aspects, and with the start of autumn even an almost double large triangle. I describe a number of appealing aspects.

With the start od Summer we see the oppositions of Mars in Leo with Saturn in Waterman, of Venus in Cancer with Pluto in Capricorn and only Jupiter in the Fishers shows a beautiful quintile aspect to Uranus in Taurus. This latter gives clear insights in relation to the water and fishery – the Dutch fuzzing with numbers for the pulse fishing comes in clear daylight. And internationally the egregoreous damage that large scale fishery does to the oceans.

With the initiative force of the individual Mars changes the mandatory social compulsion that (from Saturn in Waterman) is being execuited upon us. The false reasoning ‘vaccinations and mouth caps you do for another’ is being forced to the head by the individual need to make the own choices. The Sun in Cancer brings forth that there will be played well on the mood and the fears of the public.

With the start of July Venus joins the Mars-Saturn opposition, and they make a T-cross with square aspects to Uranus. Venus appeals to the individual feelings concerning the social compulsion that can go out of Saturn. And Uranus in the Bull gives an obstinate relation to nature. Think of the megalomaniac climate plan of EU Commission delegate Timmermans for the EU states, and the farmers who with their protest express they are in jeopardy.

Mid July Venus and Mars move on and make an opposition to Jupiter, who again moves backwards into Waterman. This double opposition makes a T-cross to Lilith who at the border of Gemini stands together with the northern moon’s node. This opposition is a focus of attention during all of summer: the hidden female in relation to the future karma of relations (Gemini). Policy (Jupiter) is being exposed in its evil daylight by the individual force of acting an personal feelings – it was the time that notions about the spying of the FBI on Tucker Carlson of Fox News in the US came up, and in the Netherlands the unholy mess within the Christian Democratic party around Peter Omtzigt amongst others. The feminine or anima side of our soul is being misused in a tormented way in the LGTB discussions and the compulsive image formation going out of this upon society. This as well deforms the karma of many people.

In the third section of July the Sun makes an opposition to Pluto. This pushes up to the light the desire for individual freedom versus the fixed and often hidden structures of power, with as a result the many international protests against the more or even less hidden vaccinaton compulsion and lockdown rules.


In August the Sun in Leo starts with an opposition to Saturn – here you have the greater and smaller I (ego), the individual freedom and the compelling society opposing one another. Also Mercury in Virgo, his own sign, stands opposite to Neptune in the Fishes. This will bring up that the forces of analysis of the critical intellect with insight in jurisdiction and medical cock-ups oppose swilling feelings of impotence and implied unity. It is a false experience of unity upon which is being played, and through this it can well come to the light and wake up people. For which we will chose as a society is another story. But this aspect does have to do with awakening and alertness versus dreaming that there will be taken care of you.

Then from mid August onwards the tensions at the sky begin to dissolve somewhat: we see Mercury together with Mars from Virgo make a biquintile aspect to Saturn. The analysis of societal and medical processes through this is being connected to acting force, action, and this gives another, more refreshing light upon the duty and compulsion of society about the rulings around corona out of this.  Around 20 August there also forms a great triangle between Venus from Libra, Saturn and the conjunction of Lilith with the northern moon’s node. Together with this the Sun as well as Neptune make a quintile aspect to this conjunction. Here justice and the feeling capacity are being focused together on societal compulsion, wherewith the female aspect, or rather the female approach will get a boost that may heal the man-female karma. Good communication about this then will be possible, the tensions somewhat are being calmed by then. The Sun, still at the edge of Leo, helps to stimulate the force of the individual and its creative faculties to activate the feminine in the soul in a peculiar way, and Neptune gives the power of compassion to this, so that all of a sudden there can be made quite different decisions out of love instead of from fear.


In September we again see many trines at the sky: that begins with Mars to Pluto – this attunes the lower with the higher will, which is being directed toward societal process conduct; Venus to Jupiter, which helps to restore equanimity in social conduct out of the law; and somewhat later on a large triangle between Mercury, Saturn and the conjunction with Lilith and the northern moon’s node. Through this you get a flowing movement in lawmaking of societal processes with which there will be reckoned with the female and human karma on the Earth: you might almost say that this means the end of all rulings on the basis of unlawful laws (for in conflict with the Neurenberger code).

The Sun and new Moon make an opposition to Neptune. This awakens to alertness in heart and soul, so no longer dreaming that it all will end up good. Anyway we will get the chance to this.

The Sun makes a biquintile aspect to Saturn and also to Chiron in Aries. Around the 6th of September the Moon joins this. The large but hidden soul wounds that have been done to us by the corona rules, together with the compulsion of society out of this, now nwill get the opportunity to be seen and healed.


And autumn begins an almost double large triangle between the conjunction of the Sun and Mars from Libra to Saturn to the Lilith-moon’s node conjunction. The Sun makes a trine to Pluto. Here the individual and the deed force out of it are being applied to twist the societal compulsion out of the feminine, soft in the human soul. Even the will force in societal structures (Pluto) will be softened, if not penetrated.


So finally the tensions at the world stage will get a twist for the good toward freedom? Let’s hope.

14 Dec

The Impact of the Great Conjunction during the Winter Solstice, 21st of December 2020


The past year we have had to deal with the ever changing conjunctions of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn: the ultimate sign of societal order and structures. Jupiter represents our inner child that wants to grow, expander to a larger consciousness, a broader horizon. He wants to move on, outward with the self acquired ego insights and faculties. And in Capricorn he wants to do this methodically and step by step.

Saturn pulls inside, searches introspection by duty or ceremony. He is spasmodic, often fearful, holds on to form, authority in Capricorn, his own sign.

Pluto grubs at the roots of fixed structures and wants to transform or break these. In the subconsciousness, manipulating and thus wants to grip power. This at the one side is the undetermined and unseizable virus, with which the people in power (Saturn) intent to limit and control our expansion.[1]And at the other side the struggle against the limiting elite, such as the Earth alliance executes at this moment.[2] And Jupiter, representing the juvenile forces within our soul, fights this and wants to detach from the yoke of society. With as a result waves of protests all over the world against the lockdowns, that rob the people of their individual freedom.

In December Jupiter (the 19th) and Saturn (the 17th) enter the Waterman, and exactly at the 21st of December, early in the evening (for Western Europe), they join in the first degree  Waterman: this will initiate a new social impulse for society. Pluto looses his hold on them, but the transformation in structures of society will continue.

Therewith the Sun then just has crossed its lowest point in the Zodiac and the Earth reaches back toward the light. The Sun is standing conjunct with Mercury, both in the first degree of Capricorn: the Ego and the consciousness amplify the new social impulse of the Great Conjunction in Waterman. And the people will renewed need the social contact to be able to reflect to one another and thus grow. And with the Sun at its deepest point, the Earth returns toward the light: the Great Conjunction that stands at exactly 30o to this conjunction indicates  a higher octave of 21-12-2012, the start of the new era according to the Inca tradition, when the consciousness was placed and turned on in the heart, and that now is being reinforced: this is the gate to 5D, the astral consciousness, or the eternal consciousness through the now. And only the meditative state to act from all through the heart is from now on really the focus of our actions, no longer the thinking wit hits fears for tomorrow. And with the struggle against the elite that is loosing its power, this can really give a new culture impulse, when you do not linger in the fear talked into by the media, but project inwardly a clean durable world that can win in truth by your own actions.[3] We need to do this by ourselves, and not await the corrupted representatives, that even agree with the lockdown and convulsive mouth cover. In short: what kind of reality do you want to create for yourself towards the future?

This conjunction occurs every twenty years, and always gives a new culture impulse, The last time in 2000 I initiated with my group the moon dance. At the moment of the conjunction it was quite intense: a storm that almost derooted the huge Italian poplars before the window at the school building in Amsterdam in which we worked. The event was deeply written on our memory: shortly after the conjunction the weather calmed down.


I go deeper into the overall horoscope of the Great Conjunction that is exact at around 19h40’.

  1. The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, at the 1st degree in the Waterman; the Moon outgoing sextile standing on the great Conjunction
  2. The conjunction of Mercury and the Sun, at the 1st degree of Capricorn; ingoing square to the Moon in the Fishes and Chiron in the Ram; ingoing trine to Lilith conjunct Uranus in Taurus
  3. Venus quincux to Lilith and Uranus
  4. Pluto quintile to Chiron, biquintile to the northern moon’s node


ad a. The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Waterman

Jupiter in Waterman gives possibilities to grow to all sides through social adaption. It is strongly social directed, and emphasizes group work. Tolerance and humanism prevail.

Saturn in Waterman sees duties in connection to brotherhood, forms central points of brotherhood by making cooperations.

The outgoing conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn give overflowing enthusiasm and grow force, initially with little need for methodic work.

The Moon in the Fishes gives directedness toward the other, a strong compassionate faculty, and great sensitivity.

The outgoing sextile of the Moon with Jupiter makes life processes healthy, so lifts up vitality, and wants to brig insights to the outside actively in the life sphere, so practical applied philosophical insights.

The outgoing sextile of the Moon with Saturn helps to let crystallize out the feelings regularly, and to change these when necessary, so that the soul grows. This may help to heal the driven-up controversies about the complot or not behind the corona crisis.


ad b. The Sun at the southern tropic

The Sun in Capricorn gives rise to get conscious anew of and act out of the functional hierarchical structures within society, as being a reflection of the spiritual worlds and reflected in the stature of the human skeleton.  So where wrongs are being seen in society, these may be altered.

Mercury at this place indicates that the insights that are gotten out of societal structures can be thought out and elaborated methodically only gradually. This may give practical applications within the law system.

The conjunction of Mercury with the Sun, while he moves behind the Sun, indicates that the intellectual thinking tends to reason from the inside. This may help with putting straight the false reasoning, of which we have seen enough lately (like the corona tests, the numbers around the infections and ill people because of the shifting of the norms n etcetera).

Chiron, indicating the soul wound, stands in Aries. It indicates a lack of the right for existence we have been talked into, wherewith we are not allowed to have and express our own ideals and opinions.. Emotional problems and stress are hence being transposed into action, which you can notice in the ever increasing international protests, and as well the ever more aggressive response from the executing power on these. The reaction to this feeling of actually not being allowed to exist, is assertiveness. This brings along recklessness and combativeness in order to compensate the pain. and insecurity. Anger, frustration and a feeling of powerlessness can even bring up thoughts of suicide. The low feeling of personal value can only be transformed by listening to the own inner voice.

The conjunction of the Moon and Chiron gives to this a great sensitivity, as well as feelings of failure.

The outgoing square of the Moon with the Sun gives a personal tone with every will expression: each act is being colored by the feelings.  This gives dissatisfaction, which causes that often the mistake has to be aligned back later. This gives double work.

The outgoing square of the Moon with Mercury indicates a struggle between the feeling and the intellect. Initially the feeling is unreliable in rendering the events. The task here is to let the feeling be the guideline, but use the intellect as control.  Everyone wants to cherish the own feelings, even though the feeling says the opposite. This gives rise to collusions, which may make the nerves hypersensitive

It is peculiar that the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn as well of the one of the Sun and Mercury for Western Europe fall in the 6th house, the one of serving and process steering. May we have a specific task in this?


ad c. Venus in quincux on Lilith and Uranus

Venus in the Archer gives rise to feelings that sparkle on new ideas and hence burn fast. It gives thinking and philosophizing over love. The feelings hence get a higher shade, colored by the thoughts.

Lilith, our hidden and most often repressed female side, stands in Taurus, the Bull. It makes us longing for securities on different levels. But the Black Moon here indicates difficulties that need to be overcome, so as well frustrations in all that has to do with securities and holding tight. Like on the physical level. This is about fixed liens and basic income. There will come a fuzz in the regularity of daily affairs. Many plans are being disturbed. The issue is whether you either want to live your love for new things and always cherished activities, or want to hide these (because you don’t dare to take risks) and then choose for the safer, predictable path. This may make you quite insecure and fearful for all that is new and unknown. The great challenge here is: dare to jump into the unknown! Get out of your comfort zone amd discover the possibilities that lay deeply hidden within you.

Uranus in Taurus indicates predominantly transformations toward durability, in house and in agriculture. It sees the possession of land as the base for society and directs the social notion to this, Through common ground possession it strives for reformations within society. And besides it broaden out our creative faculty to imagine.

The conjunction of Lilith and Uranus makes us clear that we no longer can milk out Mother Earth and thus ourselves because its end approaches. We can think in new ways and thus create new forms and paths to the future, if we want to listen to the hidden female side of our soul and the feelings of softness and wholeness that come forth of it. This conjunction truly indicates the transition from the patriarchal to the matriarchal world guidance, from the order controlled by men to the one by women, society conducted by women that reckon with the Earth as a living being, not only with herself and the Divine in heaven.

The ingoing quincux (150o, an aspect of doubt) between Lilith and Venus puts all the feelings and feeling connections on sharp and lets us doubt whether we do good in letting the female speak in us.

The ingoing quincux of Venus and Uranus indicates the inner itching doubt whether we can connect in personal love relations or not, and therewith do short to others that we love. This may suck out the life or a love relation. It is a counter movement of the free relations that came over to us in the late sixties of the previous century.


ad d. Pluto quintile to Chiron, biquintile to the northern moon’s node

With Pluto in Capricorn the higher will directs to the transformation of power structures within society. It makes bowing or bursting. It is the time order is brought back in that all wrongs and disuse of power by the summit of society comes to the light. So this Pluto position works out predominantly outward, within society.

Mars in the Ram gives new initiative force, newe plans that want to be executed. A great force of propelling.

The outgoing square between Mars and Pluto tends to impose the own will with force unto others: it is the aspect of a bully that destroys resistance. Through this can be acted fast and resolute in the attack.

The quintile aspect (72o, that is 1/5 of the Zodiac; a spiritual aspect) between Pluto and Chiron indicates that a new transformation in society, which might come with the use of violence, can come for the benefit of the freedom for each human.[4]

The biquintile aspect (144o, that is 2/5 of the Zodiac; also a spiritual aspect) between Pluto and the northern moon’s node in Gemini indicates that the human nature can be healed by the dissolution of the wrong power structures within society.

Neptune in the Fishes, his own sign, indicates the flow of the life, the sea. It may lead tot an empathic dissolving in the All, an experience or movement of unity. Each separation is being dissolved and taken along in the wholeness of the water, or rather the subconsciousness. It dissolves all oppositions and controversies, out of which may arise love. This has a curative effect for when circumstances have to be dissolved. The memory connects to the absorbing of the individual in the flow, the mass, institutions. Here you see a clear healing power for who wants to act out of love instead of hate.

The square of Neptune to the moon’s nodes indicates that this experience of unity that dissolves all oppositions, holds us away from working out our spiritual insights (the southern moon’s node in the Archer) amongst the people (northern moon’s node in Gemini). So this demands alertness from us to bring along our impulses from before birth and bring them out between one another. That is what we are here for, and it makes the Earth al lot more beautiful.


Altogether a powerful new impulse with which we can enter the Xmas time and the new year, knowing that a new social-cultural impulse has been implanted within us and in the Earth. An encouraging prospect



[1] This elite recently expressed itself in the World Economic Forum, at which they proclaimed the Great Reset, where the people will have to comply after the corona turmoils, which form a part of it: a world government that enslaves the people in a kind of oligarchic socialism through strong restrictions. You can indicate this small but powerful group of families behind the screens, bankers and their marionets our governmental leaders, as being the globalists.

[2] The Earth alliance consists of the political leaders of the US, Russia, China, India and Iraq, as well as the military forces loyal to these. This is a great force behind the screens.

[3] In 2012 it did not succeed to implement GESARA, an international set of laws that will give us a new money system based on gold and not on debt, that will forfeit our debts, give us a basic income, and that will reveal and help realize new clean techniques.

[4] The movement that by QAnon, a high militairy intelligence initiate in what really plays, is being indicated as We the People. It wants to give back the power to the people, from the hands of the elite.

04 Apr

The horoscope of the new spring moon 2020


The new on of spring gives an impulse that puts the tune for the rest of the year (until Xmas). Hence this short explanation.

The new moon of March 24 at 10.27 shows:


A narrow conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn, also with Saturn who just entered Waterman, all stand in the 8th house (of transformation).

The conjunction of the first 3 indicates that there is insight, transformation and force in structures within society: in the 8th house these have a strong tendency to transform. That which has decayed may now come to the light, and the people that have misbehaved – predominantly our elite – now can be arrested and trialled actively. These planets give Saturn extra power and insight with this.

From Sunday March 22 Saturn transferred into Waterman: this indicates that moneys may get free for society, away from the sturdy grip of the banks, which get their power only from the debts when they give out loans and mortgages. You saw since then that the stock markets went down repeatedly despite the emergency seizures. The Germen Deutsche Bank has even been stopped to exist. On this Sunday the money system went over to the Quantum Financial System behind the screens, which is covered by gold.

Jupiter, Pluto and Mars make an outgoing trine to Venus in Taurus, the 12th house. Through this (the Bull) nature can take a breath because the pressure on it by air and road transport has fallen slow. You almost do not see any stripe at the sky. What a quietness!

The new moon in Aries, the 11th house, gives a renewed impulse that may work out in social life (the 11th house). People become more solidary despite or maybe even through the contact prohibition, turned inside and they have now the possibility to look into their own soul and spirit, where lay the answers to all questions. It will not come now from the external world. The outgoing sextile aspect of the Sun and Moon to Saturn helps you to let form out this inner strength of belief and trust also in your life and social interactions. The social bed to this is now being shaped.

The ingoing square between Saturn and Uranus in Taurus, the 11th house (a reception to Saturn) puts a pressure to your own images about your life and what is good for you and the Earth. You get mirrored where you are good buzzy, and where your behaviour needs improvements. So that you can learn to take everything, also your creative faculties, from yourself.

Neptune and Mercury both stand in Fishes, the 10th house: this may give you a feeling of hovering of your life, and everything that coheres to this within your profession, as were you in uncertain waters. Mercury coheres with the lungs and gives you the courage to behold your own place within society, and if necessary bring changes to it. This is being reinforced by the ingoing sextile aspect of Mercury with Uranus. The overall condition of society is in a wacky balance, such as the restrictions on work and life by our governments. Mercury enters Aries, the Ram at April 10th. There is a chance that the life restrictions from then on may be lifted, and dew choices can be made within the structures of society.

In short: we need to slow down for the moment, but a lot of positive things are going on, so that afterwards we can get along with ourselves, society and the Earth in a new way.

A stripeless blue sky:

      what an unknown luxury of this crisis.

09 May

Astrosophical Forecast of May – July, 2018

Some of the things that are going on these days are:

• Many people are experiencing positivity and enthusiasm. Besides that there are still a lot of transformations on the level of our souls going on in an either bend or crack manner.
• The elite/cabal is in panic mode, visible in the behavior of various leaders in government, such as the super-obvious FF with nerve agent on Skripal and his daughter and then blaming Russia for that.
• The retribution of the US, the UK and France for the alleged chemical attack by Syria, which is unclear whether or not it happened. There is similar unclarity about what exactly the retribution missiles have hit. It also seemed to have caused a rift between Germany and Russia versus the US, UK and France.
• The arrest and started trial of the actress Allison Mack in her role of “recruiting” young boys and girls for Nxivm, shows the progress that is made in the battle against human- and sex-trafficking, and which could also reignite its further exposure such as that on the Epstein-island and the “pizzagate”-cesspool.
• The Russia collusion investigation has gotten totally out of hand with still no show of evidence in any way whatsoever. Not only is collusion not a crime, but according to the US-Constitution a sitting US-President cannot be indicted, only impeached. So the launch of a Special Council does not seem to be the appropriate avenue, other than an abuse of power to try and build a case for impeachment. The real purpose is on the verge of becoming known while more and more revelations point towards that the DOJ and the FBI were merely working for the deep state and doing their utmost best to find any wrongdoing committed by Trump, but have failed miserably. So it could possibly be shut down soon, or take another maybe more unexpected turn, because there is a lot of ‘Art of War’ strategizing going on with Trumps attempt to drain the swamp.
• An escalation between the Palestinians and Israeli army in the Gaza strip.
• A 3 day revamping of the time and the spirit of the American and French Revolution and the reiteration of the bond of the US and France since that time through the visit of Macron to Trump in Washington DC.
• A peace and reunification Treaty between North and South Korea was signed and the upcoming denuclearization talks between North Korea and the US is planned in May. This is a big deal and an enormous relief for the world and a huge set-back for the elite/cabal.
• The intensified focus of Trump on Iran as the next country to be denuclearized through his decision to pull out of the Iran-deal.
• Facebook and other Social Media platforms are heavily focused on for their unlawful obscured invasion of people’s privacy and the sale of such data.
• China has introduced the gold-backed petro-yuan as a potential replacement of the hegemony of the petro-dollar.
• So it’s quite clear that there’s a strong thrust towards awakening, increased awareness and change.

How can we trace the current events and what’s coming in the Dance of the Planets ?

The Mars-Factor: Will Power and Bringing in Order

Mars kicks off with an outgoing conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn and it is in a sextile aspect with Jupiter in Scorpio. This causes that the higher (Pluto – Intuitive) and the lower (Mars – Ego) willpowers are connected with each other whereby the focus is on societal Power-Structures.

In those Power-Structures Pluto (a planet representing God the Father qualities) executes its strong transformative power. These two planets also initiate a new cycle whereby the reshaping of societal Power-Structures will create space for new impulses.

The sextile aspect of Jupiter in Scorpio towards Pluto shows that the power of transformation in this case especially has to do with growth through gaining awareness in the workings of sexuality and libido (aka our kundalini-forces).
When relating that to what is currently going on this has to do with the exposure of all the human- and sex-trafficking, the human rights abuse, the sick pedophilia (still 400,000 kids disappear per year in the US) as well as the satanic (blood-)rituals with children that the elite/cabal has been cultivating and that have to do with power (Pluto and Scorpio).

While Jupiter also has to do with priesthood it means that especially the catholic church will be confronted with an exposure that will put more pressure on the pope. The current trial of Cardinal George Pell – the 3rd highest ranking official of the Vatican – could turn out to be a prelude to that.

Mars moves along quickly after this and halfway May it makes a direct quintile aspect (72° – a highly spiritual aspect that causes turbulence and hence change) towards Jupiter (in Scorpio) while Mars just entered Aquarius. This gives refreshing new insights in power, spirituality and equivalence (qualities of Aquarius), which will come to light in an unusual way and which seems to be leading to chaos. Scorpio also has to do with the power of money, so the banking industry and thus the financial and monetary system at large, and because Jupiter is in Scorpio it can lead to sanitizing insights about the true nature of this thrusting, and actually life-generating and creative, power.

While Mars is in Aquarius it can also point towards revealing new insights regarding air and life-forces.

Halfway May Mars also makes an ingoing square with Uranus, which has then just entered Taurus. This has to do with a social awareness about the topic of the ownership of land and property. A lot of manipulation will become known here, with a show of force. But because it is an ingoing aspect it is doomed to fail.

Overall this points towards an increase of awareness of what is really being done with the Tax-Payers (Aquarius) money (Taurus) the unjustified basis for levying taxes and the misappropriations that governments have been doing in society for a long time. As an example of this it may come to light what Obamas concocted deal with Iran actually really meant and turn out that Trumps decision to pull out was the right thing to do.

Besides this it also can provoke more awareness regarding Natural Resources (like Uranium) and precious metals (such as gold) in the sense of that it is clear there is a necessity to change the way of how they are used and transported.

On the other hand, as it has to with land, it also point towards issues with maintaining borders because Pluto (power) and Saturn (limitations) in Capricorn are involved. And although immigrants have to do with Sagittarius (and there is nothing in Sagittarius so there is not an actual movement advanced by the Cosmic-Divine leadership of mankind) it could also lead to more insights with regard to the border-issue in the US as well as in Europe and the unjustified and geopolitically concocted, and thus unnatural (nothing in Sagittarius), flood of migrants towards and into Europe and the US.

Then in June Mars makes an outgoing triangle towards the Sun and Mercury in Gemini while Mars is exactly on the Southern Moon’s Node (which has to do with old karma). This means a boost for karma and communication in social life to come to light. This points to an intensified exposure of the lies of the Main Stream Media (MSM) and how the MSM has actually been the propaganda spinning-machine for mass-manipulation of the deep state (CIA’s Operation Mockingbird).

It also has to do with that more will come to light regarding the abuse of the social media platforms and how they have been obscurely and unlawfully spying on their users. So far Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony has still kept many things in the dark and he will have to face other governments in Europe soon.

Halfway June the opposition of Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Leo enables for the revamped social impulse and freedom (Aquarius) to be embedded in people’s feelings (Leo) while we assay it by the conscience in our hearts.

In the beginning of July Mercury opposes Mars, who because of its retrograde motion is still on the Southern Moon’s Node (still unleashing old karma). Mercury by then will be in Leo, which generates to connect Mercury with our hearts, thereby giving rise to questions of conscience in our minds.

At the end of July when the Sun is in Leo and in opposition to Mars this will even amplify our conscience. This will cause for things in Society to heat up because the karma of the suppression of the people will come up in their hearts.

The Crystallizing of New Power-Structures

Saturn is in Capricorn (its home sign) and is slowly moving towards Pluto (also in Capricorn). While Saturn is even more geared towards crystallizing Power-Structures these structures will become more and more visible out in the open. Besides that it also fixates these structures more and more, making it more difficult for people who are active in it (the government, the governmental apparatus and politics) to break loose from it.

In June Saturn at first makes an outgoing biquintile aspect (144°, and a highly spiritual aspect) towards the Sun (in Gemini) and later on also towards Mercury. In a refreshing manner this generates an inducement to communicate about rigid societal Power-Structures, in order for changes to take place.

Later on Saturn makes an ingoing triangle towards Uranus. This points towards that it becomes common knowledge what the issues of ownership of land and the Power-Structures are. It also gives an impulse towards adjusting and loosening the improper enrichment of ownership of land, property and Natural Resources (such as gold) and to instead base it on a more humanitarian approach.

In July the Sun in Cancer opposes Saturn, and halfway that month it is also in opposition to Pluto, which makes the people (Cancer) more aware in the heart of the malfunctioning of our governments. It looks like it is really time now to move on to more sane and just monetary systems, like those that are backed by gold and not by debt and fraudulent fiat-money like it has been for about 200 years. For during that time money has been used as the fundamental tool of power to manipulate the masses (Pluto, Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio can reveal that now).

In the US it may even be the perfect prelude for finally officially announcing the Re-Birth of the Republic of the United States as well as a new just monetary system. Because by doing so the powers of the Federal Reserve will then also be taken away from it (no more fraudulent debt-based fiat money) and instead will the US-Treasury be the sole body of the US-Government that is in charge of the monetary matters such as the money-creation and money supply.

Halfway June Mercury, which has entered Cancer by then, will oppose Saturn. This will generate that the people can better sense and understand that for too rigid societal Power-Structures the time is up! And because Mercury is involved in this there will be a lot of communication about this.

Somewhat later in June when the Sun will enter Cancer it will also be in opposition to Saturn: this makes the identity of the people unclear, which can cause eruptions on a massive scale such as demonstrations. People will need to refind themselves with what their society will be like and what they want it to be.

The Gentle Forces of the Healing Life-Worlds

All through May until in August Jupiter will make an ingoing triangle towards Neptune. This is a benevolent and soothing aspect in the Life-Worlds (aka the etheric), causing that people will have impulses of love and forgiveness and show compassion and empathy towards those who have suffered from the injustice of the earlier mentioned human- and sex-trafficking, the human rights abuse, the sick pedophilia and the satanic (blood-)rituals with children of the elite/cabal. At the other side of its spectrum it gives rise to the healing qualities of conducting social and societal processes out of the inspirational consciousness.

The Consolidation of the Renewing Impulses

Halfway May Uranus will enter Taurus where it will be together with Mercury. This causes for our social awareness to get focused on addressing issues that have to do with landownership, property, Natural Resources and precious metals (such as silver and gold). Due to Mercury it can also lead to an increased awareness regarding the wrongdoings with regard to agriculture, natural resources and precious metals and how to shape new forms with regard to working with them in a more humane and sane manner.

The Soul-Awakening of the Masses

Venus, which stands for our ability to establish a soul-connection to others and the World, starts out in Gemini wherein it generates a butterfly-ish and unfocused connection to things. Then in May it walks on to enter into Cancer. At the beginning of June Venus makes a Large Triangle aspect towards Jupiter and Neptune which works out very harmonizing (the Triangle aspect) in our souls in a way where the intention to forgive goes hand in hand with insights into the Life-Worlds and sexuality. This allows for healing of people’s soul to take place because new connections can be made.

Venus also makes an opposition with Saturn, Pluto and the moon. While in Cancer Venus enables a huge part of the masses to become aware of the wrongdoings in the societal Power-Structures.

Halfway June there is an opposition of Venus (in Leo) with Mars (in Aquarius) while Venus is in an outgoing Square with Uranus in Taurus. This initiates a first awakening in people’s souls to get a better feel for new options to interact with each other on a social level as well as new ways to address the wrongdoings that have to do with large-scale landownership, including those on a national level. It again also points towards shaping new ways to better work with natural resources and precious metals.

It gives the possibility to assay it with our conscience in our hearts (Leo) and with the possibility to address these matters with an expanded out-of-the-box and vivid way of thinking (a quality of Uranus).

Overall view

Overall the movements of Venus and Mars versus those of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus are the major indicators towards new impulses that address the issues of societal Power-Structures and the abuse of power, and that give rise to new impulses for more humane sanity on a social level. All in all there are beautiful flowing aspects in the background that embed all the ongoings. It means we are going to have a gentle springtime with a boost of gaining more awareness.

Then in mid-July the effects of Venus’ movements in May and June will be increased in a beneficial manner especially through the great trine of Venus-Saturn-Uranus. This will even be more so because Venus is then in Virgo in which it generates the need for clarity in the processes of societal Power-Structures and the division of goods, land, natural resources and precious metals.

This again points towards a potential re-installment of the original Republic of the united States, in which the real “we the people” US Government, and not the cabal’s deep state, will govern, properly execute the laws by which everybody is equal under the law (and justice be done) as well as operate a sound and just monetary system.

It almost sounds as if it is too good to be true to see it finally come about after battling the cabal for so long.

While the Sun is in Cancer and in opposition with Saturn it will however be up to the people to be conscious enough to see this all through in order for it to become manifested. If so, the effects on a global scale will be massive.

18 Aug

The Great Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 in relation to 1998, 9/11/01 and 2012

The Solar Eclipse 1998 in Europe and the antichrist impulse

zonsverduistering-11-augustus-1998On this day the USA will go through a Great Solar Eclipse that is similar to the one that crossed Europe all the way through to Turkey on August the 11th, 1998. There were many predictions that this event would mean an evil of an enormous magnitude.

It was the first time that day that our Dutch group carried out what we call “Work in the Subterranean Spheres”. Such work was especially designed to counter and transform the impact of evil that roams and lures in the underworld. Different groups of people from the West Coast, center and East in the USA, until in England and Germany joined us on that day with doing the same work. While we knew this day was coming and understood what it was about it was clear to us that it was very necessary that we did this.

One of the fears caused by the predictions was that the antichrist himself would manifest on the earth. Awareness of this might have also come from Nostradamus who spoke of this day in one of his quatrains. In there he said that on the 11th of July, 1999 the King of Terror will come. The calendar he used was the Julianus calendar that was one month off (earlier), and so, when converted to our calendar, this prediction was spot on. The antichrist and King of Terror is also known as sorat, or the 666-being of the Revelation of St. John, and he is the actual source of all evil. The 2 other more known adversaries, satan and lucifer, are his minions. It is also known in esotery that in AD-times when there is a 666 in a year there is heightened impact of sorat’s agenda. In this case it is the year 1998, which is 3 x 666. The time-frame such impact holds sway is for over 20 years.

The chart of the 11th of August, 1998 showed there was a Grand Cross in the heavens between the Sun and the moon, Mars, Uranus and Saturn. That is a very disharmonious configuration, especially while the latter 3 planets are known within astrology to also have strong negative forces. Grand Crosses in general indicate maximum stress and the most resistance, but on top of that this one also involved the middle degrees of the fixed signs of Taurus (Saturn in it), Scorpio (Mars in it), Leo (Sun, Moon in it) and Aquarius (Uranus in it). So it consisted of a 3-tiered amplification. While these 4 fixed signs also represent the human being in its 4 bodies of spirit (Leo), soul (Aquarius), etheric body (Scorpio) and physical body (Taurus) it could be viewed as a direct full attack on humanity. Thus, in a nutshell the chart of that day also confronted humanity with another fundamental choice: will you choose to shape your life in a spiritual manner, or in a materialistic way?

The heightened awareness throughout Europe gave rise to many people opposing the antichrist on that day. At the Apex of the track of the Solar Eclipse, in the city Sofia, Bulgaria, a big doll was burned in a ritualistic manner to express and accentuate this opposition.

My observation showed that sorat did indeed come to the earth, but that his main intention to connect himself to the counter-seraph in the core of the earth had failed. This failure was caused by our work and the inner work of many others on that day. He did however succeed to pull off other parts of his agenda on that day and thereafter.

Since then sorat’s amplified impact has been showing itself more and more in an increasing extent in which people are possessed by him. This has given rise to a variety of phenomena. One of them is the increase of suicide bombings. The consequence of such an insane act is that the spirit of the suicide bomber and of the victims are scattered into pieces. This enables the sun-demons of sorat, the asura’s, to wrest away -steal- such spliced off pieces to use those to incarnate themselves as humans.

The last two decades suicide bombings/terrorist attacks, insane killings and mass shootings have increased exponentially. Besides that these suicide bombings/terrorist attacks, insane killings and mass shootings are moreover false-flag, orchestrated to be aimed at generating extra-ordinary amounts of fear; sorat’s tool to maintain and expand his reign of terror. Such dreadful killings also often occur in case of Solar flares by which the sun-demons/asura’s are cast out of the sun after which they go to the earth.


Another phenomenon with a huge impact that should be attributed to sorat was the attack on the Twin Towers on 9-11 in 2001. George W. Bush then came up with the word ‘terrorist’ and the War on Terror was kicked-off having provided the new world order manipulators – the cabal – with an ideal scape-goat fabrication to try to terrorize everybody and round up anybody who opposed their dark agenda.

hor-aanslag-wtcThe chart of that day showed a Big T-Square in the heavens, a semi-big square between Saturn, the sun and Pluto. A Saturn and Pluto opposition always tells there is fundamental change of the status quo and the powers that be. A core message of that chart therefore actually was that the USA would be much better off with letting itself be nourished by the cultures of the earth instead of continuing to bully and oppress it. After all it is one big melting pot of those cultures. It obviously chose not to do so and even intensified forcing its dark-agenda on the world.

Another phenomenon that the possession by sorat generates is that there are human beings of whom it will be quite impossible to believe that they are actually really human beings. Besides the insane killings, this is also expressed in a hyper-increase of materialism in which it is a matter of developing things only for mere “practical use” and not for a “good purpose”. Just think of how overpowering technology has become in directing our lives.

Such soratic possession can also result in that people’s worldview turns into being a sheer materialistic intellectual one where there is no space at all for any spirituality. It even goes as far that such possessed people who are totally convinced of sorat’s intellectual worldview in terrible ways will not only scoff at everything spiritual, but will also oppose, and want to disregard, destroy, and to push into the abyss anything that is spiritual, because they hate it and don’t want the connection with the spiritual world, but only want to live out their random untenable Ego. They will also show themselves by their external appearance, where you can e.g. see it in their cold and ferocious eyes. The never seen before blown out of proportion vicious hate-filled attacks on Trump because he won the Presidency are such a soratic inspired tendency as well.

Winter Solstice 2012

However, with all that being said the things having to do with the solar-eclipse in the USA of 21st of August, 2017 are quite different. The reason for this is that since the 11th of August, 1999 developments have also taken its own course and a grand worldwide transformation has taken place. This was all reinforced during the winter solstice of 2012. hor-winterzonnewende-2012This event reinforced that the consciousness of all human beings was placed in people’s heart instead of people’s head. The chart of the 21st of December, 2012 consisted of a powerful Yod-configuration between Saturn and Uranus with its point directed on Jupiter. Besides that there was an opposition of Mercury and Venus with Jupiter. That sharply triggered our thinking with our heads (Jupiter), and generated the ability of the transformation of such thinking, partially because there was a grand triangle between Uranus, Venus and the Point of Fortune (Pars Fortunea). This showed that it is best for our souls (Venus) to transform it to something higher (Uranus), because of which we would enable our hearts (Point of Fortune in the 5th House) to let it do the thinking as well as determine our actions.

Despite the fact that since the beginning of this century the MSM has been pounding its fearmongering upon us over and over again, you can feel and experience that more and more people around the world are awakening and choose to do good and strive for peace, instead of being sucked in wars that only benefit (make more powerful) the elite (cabal). It is becoming more and more clear that nobody else benefits but them. In similar manner people more easily see through the manipulations and orchestrations of the false flag terrorist attacks or mass shootings. They seem to be all phony and an act, including 9-11. Those who continue spreading the narrative whereby they deny the events are manipulations and orchestrations thus show their true colors more blatantly (i.e. that they support the materialistic approach). Thus the choice of the 1998-solar eclipse exposes the ones who have chosen the materialistic way and shows those who have chosen the spiritual way in a more and more obvious manner. An overall tendency has come about that people are just not fooled that easy anymore.


However, the horoscope of the solar eclipse of the 21st of August, 2017 crossing over the USA shows an entirely different pattern, viz. it is one with many spiritual aspects, and as such it seems to more like a constructive continuation of the here above mentioned developments. These spiritual qualities show themselves in the form of quintiles (72 degrees) and biquintiles (144 degrees). These can generate chaos on the physical plane (as indeed what can already be seen in the US), but they also can bring about refreshing new developments. Besides this the chart has many triangular aspects that generate flexibility.

The conjunction of the sun and the moon (the cause of the eclipse) at the northern moon’s node is accompanied by Mars. During a period of 5 hours this conjunction crosses through the entire US from the North-West to the South-East. It lands in Newport, Oregon at 10.15am PST and leaves the US again in Charleston, South Carolina, around 2pm EST. Besides this the quadruple conjunction runs through the houses 10, 9 and 8. Therefore these conjunctions work out in societal realizations, higher knowledge and in the transformation of existing structures.


   Start solar eclipse,                          Middle,                                 End,

       Newport OR                            Kansas City KS                 Charleston, SC

Besides this it is also remarkable that on the 8th of April, 2024 another powerful Solar Eclipse will take place. This one will run from the South-West to the North-East. The cross these two Solar Eclipses thus show have great resemblance to the shape of the star constellation “Eagle”, the powerful totem for the USA and the most important manifestation of God the Father (the Great Spirit) for the Native Americans. It shows the US is in the midst of powerful fundamental changes during these years.

The Eclipse in the US on the 21st of August in detail

Now back to the Solar Eclipse again. A Solar Eclipse is always a release of accumulated astral dirt, so turbulence in the soul and intellectual abstractions (materialistic thinking).

The 21st of August 2017 Solar Eclipse is about a conjunction in Leo of the sun and the moon with Mars. This points to willpower, i.e. the over the top flexing of muscle. This can now be moved aside and gotten rid of in order to make way for a better manner of showing and using power, and then in a more Royal manner (Leo).

There is a biquintile aspect of Chiron towards Mars, which shows healing out of compassion (Chiron is in Pisces) of the improper demonstrated willpower (Leo). Chiron also makes a quintile towards pluto in Capricorn which has to do with getting rid of and transforming societal power-structures. Pluto also makes a biquintile towards the Northern moon’s node that shows the possibility of a fresh dissolution of old karma. During the entire Solar Eclipse Pluto runs through the 3rd House (communication), the 2nd (traditional values) and the 1st first (showing one’s self to the World). The results of these gestures regarding the societal power structures have already been going on during the entire time of the presidential election of 2016 and beyond. Examples of it are the revelations of Wiki-Leaks, the blaming of others regarding seemingly moral issues (Russia’s unproven meddling, Hillary’s loss, democratic party in turmoil) that turned out to be very smelly, as well as the exposure of the manipulations of the Deep State. Therefore this is as if the US has the opportunity to clean house.

Mercury is in Virgo where it is moving retrograde, also towards the sun-moon-Mars conjunction, while it is in opposition with Neptune as well. This shows that the right communication is not taking place and not succeeding because there is no clear goal on which this is aimed at. It is like a ship sailing in the thick fog, and only on its horn, so it only can sail by listening. With this one can think of the exposure by Wikileaks of Vault 7 and the magnitude of abuse of internet espionage, even massive manipulations and the usage of very destructive malware. Also the pointless blown out of proportions accusations directed at everything Trump is, does or says shows this. The democrats have only been adamant at pointing fingers and have shown to be inapt to carry out any retrospection regarding their issues, nor do they show an objective intention to discuss the actual issues that face the Nation. Mercury namely makes a direct triangle towards Uranus in Aries, which points towards new means of communication that need to be directed into the right ways of their applications (Mercury is in Virgo, and Virgo is about directing processes).

Saturn is in conjunction with Lilith, the dark moon (i.e. the hidden feminine) and in Sagittarius (which stands for high ideals) where it makes a retrograde triangle towards the sun, the moon and Mars, which points towards a flowing concretization of moral principles and of values which is actually that what the USA stands for based on its Constitution. This shows that the revamped values and designs generated by the reinstated Republic, which had happened behind the scenes after Trump won the election in November 2016, can come out more clearly now.

Connected to this is a mutual sextile of both Mars and Saturn towards Jupiter. This enables that the will to lead (Mars) and the need to strive for high ideals (Saturn) is supported in a powerful manner by the rejuvenation and renewal (Jupiter) of the Law (Libra). Neptune in Pisces (sheer compassion) is involved in this because it makes a direct biquintile with Jupiter in Libra (Libra is about Justice; the scales), which shows that more clarity in moral compassion is required regarding the youth (Jupiter) abuse (Libra in connection to sexuality), i.e. the child sex industry.

This points towards further exposure of Pizza-Gate, the human trafficking and the likes and the extent of how far all of this has actually been going. Currently there are many arrests going on which may not show up in the news that much yet, but that is because the round up is kick-started from the bottom up. The politicians at the top and corporate leaders will be last.

There is also a direct square of Venus towards Uranus, which shows that there is quite a lot of tension (Uranus in Aries) on people’s soul (Venus) because of the situation at home (Venus in Cancer). This points towards pressure on the image of “the happy family” as the cornerstone of US-society. This causes that inner images can be distorted, which to a large extent is the agenda of the MSM because it sees to it that the level of anxiety is kept at a high level by all the false flag attacks (especially in the UK lately) and mass shootings (like the Congressmen that were shot at the baseball game). The amplified attention for transgenders and the entire LGTB has to do with this as well.

Venus is on the same position as Mercury was in the birth-chart of the USA, and Mercury was in opposition with Pluto, just like Venus is now. This means that the kidneys (Venus) as well as the adrenals (Pluto) are under pressure during the Solar Eclipse, and shows that the powers that be in the USA (the Cabal/Deep State) are about to lose their power, but they may also try to provoke a nuclear war (Pluto is the basis for nuclear bombs, as in plutonium). The big question is of course if they will manage to pull that off.

horoscoopkaart-vs    Horoscope at birth of the US

When you take a helicopter view of the entire planetary dance in the heavens during this solar Eclipse, it shows there are many possibilities for the US to allow renewal in the social sphere (Uranus), in the moral realm (Jupiter) and regarding its higher ideals (Saturn). This make-over can enable it to become the leading benevolent guard of the world instead of the bully who continuously is showing its teeth to those who oppose it or puts its jaws in them. This is also reflected in the Mars and Pluto connection with DARPA, the vast military-industrial complex, which includes those secret services that are hidden and operate beyond the power structures.

So there is a pretty good set of great (-again) opportunities for America. The big question is: will it grab the opportunity? We sure hope so.


This Blog is part of the magazine Starwise Issue 2. You will find more interesting articles about the connections of the stars and planets with the earth. See here.

05 Jul

8. The Dance of the Planets and Actuality in July and August 2017

The influence of the Planets on the Earth

The movements of the planets at the sky toe ach other give impulses to the people and the Earth to move along with these inwardly or to react. And this you will find back in the world around us, in small as well as in large. Such as in the weather, which is conducted by our moods, wishes and hopes. They offer us chances for development. In this way I deliberate the dance of the planets through the two months to come.

hor-aanvang-juli-17  hor-midden-juli  hor-aanvang-augustus-2017

           Start of July                    Middle of July                     Start of August

hor-midden-augustus-17  hor-aanvang-september

             Middle of August                                 Start of September

It all starts in July with an approaching conjunction of Mercury, the Sun and Mars in Cancer that make an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn and a square to Jupiter and the Moon, in the Scales: a T-cross as a difficult start of these two months. It gives rise to a bundeled thinking power that directs to the inside, which firmly can stir up the emotions When it deals with injustice in societal structures.

Fortunately Neptune makes a trine to the conjunction of Mercury, Sun and Mars, and a quintile aspect (72o) to Venus in Taurus, both standing in own sign. This amplifies the power of compassion and as well flowing along in the motions and feelings. These possibly find an outlet in thunder, and give the possibility to better ground the feelings in the internal world.

There is also a great trine between Saturn, Uranus and the northern moon’s node. This gives a direction to new societal ideals. And this keeps on for some time and even comes back in the beginning of September, when Mercury and Mars participate as well. But more about this later on.

The quintile aspect between Uranus and the Sun gives new spiritual impulses that are directed to emotional stabilizing. Possibly something with family reunion in a renewed manner.

Mercury – thinking patterns and communication

The fast Mercury runs from Cancer via Leo to Virgo, to from the 13th August onwards move backwards again until in Leo. He therewith makes trine to Saturn, causing that the thoughts and ideals can well take shape; later on in July he also makes a trine to Uranus, to stand still in August opposite to Neptune in the Fishes, wherewith he starts moving retrograde. Through Uranus there can be realized new social ideas on a governmental level – but this only lasts shortly because of the speed with which Mercury runs through Leo.

Mercury has to do with the flowing of the life and with the lungs, and therewith communication, and when he wanders backward, this life flow between people, and also in other life flows, such as in the thinking, is hemmed. And through the opposition with Neptune the communication becomes vague, unfatomable and you can no longer see clear to where it goes.

Venus: emotional connections

Venus moves through Taurus and makes a quintile aspect to Neptune. After this she moves on to the Twins, to make a square to Neptune half July, a trine at the middle of August and at the end of August a biquintile (144o): really a great dance between these two planets. Both have to do with the feeling, and Neptune more with the higher force of it, compassion. Venus carries the astral, the soul of Earth and man, wherewith we have feelings and from these can connect to each other, to the world and also to ourselves. With Venus in Taurus you consolidate your own feelings for other persons. And Neptune then gives a renewing, deepening impulse to these that brings the memory in the love expressions to others on a higher level. In the Twins Venus gives a need for the exchange of feelings, and the reflecting to one another. The square with Neptune halfway July makes the connection on a higher level somewhat hard, puts it under pressure, through which there can easily be created a distance in love relations. Or you need to peer deeply into yourself and your own wishes for the other person, then this can work out for the good as well. There is also a biquintile aspect from Venus to Pluto, and this involves in an unusual way the higher will: it is a possibility to see the deeper thrive for power over another person in the relation in the eyes and determine how you continue with this.

Then via an opposition with Saturn the third week of July, wherewith it is hard to have your feelings crystallized in any way, your feelings become fluent again half August, when the trine between Venus and Neptune becomes full. Venus then also makes an ingoing square to Jupiter in her own sign Balance, causing you can be tested in your feelings of equality and justice. Venus then moves through Cancer, and your feelings predominantly are being drawn to your own domestic circle and your internal world, which can make you self- directed. At the Sun’s eclipse on the 21st of August in the US she makes an opposition to Pluto, which may cause a kind of paralysis of the will in love affairs: should you express your love to the outside and help the other person on, or should you pull back within yourself. To this no one can give you a solution.

Against the end of August Venus inclines to a biquintile with Neptune, through which you can bring back to life a mystical love lien anew, all through the external apparent blockages. This gives a nice promice for relations furing the two months to come.

The Sun and the propelling consciousness in morality, together with the will power of Mars

The Sun represents in us the heart, I which are connected our feeling for truth, our will for the good (that is based in our star constellation ideals) and the conscience in between these two. Meaning the Sun stands for the possibility to develop our morality. And in Spring and Summer everything that has brewed in Winter as seeds, comes to the light.

The Sun moves in these two months through Cancer, Leo and Virgo. This can help us to develop the virtues of soul chastening, freedom through compassion and courteousness, but with the tact of the heart. The Sun starts together with Mercury and comes ever closer to Mars, and they move toward the northern Moon’s node toe. Initially Mercury runs fast through Virgo, but in the third week of August he joins these three, back in Leo. When at the 21st of August the Moon joins in, we have a strong solar eclipse.

This going together of Sun and Mars indicates a strong willing aspect that can be posed with the heart: this planet lays down in us the propelling gallbladder process, with which we can create order in our life and fate. On world level the power through which people can come into action against abuses of higher ups from out of indignation. Initially Mercury makes here the communication easier.

Half July both planets make a biquintile to Saturn in the Archer, who stands together all the time with Lilith, the dark Moon or the pure female aspect of our existence. Here new ideals in relation to women can be forceful elaborated in the managerial level.

At the start of August there follows a biquintile of both to Neptune, wherewith compassion can be elaborated in practical applications on a higher level.
Then halfway August follows a trine to Saturn and a biquintile to Pluto. And against the end of August this turns into a trine to Pluto and an opposition of the Sun with Neptune, now from Virgo.

The entire period the issue at stake is the explanation with societal power structures (Pluto), higher ideals (Saturn) and deepening, interiorizing of emotional relations (Neptune). Often a dance between extremities, that can make us very awake in these realms. Over and over again the question: where are we up to? You will not get this from world politics, for because of the retrograde pace of Mercury from halfway August onwards and the opposition with Neptune this cannot give you any grip. The issue here is to learn to listen to your own conscience and that which lives in your higher will.

Jupiter: growing force and thinking systems

Jupiter brings forth in us the liver process, through which we can grow and expand. He moves through Libra, which gives an expansion of insights in equality and justice.
All through the months Jupiter has a square with Pluto, who stands in Capricorn, the sign of hierarchical organizer society. The misuses and inequality of the existence within it again come in the light, and continue to demand the attention until the last week of August. What are we going to do with this? In the middle of July the trine with Venus brings feeling clarity to this.

From the middle of August onward Jupiter makes a sextile aspect (60o) to Mars as well as to Saturn and Lilith, which can give a boost to the equivalence in the field of the sexes. Perhaps this is institutionalized on a governmental level as an initiative.

At this Jupiter also makes a biquintile with Neptune, which lets one feel into the inequality in deeper connections on a deeper layer of the soul, which can give refreshing new insights. This ultimately may lead to truthfulness in deeper connections, and through this growth of the individuals concerned.

Saturn: the duties and forms

Saturn brings forth in us the spleen process, which with the blood formation helps us to work out and as well remember our ideals and deeper willing impulses. Until against the end of August he runs backwards in Sagittarius. This gives rise to a deepening of and also duty in relation to societal ideals that can be elaborated practically. During these months he moves ever closer with Lilith. This indicates that the ideals are in relation with the female, and specifically female sexuality. The matriarchate that takes shape ever more belongs to this. Until the second week of August Saturn makes a square to Neptune in the Fishes. Indicating that the higher and more tender feelings are under pressure and need to be renewed. But this only goes with releasing of obsolete ideals and duties, probably again in relation to the female.

From the middle of August onward Saturn makes a trine to Mars and the Sun, and this trine with Mars in Leo acontinues when the Sun moves to Virgo. The initial resistance of people that like to sting to power execution (by the initial square between Mars and Saturn) can now enter a fluent transformation, wherewith the old centralistic power structures can be bended to new norms.

During all of August Saturn makes a sextile to Jupiter. Though this justice as well can cooperate to lift up again the female values as ideals.

Ultimately against the end of August there forms a great trine with Uranus, Mars and Mercury. Through this renewals of social impulses can be elaborated forcefully.

The overall image of the months to come shows a great possibility for growth of love relations on a personal and also on world scale. If the chances indicated in the solar eclipse of 21st of August are being seized in a positive way. This is always to be awaited is. But there is a lot of hope, and hope makes live and strive on. The motto for our generations is and remains:

“Be the change you want to see”.


This blog has been included in our magazine Starwise, edition 2.

12 May

7. Landscape Work with Star Angels


In August 2015 for the last time we did a large landscape healing project in Italy, where amongst other we did work in the subterranean spheres with fallen angels. This was in sequence of previous work all over Europe At predominant wounded sites like previous battlefields concentration camps. In England I had already heard some years before from the spiritual world that we had already done more than was necessary, and that the Earth and the people now should find further on their relation to the fallen angels and deal with these. In Italy it became clear to us that it was enough indeed. The closer we came to Rome, the harder it was to penetrate the darkening, and I felt that the support from the spiritual world was diminished. Within our group the tension augmented. We were able to finish, but the feeling afterwards was that is was enough with our digging for the darkness. We had batter take care of ourselves and screen off from evil, to be able to work later in in a different manner.

It was also clear to me that after the winter solstice of 2012 there had to be worked otherwise. From then on the consciousness was placed in the heart for all of mankind, and ever since all through the heart you can make much easier contact with the beings of nature, with the spiritual worlds. And through this you have easier insight in what is good and bad for you. A strong eye opener to me was one time during an family presentation of planets, in which I was strongly directed to the Earth in order to cure her. Whereupon the Earth said that she very well could do this by herself.

So ever since for me has been a kind of external pralaya concerning landscape work, during which I have worked strongly transforming and cleansing inside, and brooded on a different approach of landscape work. My work with the stars and star constellations deepened, as with the cd’s and videos of the sounds and gestures of the star constellations. I write blogs about these. I also gave shape to these in my monthly schooling days, and still do this. I found ever more indications that the starry sky has impressed itself on the Earth until in the physical. For example is the geographical orientation of dolmen, sanctuaries and animal graves a direct reflection of the starry sky above. In Central America even the distribution of the ancient Maya cities. I came across the work of Richard Leviton (see his book Stars on Earth amongst others) who had found out and investigated that the stars of specifically the Milky Way had impressed themselves on the Earth already three times, which have formed star domes, spread out over the Earth, and these domes have formed either mountains (that are sacred to many indigenous people), or have inspired to sanctuaries, like in Stonehenge and Avebury. And because we have done landscape-healing work on many of the places in Europe and the US Leviton describes, I recognize a lot in his descriptions. I also had encounters with the four stargate guardians, that each one transmitted their message inwardly. This also gave me a strong impulse to develop new landscape work with them as guardians, and in my brooding it brought me that far that I started to write and compose a new landscape ritual.

mysterieplaatsen-schotland-1  swan

Distribution of sanctuaries in Scotland             Star constellation of the Swan


A first start at the Hillegonda Hill in Rotterdam

hillegondakerk            Through a friend we got the tip that there was also an ancient sanctuary at Hillegonda Hill in Rotterdam-Hillegersberg, not far from where we live. This is a sand hill upon which now are situated a church, a castle ruin and a cemetery, dating back from the Middle Ages. We started to observe here at different times, and through directing our consciousness to it, there revealed ever more of the old sanctuary.

There is a myth of this site: the female (earth) giant Hillegonda lived at the coast and was send for her task more inland by her parents. She was homesick for the coast and secretly took some sand along in her apron, which she let flow out as the hill that is mentioned after her. There is a beautiful bronze stature of her and her apron at the village square, nicely planned besides the point of flowing out of the landscape angel. Another story tells that she had a red apron, and that this was the sign for women of old that at this site menstruation blood could flow in the Earth, as honoring Mother Earth. So a Mother Earth cult place. I suspected that both stories are a precipitation of different cult layers, so of different times. There namely was as well a channeling that this in very ancient times, going back to Lemuria, has been much higher and was carrying a temple complex. Any way, this is the oldest inhabited part of Rotterdam and its surroundings, and it has already been inhabited before the Germanics, Romans and Celts, while it was a higher refuge in the ancient flow delta and the open dune region at the mouth of river Rhine.

The first time we visited the hill, Marion and I made contact   with the landscape angel at her point of flowing in. This angel guards energetically the area, and so the hill of the star angel. We both experienced that she was glad with this recognition, and that her landscape unity could become more valued. Hereupon we visited the church, and at the main entrance we found the seizing point of the star angel. At my question which star she represented she indicated that she anchored the star Phakt (Dove) in the Earth. This is the main star of the southern star constellation the Dove, which coheres with the conscience and thus seizes at the middle nerve ganglion of our heart.

I experienced that I needed to work here very cautious, while there were probably laid many culture layers upon each other and that the site should not be forced so that it could restore and reveal itself. The second time Marion, our friend and I have listened to the sounds of the star constellation the Dove, as I have developed this, at this site and we sang out of these sounds in an improvised way in order to connect to the angel through the star constellation. With this we felt and observed that the angel could erect herself in could unfurl in her dignity. The gratefulness for this was reciprocal, and we have left the place like this.

The third time we visited the complex with two other persons that are known with landscape work. It appeared that the angel had opened more sensitive spots besides the church where probably have been separate cult places of old, like niches, sculptures, altars. One of these people felt a headache, and she experienced this had to do with abuse of power. Which was not unexpectable, while the church had been placed upon what was presumably seen as a pagan cult place. This happened a lot all through Europe.

And a couple of days afterwards we investigated the site with three co-workers in landscape work with whom we already shared quite a few projects. It now appeared that the sections had been forming out much more, as if the entire star angel was unfurling itself. We could recognize the seven organ workings in us that cohere with the seven ancient planets. We could as well recognize the workings of the three new planets as seizing points, that cohere with the pituitary gland, epiphysis and kidney cortex and that prepare for the higher spiritual qualities clairvoyance, clear feeling and clear willing. We had never experienced this so strongly on other sites (which could also be dependent on our observational faculties). We sang again the star sounds for the angel, and each one of us experienced that it could manifest itself radiating and forceful. It was the 10th of April, hillegonda-hill-after-the-workthe day the activities from the Gear Bear could be worked into other star sites and reconnected. From the Great Bear mankind is being guided by the White Brotherhood, and in the seven stars of this constellation are being seen the seven Rishis, who have helped to bring down to Earth the Christ-I Am and who still conduct the effects of this through Grail Christianity. For this reason we have also sung the sounds of these stars in an improvised way. With this each of us had a strong perception of unity, connection and force that was carried by the heart region and could radiate from it. The thought became vivid that all the older cultural layers could mingle with the present one, for this the time felt ripened. We all experienced that this was a new impulse to landscape work, which does no more points at and transforms the darkness, but brings down the positive spiritual forces right away. My years of prayer to Mother Earth to send me her angels whenever they needed help, were well being heard.

When I drove past the landscape angel at her point of inflow, I saw how much she had grown and was working almost explosively. There probably was digested what had been revealed, as well because of our work.

After our work I realized that since a couple of months a higher elf had settled in our garden, and that he actually had been sent from the Hillegonda Hill. He is preparing to reach at a large area of the mouth of the Rhine. We live at the rim of Hillegersberg, which is under the influence of the star dome of Hillegonda Hill. I got the strong impression that we have been sent to this house with its garden to give further shape to the work of the stars in connection to the Earth.

Concerning other star seizing points: a week before this work we were for a landscape project in South Limburg (the south of the Netherlands) at a castle. In the garden of it there was a circle of old trees, and in it was the seizing point of a star from the constellation the Dolphin. And as I suspect, like this there are many more places in the Netherlands and Europe where star angels are active. By amplifying these, we bring closer the beings and forces of the spiritual worlds. So work enough. Feel for joining us? Contact us.


This article is published as an article in our new magazine Starwise

15 Mar

6. The Path along the Southern Milky Way and Initiation in the Life Worlds

The flow of clear stars through the Milky Way

This path can only be seen partially on the northern hemisphere. It is the clear belt of stars that descends between Taurus and Gemini and again comes above the Zodiac in between Scorpio and Sagittarius. The first part is well visible for us: besides Orion we see the clear stars Alcyon in the Little Dog, and especially Sirius in the Great Dog. Between these flows the southern Milky Way. The clearest part, around the fivefold star constellation Ship Argo, is invisible at our latitudes.

Star_road_Milky_WayThe name of the Milky Way is not chosen for nothing. Right above Taurus in the Milky Way stands the Wagoner, with as its clearest star Capella, or ‘Goat’. So a male goat, and these animals give very pure milk. The mother milk of the higher mammals and of us humans is a physical effect of the life forces that come from the Milky Way, and that nourish us in such a way that we not only have a soul and a spirit in our physical body, but also a life body, in which we let run our physiology, so digestion, breaking down and digestive processes in the water of the body. At death this life body leaves, and those processes stop in such a way that your body ultimately falls apart. With a shortly deceased you still can see often radiate its soul and spirit around and predominantly above the physical body, but the life processes have stopped by then. In Star Wars these life forces coming from the Earth (or another planet) are called ‘The Force’. It is the basis that causes we can live on the Earth.

Initiation in the life worlds

Entering the life world without preparations is not something you can do like that. Neither can we observe our own life body with the usual senses. At the most around someone’s body in the evening twilight you can see lighting up very vague a kind of balloon, initially white but ever more pink. When you intensify this, you are observing in the life body of someone. In us is this body the place where live the own willing impulses. You only get these clear when you have done something (Schopenhauer’s will that only comes to a revelation by acting). Your own thoughts that are stored here in the memory (in the proteins of the muscles) you only get clear when start to move (which is called in politics the walking corridor). When we dream at nights, our soul and spirit leave the body, and the life body then maintains the life. When your soul and spirit return and they do not directly connect with the life body, the extra-corporal events are not impressed in the life body, and then you do not remember your dreams. So you do the other way around.

In ancient Greece observing in the life world was preceded by a big preparation. This is told in the path of the deceased, who had to cross river the Lethe (oblivion). If you did this consciously and by life, you first had to drink the beaker of forgetfulness so that you did no more remember how the earthly relations are, for the laws and workings in the life worlds and still higher are of entirely different nature (something that is forgotten with most of the UFO observations; these are being explained physically). After this you had to drink the beaker of remembering of how it was before your birth, when you still were in those higher worlds. Like this you could find the way in the life world, and later on also the way back. Then you drank the beakers turned around.

Now this entire story of initiation stands expressed at the sky by the star constellations in and around the southern Milky Way. I describe these here short.

Just under the Zodiac in the southern Milky Way you first meet three star constellations: the Little and the Great Dog, and the Unicorn.

Unicorn is the illusion of the earthly, which does not help you on in the higher worlds; the Indians call this maia, veils of illusion of the material world.

-Above this and at the right stands the Lesser Dog, and this is the archetype for your own little waiter op the threshold. This stature is made by your own higher spirit together with your angel, and shows you all your imperfections in one, so your so-called double, on which you first have to work before you can enter undamaged the strong life forces in your own organs and as well can handle these. This is a protection for the initiation in yourself. This waiter walks always besides you on your further paths, and shows you where you still need to work on yourself. And while we not always feel for working on ourselves, we project its workings in ‘the evil’ that then is in the other instead of in ourselves. The media manipulation gratefully plays on this.

-Under the Unicorn stands the Greater Dog, archetype for the big waiter on the threshold to the other worlds, now more outside of ourselves. It is the overall of forces and qualities we already have developed, and this stature holds up the promise to us that we still can grow bigger when we for to develop us further inwardly and explain ourselves with the higher worlds. The clearest star in this constellation, Sirius, is connected to Mother Carey, or Isis Sophia who represents our Mother Earth. According to common astronomy this is the closest standing star.

-Parting from the Little Dog, under the Zodiac and above the Milky Way, stands the long star constellation the Great Water Snake, with besides it the Beaker and the Crow. The Great Water Snake is the archetype for our desire, and this has condensed into our intestine system, with which we digest and transform our earthly, so that we have fuel and building substances. This is the river Lethe from the Greek saga, for here under the diaphragm we are not conscious of our life processes.

-Above the Great Water Snake you first pass along the Beaker: This is the beaker of oblivion. Translated in the intestines, this is the pancreas, which excretes all the enzymes with which we can break down the proteins and sugars from our nutrition, in such a way that these can be transported over the intestine wall. And thus ‘forget’ themselves.

-The Crow is the beaker of remembering. Physically translated in the intestines these are the sour salts from the gallbladder, with which fat is divided in very tiny bulbs, so that it can pass over the intestine wall and remembers itself again in the liver what it was, namely fuel for our physiological processes.

-The Great Water Snake ends in the Wolf, a chaotic heap of stars gathered without a clear form. This is the archetype for the chaotising workings of digested nutrition: Dung on a field gives a larger harvest because it chaotises and thus makes vivid the bottom. As such is the wolf also the image of our inner teacher, for only through chaos can we come to a change, if not we stay stuck in the comfort zone of habits.

-Under the Great Dog stands the Dove, deep down at the southern starry sky. It shows a slated rising up line and a somewhat waving horizontal star line. It is the archetype for our conscience, which dwells in the heart and is connected to the middle nerve node in it. We weigh what comes unto us with what this arouses in our willing as reactions, and like this we come to actions or don’t. The Dove shows you the possibilities to this.

-Slanted besides and under the Dove stands the Easel. This star constellation stands close to the South Pole of the starry sky, is light feeble and stretches from the zones of Taurus until Leo. It stands slanted under the Ship Argo. It has to do with the reflective faculty in our consciousness of the processes in the life worlds, in and around us. You can develop that faculty by schooling of your chakras.

-Downward passed over both Dogs Honden the Milky Way continues in the fivefold star constellation the Ship Argo. This is the center of the Milky Way, so also the center of the life forces that originate here. The overall star constellation is the great archetype for our life body. In the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts Jason sails out to acquire the golden fleece. This is the skin of the Ram, which means the astral skin of consciousness around the life body through which you can observe what comes into you and what goes out as life gestures and beings. This is the archetype of the Grail, our developmental being. Jason however was lazy and did not conquer this golden fleece by himself, but let his wife Medea steal it for him. After this he sails away from that place and is attacked by sea robbers, after which the ship with all and everything sinks to the bottom of the sea, the collective sub-consciousness. So the Ship Argo is the archetype for our consciousness in the life body, that has sunk deep down in the sub-consciousness. The Germanics called this life body with its potencies in which our ego could stand up, the life tree Yggdrasil or ‘I’-carrier. And the five parts of the constellation Ship Argo cohere with the modifications of the life tree in us, which you can find back in the different organ systems in us, our own inner trees, each one a differentiation of the paradisial life tree in our organ systems.

*Argo-Stern: This partial star constellation shows like an ascending cage, as is as well the shape of a 17th century ship. In the back part of such a wooden ship as it was used in the 16th and 17th century (the time that the southern star constellations were being named during the sea journeys to the southern hemisphere), amongst others there is the caboose, the kitchen and dining room. You find here as well the bridge with the steering wheel, from where it is conducted. You find back these workings on an inner level in the legend of Parcival, as it is told by Wolfram von Eschenbach. He sees in the Grail castle that the Grail, a chalice, goes around along all thee tables, and the knights and ladies give it the best of all spices, so that they honor these. This is the archetype for all inner organs, which send of their finest life forces, the life ether, to the hypophysis or pituitary gland, our ancient clairvoyant eye, or our Grail chalice, through which it is honored and can become clairvoyant anew. Thus forms the Stern the inner digesting tree with intestine canal and inner organs, which all feed the hypophysis, our Grails chalice, with the finest life ether substances.

*Argo-Keel: This partial star constellation shows the carrying stem of the Ship Argo that cleaves its way through the (life) waters. With our first breathing we take in our soul in us. This impresses itself on the brain cortex, which is different for each human in its plies and lobes, and an exact imprint of the planet positions at that moment. This is a blueprint of our earthly destiny, expressed in the positions of the planets and stars. This tissue still grows on for a half or whole year via our nerves until in our muscles. Thus forms the nerve-sense tree from our brains. And this forms the matrix for our body and fate in our earthly life, the keel for our further earthly development.

*Argo-Compass: This small partial star constellation of Ship Argo forms a star line that splits in two downward. It is the archetype for our intuitive forces, die light up suddenly like in a flash, and then again disappear, but do form the guideline for our acting. So like an inner compass. It coheres with the small brains, which conduct our life processes from out of the parasympathetic nerve system and the hormonal regulation of soul processes in us, which usually runs unconscious, for it is conducted by our angel. It gives us a key to act from suddenly lighting up insight, so a key to train with our intuitive faculties, which are the highest which we as humans can develop.

*Argo-Sails: This partial star constellation has the shape of a parallelogram, so it has to do with the earthly-physical. The sails a ship form the propulsion, the energy to motion, which comes from the wind, so the air. In us the lungs absorb oxygen and thus give us the life forces upon which base run our physiological, life processes. So you can see the sails of this star constellation as the lung tree in us, that part of the life tree that gives us prana or ch’i, life. This is transposed to our entire organism by the small blood circulation, which is also enriched with the sense impressions. The lung tree also coheres close with the tree of the small blood circulation.

*Argo-Flying Fish: this partial star constellation forms a group of stars that is connected with the Keel of Ship Argo, as if it penetrates in it. A flying fish brings the life forces of the water to the air and therewith at the light, so at the consciousness. In our lymph lives the primal astrality in which are also based the desires. So the star constellation coheres with the lymph tree in us, and gives keys for development through that we can become conscious of our soul dregs and by transforming this we can develop on.

-Slanted above the Ship Argo, in the ascending line of the southern Milky Way, stands the Centaur. It encloses the star constellation Southern Cross. As star constellation it shows a few striving up and joining star lines, forming in a kind of arrow upward. In the Greek myths was the centaur half horse, half human. It cohered with the taming of the life forces, like you see now adolescent girls struggling with the taming of their sexuality in the breaking of horses. And this is where the centaur as star constellation stands for: the taming and erecting of the life forces, which in itself are very wise, but initially wild and untamed. This offers tool for inner development by controll of the will.

-The Southern Cross is a kind of quadrangle and it stands between the legs of star constellation Centaur, as was it his cross. It coheres with the wheel of karma. If you only run after your desires and thrives, you stay captured within the laws of karma. If you want to rise above this, it is good to behold your thrive life and from where you stand, transform this to a higher state. Of course only if you feel the inner need to this. The Southern Cross can keep this before you to develop on.

The small star constellation the Set-square nowadays only consists of two visible stars, but it was discovered there were seen three, standing rectangular to each other; hence its name. It is one of the few objects that were seen at the sky. Assuming that the 17th century sea travellers had enough imaginative and inspirational forces so that they could also perceive the meaning of a star constellation, this star constellation coheres with the geometric shapes in our life body, which however have been formed out too much, so are hardened. Our life flows, going out from the navel lotus, form the life paths upon which base we think. Through our education there have come into these hardenings by the dogmas and moralisms that have been imprinted to them. To this gives Set-square tools, to be able to look at these and soften them, transform, so that we become receptive again for the workings from the cosmos and higher angel hierarchies.

-The three star constellation Compasses as well stands close to the ascending branch of the Milky Way. It coheres with our present-day Euclidian world vision, through which we experience ourselves as a middle point, the world and other people as a periphery. The star constellation helps us to become conscious of ourselves, but as well see the limitations of this, so that we can develop a more social consciousness for man and the Earth.

The star constellation Southern Triangle is actually a quadrangle (earth directed) as a parallelogram wherewith the upper two stars stand closely together. It stands under the ascending Milky Way. A triangle indicates spiritual creation, a quadrangle the earthly. In us is this the archetype from where we can re-create ourselves, so it coheres with the regenerative cells in the gonads and in the perineum, where still can be found back our primal stem cells. This forms the basis for heredity, and gives tools to transform ourselves entirely until in the physical plan.

-The star constellation Altar shows two parallelograms (quadrangles) on each other, which have been shifted to each other. This gives the image of a double transformation of the earthly. It is the archetype for the liver, in which all earthly substances from the guts (sugars, vats and amino acids) are being transformed into fuels (sugars and fats) and body-own substances (proteins). With these we form as well as transform ourselves; every 7 years all body tissues are replaced entirely, so we are only moment pictures in our physical appearance, and constant in change, development. The Altar gives indications and tools to this.

-The three starry light feeble constellation Southern Crown stands between the legs of the Archer, Sagittarius. It shows a bended chalice slanted down. this indicates that it has to do with clairvoyance in the life worlds. To this give the Southern Triangle us the key.

-The small star constellation Telescope, of which there are only two stars visible with the naked eye, shows a line downward. Like the Compasses and Set-square, it is an object that has been viewed at the sky. It indicates clairvoyant observation and the amplifying the attention when you peer into the life worlds.

– The Milky Way continues its path between the Scorpion and Sagittarius to the northern starry sky, and in it or nearby stand the star constellations Snake Tamer, Snake’s Tail, Eagle, Arrow, Swan, Cepheus and Cassiopeia. This however is a different path of development, which I have worked out in the previous blog.

Your initiation?

All the described star constellations in or at the southern Milky Way in one way or another have to do with the conscious going of the path through the life worlds. And at this moment of the human development, now that with the winter solstice of 2012 the path of our consciousness through the heart has been reinforced, is this the path which we will follow in the centuries to come. Ever more people are born for who this path stands open. Ever more young people perceive elemental beings and angels in these life worlds, and sometimes also the deceased persons that stayed lingering in them. Finishing these people as hallucinating and shoot them full of psychiatric drugs is no solution. Giving them good guidance in their observations does however. And this is what we do in the Jasper School, individually as well as in groups as a process. Besides in house and landscape healings, for we also have destroyed many life patterns on the Earth by ignorance (or greed). Here lays an important hesitation for many people to take their observations serous, for when you know you not only have to deal with the physical worlds, and are being carried the life worlds and still higher ones, gives a larger responsibility for your deeds. For destroying things, profit from it or leaving behind your garbage in nature suddenly has bigger consequences as what your conscience already indicated by gnawing inside.

Is this path one for you? Contact us.

See also my recently translated book ‘Self-Realization’ Chapter 11-13 about the beings behind physical reality.


Nicolaas the Jong.


18 Feb

5. The Northern Starry Sky and our Consciousness Development

Image formation

Until now all the big leading cultures predominantly had their center on the northern hemisphere, above which the northern starry sky stands; this means above the Zodiac. In winter the northern people also see clear Orion, even though that star constellation stands underneath of the Zodiac, because here the Zodiac rises high at the sky. In ancient Egypt however this star constellation was seen as their god Osiris, who was killed and lived on in the underworld, which means the subconsciousness. They also saw in the southern star Sirius in the Big Dog Isis, their goddess of the Earth. And the star Alcyon in the Little Dog was for them the dog-god Anubis, waiter of the underworld. These are examples of how the northern starry sky coheres with the development of consciousness, if you know to read this well. The southern hemisphere of stars coheres more with the unconscious life world and its vegetative processes. See to this as well my first blog.

Concerning our post-Atlantic culture development: after the exits from Atlantis, that went down by water disasters, it continued via ancient India, of which the Veda’s and Upanishads are a last precipitation, Persia/Mesopotamia, with the Gilgamesh epos as a precipitation, Egypt, Greece, the Romans to the Germanics, who were guarded by the Celts. The Celts and Fins are the last peoples that left Atlantis. The Chinese as descendants of the last bog Atlantic culture of the primal Mongols, have conserved, guarded and further elaborated the knowledge about the life body and its processes. We encounter this now in the Tibetan Pön and in Taoism. The Celts as well had this knowledge and applied in a different way. You find back this weaving in the life world with the so-called wooden, metal and stone interlace, the wood cut work and cultic metal objects which they made, and after them their followers after the Germanics. This changing sequence of cultures went together with each time a change of consciousness, wherewith each time a certain limb of the soul was elaborated and made ready to receive around the year zero our spirit germ, to which we say from our 3rd year ‘I’, and start to work with it. Through it we were meant to awaken step by step form the group consciousness of family, clan and tribe, and up to an individual consciousness. To be able to ultimately become an independent spirit. In this development of the ego from out of the group consciousness we are still in the middle.

This path is carefully prepared from the mystery places. Thus there was from 1000 A.D. at the banks of the Eufrat just south of modern Turkey the central place of Marduk (who we now know as Archangel Michael). The members of the traveling caravans that passed by were incited to join their feasts. In the evening around a fire at sunset the family and tribe were honored. At sunrise the individual was honored. And in this way acknowledgement of the individual was slowly awoken. Ancient Greece know the ‘big mysteries’ on the island Samothrace. On it, you prepared yourself for over a year to ultimately speak out in smoke the names of the three ‘Kabyrs’, these are the representatives of the Mars-half of the Earth, until the year zero, the Mercury-half of the Earth, from that year, with in between the Christ-input of the ‘I Am’ for each human, which changed everything on Earth. These did appear in the smoke. When you had seen this, you acknowledged the sense of your earthly existence and could take on you your life tasks. See for the developmental stages stadia through which our cosmos goes my third blog, about the cosmic octave in us.

In the placement of the Egyptian pyramids as well as the Scottish mystery place you see a reflection of the northern star constellation the Swan, which coheres with the consciousness of the ego. The Celts had their central sanctuary in and around Newgrange in East Ireland. Here you were being initiated in the forces of the ego in midwinter already thousands of years before A.D. Avalon, near Glastonbury, had a direct inner connection with Knowth, situated next to Newgrange, where you were honored by twelve priests in your own spiritual qualities. The Celts in their earth bound mysteries, as the only ancient culture have also witnessed the death and resurrection of the Christ being. This stroke saint Patrick when in the fifth century he was sent by the pope to convert them: they already had their own form of Christianity, connected to the four elements. The Germanics had their central sanctuary at the Externsteine in the middle of Germany. Here the individual human ego at first needed to undergo a test of courage, to be initiated afterwards in the cosmos, with the help of twelve guardians who each carried a part of the still very delicate ego. The Germanics were prepared by the Celts to carry the ego totally conscious in their physical body; the peoples before them still carried this in a dreamy condition, cohering with their soul development of that moment. In the 6th century A.D. the Celtic-Christian monks built meditation towers, spread all over Ireland, in the shape of the northern star constellations the Big and Little Bear and the Dragon, and these constellations have to do with the erection of the spinal chord (the Dragon) through which the ego can become conscious in the brains (both Bears). Shortly after this Celtic Christianity, in as much it was not yet taken over by the papists, became the prey of the Normans, who funded an own kingdom in Ireland, through which this Celtic Christianity threatened to be lost externally. You also find this back in the legends of Avalon, which disappeared by the church-Christian tradition. Behind this however there hides a completely different though hidden knowledge. The Greek folk soul namely had offered itself for the formation of the external church. The Roman folk soul took care that the individual ego for each civilian could develop in a protected way, with the origin of the civil rights. And the Celtic folk soul offered itself for the progress of esoteric Christianity, with its branches amongst others in different monk orders, Manicheism, the Templars, Rosecrusians and Anthroposophy. These are the different steps of the Grail, which means the gradual inner development of animal via human to an angel consciousness.

And in this way you can trace back how culture was and still is conducted.

The five north polar star constellations

Now the development as can be read from the northern starry sky.


The Little Bear now heeds the North Pole; in the course of this century it will move to the star constellation Cepheus. The earthly North Pole circulates through five star constellations during the world year of about 21.000 earthly years.

You can consider these five north-polar star constellations as archetypes for our bodies. And from their subsequent exodus from Atlantis in relation to the north-polar star constellations have arisen from this the different human races, who each have developed strongly a specific body. As follows:

– The Dragon has to do with incarnation until in the physical body, and as such with the planet Saturn lays out our spleen process. Through it we can work out our willing impulses and write our deeds in the blood as memories. A dragon is in many myths a fire-spitting monster with a golden treasure: it imagines the promise of incarnation as a possibility for growth by getting to know the ego fire and learning to control it. In Atlantis these Saturn-mysteries were guarded by what we now know as the Red Indians. They cohere with an experience of unity of the spirit. These guardians sailed out westward: the Indian race know their Great Spirit as the undivided God. Their most important task is explaining themselves with death. They are strongly connected to the physical body.

Cepheus has to do with the physical body which you make to your own home, with the memory in it; hence the link is made with the archetypal Adam, It is a precipitation of the planet Mars that lays out in us the gallbladder process, by which we can create space for ourselves and our impulses. the coheres with the primal Mongolian race, that brought much knowledge from Atlantis about the life body from out of an ancestral memory, and through this also much knowledge about the life forces and energy.

– The Swan has to do with the awakening of the ego in the astral body, the ego consciousness, and cohering with this the becoming conscious of life and death. It coheres with the planet Venus who lays out in us the kidney process: connected to her is the Australian race, the aboriginals. Their didgeree doo music helps you to descend in your lymph flows by a dream-like consciousness, and thus find the guidance of the own Angel, as well by singing that shows them the way.

– The Lyre imagines the music that your higher ego plays on the soul through the intestines, through which you can work out your karma; or the image of the soul that plays on the life body. This coheres with the planet Mercury who lays out the lungs in us and as well the navel-chakra, with which you conduct your life body. The brown African race has to do with this impulse: the African lives mostly from out of the life body with its very differentiated rhythms.

– The Little Bear, just like the Big Bear is a box on a stem, coheres with the brains, and the Little bear specifically with the vegetative small brains. You can see the brains and the nerve system as the physical outworking of the astral body. This coheres with Jupiter who laid out in us the liver process and the nerve system. Cohering with this is the development of the primal Semitic race, so the Indians, Arabs, Jews and white peoples. In them the nerve system is dominant, which amongst others appears from out image of the atom, consisting of a dense kernel, with very far away around it the electrons as loads: this is the reflection of a nerve cell with its long offshoots that transfer loads. We make images of what we are ourselves. It makes this race suited to refine observations in the physical world and explain itself with it, just like modern science tends to do. And thus develop technique. When this race does not develop itself inwardly, with the degeneration it becomes the apocalyptic blond beast from the sea, which coheres with the implosion of the consciousness in nerve system, making us a slave of greed and desires, in short the primal thrives. Nazi Germany has been a prelude to this.

The northern Circle of Heroes

The development of our consciousness began when we started to take use of our senses, for which Hercules stands, via the development of ego-conscious man in Perseus who marries with the human soul in the body, Andromeda, until the three spirititual faculties of clairvoyancy, imagination, clear hearing and feeling, where to as well conducting, the inspiration, and clear willing, the intuition will be developed in the Snake Tamer Ophiochus. In that star constellation man can keep these three higher forms of consciousness together and gives the start to a new world cycle of development. It was or is each time half god who did before a task on the Earth so that entire humanity could copy this thereafter. That is why this group of northern star constellations is called the Circle of Heroes. Underneath I will discuss them on their sequence. With this you can trace a personality test within your own horoscope, ny looking at the positions of the Sun, moon and the planets. At the end below I will give you some tools to this.

Sequence of human development within the northern Circle of Heroes

Hercules looks like coming out of the head of the Dragon, and he stands with his head downward, as seen from the Zodiac. This is the image of the man who comes from the spiritual worlds and incarnates in the physical body in which he needs to take serve of his twelve senses. And in doing this he can chasten his thrives. You find this back in the tale of the twelve works Hercules had to accomplish to put straight that he once killed a man out of rage.

– The Snake’s Head and Northern Crown – these two constellations are closely related. The Snake erects itself and inclines to the Northern Crown, which is like an open chalice upward. This is the consciousness in the head, which initially still was open to the cosmos, and even today at birth we still are a bit open at the skull, until our fontanels close. These star constellations together have to do with the Greek sage of Ariadne who had spun a thread for Theseus so that he could find the way back from the labyrinth (the brain windings). In the labyrinth lived the Minotaurus, half man half bull, who each time demanded a human sacrifice. This creature is an image for the strong digestive forces in the pituitary gland, causing we could not think clearly (we still have this a little after we a heavy meal). Through that Theseus killed the Minotaurus, these digestive forces in the head were lessened and you can always think clearly when you are awake. The labyrinth was situated on Crete; that lay in between the culture of Small Asia and Europe/Greece, and it formed a culture of transit. The gestures of the Snake’s Head and Northern Crown you also find back in the functional tissues of the kidneys; the islands of Bowland and the tubes of Malpighi, which together excrete the finished protein substances, axtract the soul forces and send these to the head. Because of this we can observe and think clear.

-The Bear Tender (Boötes) has to do with the erection of the life body, through which we can act as well when standing or sitting. The plant works with this in such a manner that it can grow toward the Sun. The star constellation also coheres with Dyonisos who introduced the wine cultivation. Through the hangover after drinking you incarnate ever deeper in the physical body, and this was very necessary at that time.

-The Hair of Berenice represents ancient virginal wisdom that was lost through drinking alcohol and thereupon incarnation.

-The Hunting Dogs (Canes Venatici) cohere with the sense of smelling and tracing, a sense organ that is connected to morality: this is what makes man to a human, because we not only think, but weigh our thoughts and acts with the conscience. A faculty that was given to us already at an early stage of development.

– The Big Bear or Dipper, a box on a stem, coheres with our large brains, through which we can think and erect us. The Big and Little Bear together clasp the tail of the Dragon: the large and small brains can erect the spinal chord through their clearness and tus we can develop our clear day-consciousness. Because it stands the above the Lion, it is as well the reflection of the heart in which impressions and willing impulses come together, or rather the three nerve ganglions that cohere with the moral heart functions feeling for truth (the top one), the will for the good (the lowest) and the conscience (the middle one). These three together make up the heart’s rhythm. The star constellation is seen as the place where Christ was carried into our cosmos, and the seven brighter stars in this constellation then are seen as the seven Rishi’s, the teachers of mankind who prepared His coming and incarnation.

– The Little Lion (Leo Minor) underneath of the Big Bear coheres with the pericardium, which screens off the heart from too much influences from the outside. Through this our heart can carry our spirit germ, our ego.

– The Lynx is a next step in the development. It coheres with the darkness on heaven’s mountain, and therefor with closing off, the formation of skins, contours, enclosing surfaces, evil, the separation. Here the consciousness is no longer the ‘we’, but the ‘I and the other’. Death’s fear which coheres with the cat-like animals becomes conscious here at humanity.

– The Wagoner (Auriga) has the shape of our larynx, with which is coheres as well. It has to do with the taming and controlling, directing of the life forces, and these can thus lead tot word forces, so speach. Through the word we can express our spirit force on the Earth in communication; we can give words to ideas and thus transmit these.

– The Giraffe has a kite shape and has to do with the thyroid gland, situated before the throat (like the Wagoner it stands in the zone of star constellation Taurus, the archetype for the throat). This helps us to form and maintain our physical body. This you will notice when there is something wrong. Bone decalcification Parkinson’s disease can be the effects.

Perseus is the archetype for the human that erects and thus becomes completely aware of itself. In the Greek myth he kills Medusa, a goddess of destiny: from her neck arise snakes (these are old wisdom forces of the life body), the silver sword of the intellect, and the poet horse Pegasus, meaning the clairvoyant imaginative thinking that is freed from the body.

– The Northern Triangle that stands above the Ram is the stamp of God, Dios, upon creation. The start and closing of the cosmos, which starts with the Ram.

Cassiopeia is the wife of Cepheus, where she stands underneath, and both were the rulers of Ethiopia in the Greek myth. She is the general human soul which still is not individualized, and hence without being able to act (she is seen at the sky hand wringing). It is the condition of our soul when before our descent to the Earth we meet our kindred at the Sun, are melt together with and work on one another so that later on Earth we can meet out of the soul recognition and the feelings this calls forth.

Andromeda is hanging upside down on the rocks (the physical body) and can be swallowed by the Whale underneath of the Zodiac, or connect with Perseus (the human ego) who rescues her, so that they get seven children together: image for the ego with its three soul limbs and three spirit limbs. She stands above the Fishes, so the constellation is very important for this time, namely being the archetype for our consciousness soul which can become conscious on the physical body. Their children you can recognize in the star constellations that come after both. Let’s first make this clear: the era of the Fishes has only started in 1417 with the Renaissance. At present the vernal point of spring stands at 5 degrees in the Fishes, and it will still last 360 years before this enters Waterman. Then it will need about a 1000 years before there will come an initiate that completely lives into this impulse and wakes it up. And then it will take about 500 years before it will be absorbed by humanity as a whole. Our culture period has started when Parcival could make himself to a Grail king by falling and rising up again, around the year of 950 A.D. This was first picked with the Renaissance, about 500 years afterwards.

-The Lizard (Lacerta) represents the choice of freedom for man. It stands above and in between Andromeda and Pegasus, above the Fishes, and so it has to do with the present. It puts us the question: to where do you want to develop? Our time is about the division of mankind, from the direct question: do you go for the spirit (your own inner development) or for matter? Upward or downward? In our body this spiritual reality has condensed in the two uppermost neck vertebrae, the atlas and twister in the neck, through which we can freely move our head.

Pegasus, the poet horse, is our imaginative or spirit self faculty, with which we can have inner clearvoyant images that are free from the body. It is our next spiritual limb, equal to that of an angel, which can be worked out in the next Waterman culture time. The star constellation stands above the Waterman.

– The Foals are a continuation of Pegasus, and has to do with the rejuvenating thinking forces of the spirit self. You can experience this when you speak freely spiritual images: these nourish you and your audience, in opposition to abstract notions.

– The Dolphin, standing above the Goat, indicates the faculties of inspiration, or clear hearing, clear feeling and the faculty of conducting in life processes. This is called the life spirit and is equal to the consciousness of an archangel, who conducts and guides groups of people. In the Capricorn culture period we can elaborate this faculty further.

-The Arrow (Sagitta) stands at the border of Capricorn and Sagittarius. Together with the Eagle it forms our intuitive faculties to be developed, the forces of clear willing, or observing the willing germs to become within yourself, in other people and in the phenomena, and act after this in helping them realize. This faculty is called the spirit man, the magician and is equal to the consciousness of a time spirit. We can elaborate this further when the vernal point of spring enters Sagittarius. the Arrow is in this the body-freed intuitive thinking that has a strong penetrating force.

– The Eagle (Aquila), above Sagittarius, is the intuition that has become body free until in the actions, and that has formed itself back the Scorpion that has fallen in the beginning.

– The Snake Tamer (Ophiochus) carries all three the higher forms of consciousness within, and he can call to life the snakes, tame them, carry and conduct. Thus he becomes the start for a new Zodiac: he presses down the zodiacal star constellation of Scorpion. This one was the start of our world: the eagle and snake that decayed into a scorpion. So the magician. His shape is also cyclic, just like the entire Zodiac.

The Snake Tamer stands underneath of Hercules, however with the head up as being the end of an intire cycle of becoming and start for a new one. And with him is the Circle of Heroes at the northern starry sky complete.

Where do you stand now?

You can trace for yourself where your consciousness lays: planets that stand parallel with a star constellation indicate which organ in you needs to develop specific qualities, which are indicated by the star constellations above it. This can give you a personality test of your state development. It can be that je you still have to catch up with or fine tune what you ever slept over. The influence of the different celestial bodies:

The moon   – in the life, the brains as a reflection of the life processes

Mercury – the lungs and life body (the ancient Indian culture)

Venus – kidneys and astral body (the ancient Persian culture)

The Sun – heart and ego, our spirit germ (events around AD in Palestine)

Mars – gallbladder and sentient soul (Babylonian and Egyptian culture)

Jupiter – liver and intellect soul (Greek-Roman culture)

Saturn – spleen and consciousness soul (the present Fishes period, started in 1417)

Uranus – pituitary gland and spirit self, angel consciousness (future Slavic-Iranian culture)

Neptune – epiphysis and life spirit, archangel consciousness (future Californian culture)

Pluto – side-kidneys and spirit man, time spirit consciousness (a next future culture cycle)

Note that the horoscope charts always render the placement in the star signs, and not the star constellations. With the star map underneath yu can find at the top and bottom the star signs in relation to the star constellations.

Success with your figuring out !

In the next blog will discuss op the paths and workings of the southern star constellations along the Milky Way.

Star Map Broad

You find more information about the star constellations in the following books:

‘Karmic Astrosophy – a practical method of experience within image, music en plastic art’.

Science Otherwise, in which all the Angel hierarchies in relation to the planet spheres and stars are being described. Besides how you can renew science when working out of your organs as the inner planetary system

A Philosophy of Love (in translation), in which all star constellations are being described as ideals

Consciousness in the Heart (in translation), in which the organs are being described as meditative contents and as schooling paths

Weekday Exercises, with which you can waarin je per dag van de week aan het voor die dag relevante orgaan kunt werken, en ook de relevante serrenbeelden als gebaren

Gestures of the Star Constellations as Ideals (in translation), with video’s of the music and gestures of the star constellations (music also on CD)

Self Realization (in translation), in which stand all the schooling methods of the Jasper School, with introductions, mantric sayings, images, music and dance.


20 Jan

4. The Paths in the Starry Sky to develop yourself inwardly

A beautiful maze of stars

In my first blog I explained that the star constellations are the cause of our ideals, taken along from them. But how do you find yourself back in that star-sewed night sky?

When you look up in the evening with a clear sky, you see at first an apparent maze of stars. You see groups of stars standing together, can pull lines and wonder about the silent expansion, that only is broken by a fallen star if you ‘re lucky (and one of the many satellites if you have less luck). Besides the two Bears, Orion and the Northern Cross the knowledge stops with most people. How do you get clarity in this? To this you need to realize well some observations, facts and feelings.

Firstly, when you open your heart, you can feel the closeness of the stars, so that far is not their world. Some people hear anew when certain stars rise above the horizon. That was much more common in the days of old. Pythagoras was the last person of whom this is known, and around 550 B.C. he developed our twelve tone system from it – see to this my second blog. In our language we still find back many of those direct connections to the stars. Someone can sing the stars from heaven, you can rise and beam like a star, and as well flower shapes are often seen as star gestures. Geometry has arisen from the stars, and their precipitation you find back in all natural realms, from gem stones to plant to animal shapes. Even the inner structure of our bones has the six angular star as its basic pattern. The Germanic runes have been brought down to Earth as condensed star language. E.g. the Germanic rune ‘B’ (Berkana) coheres with the constellation of Cassiopeia (I will once have a separate blog on this).


A Search for Ordering

From what is known from antiquity I found four star paths at the sky that appear to give you an access to different heavenly realms. After I had worked with these for several years I met the angel gate guardians of those realms. And later I found an affirmation of this in the known Chinese story of King Ape. Apparently their culture still knows the stargate guardians still from Atlantis, from where they as well have deep knowledge about the life forces. I elaborated this working with the star constellations in schooling methods, in which I work with the sounds and rhythms of the stars. I have the participants model out in clay what they observe inwardly, where they come in themselves, and which ideal is being awoken. See also my first blog. So what you read here is thoroughly tested. To find order, you can consider the following facts in their consequences:

-Our four bodies and their connections to the elements and natural realms (which we can experience strongly in the four advent weeks, for in them the angel detaches from those inner bodies):

  • The element earth is connected to our physical body, which we share with the mineral realm.
  • The element water is connected to our life body, which conducts the body juices in which our physiological processes play. We share this body with the plant realm, for plants have also a life body.
  • The element air with in it the light in al its coloring hues is connected to our soul, in which the feelings live (to the outside feelings are color, to the inside sound). We share this realm with the animals, that as well carry a soul.
  • The element fire is connected to our spirit, which conducts all the other bodies from the warmth. If we individualize this warmth, we call our spirit germ from early age ‘I’. It is our inner personal star light, and with it we can go an individual development. While we arde the only self-conscious spirit in a physical body, is the fourth natural realm the human realm. For that matter, there are different beings from parallel realms of the angels of heaven and earth often incarnated in this human realm.

-The star constellations make up our ideals, brought along from before birth. And with inner observation you can recognize their gestures within you and do these to come to those ideal forces. We do this by means of clay modeling. See for more about this my first blog.

-Stars and sounds are closely coherent. To this I worked out a method to determine their pitch by their distance to the eclipse, and their rhythm from their pace through the Zodiac (see blog 3). To this I had to develop star maps with the Zodiac as a center or focus. Here is one, with the Zodiac in the middle (the arrow indicates the direction of the Sun, Moon and planets):


Note: here the North and South pole of the Zodiac have been extended into a line. See for correct star maps underneath.

-When star constellations are being recognized as separate constellations in a certain culture, this means that they come to the consciousness in that culture. Many of the star constellations were known in antiquity, and we inhere this knowledge through Babylonians, Egyptians and Greeks. Only from the 16th century onwards we started to sail the southern seas, and many of the star constellations that you can see from the southern hemisphere have come to our acknowledgement since that time. This happened with the Flood Eridanus and connected to it the southern bird constellations. The Inca natives from South America know many birds at the night sky; here you see parallels.


The four Starry Ways

In accordance with the four human bodies and their relation to the four natural realms, I came to the following four separate starry ways:

1-Along the Zodiac. This path is connected to the development of our spirit, our ‘ego’ all through zodiacal zones. It is closely connected to the warmth breathing of the Sun all through the year (causing the four seasons in our moderate northern regions), and of the life breathing from the Moon during a month (influencing our soul moods). The movement of the Moon is more or less coherent with her pace through the Zodiac. The planets each heve their own tempo in direct and retrograde pace through the Zodiac, and we take along their forces as our inner organs (see to this my second blog). With their passage through the Zodiac all these heavenly bodies mediate the forces and qualities of the star constellations that stand north and south of the Zodiac and parallel to them. See the map above. The star constellations form our ideals, and during the passage of a planet or the Sun and Moon these star constellation ideals are being awoken (see again my first blog). This has to do with our spleen process, which regulates the making of blood cells in the bone marrow: here the relevant star constellation ideals that are warmth crystals in and around us, are being woven into the blood cell proteins as gestures. With these we can give shape to our life and form our biography.

2-Along the northern starry sky in relation to the Zodiac. This starry sky is coherent with our astral or soul body, in which our consciousness lives. The northern starry sky consists of the north-polar constellations Dragon, Little Bear, Cepheus, Swan (Northern Cross) and Lyre, and the so-called Circle of Heroes. This circle starts with Hercules and ends with the Snake Tamer standing under it. This starry path describes the entire development of human consciousness. This starts with making use of the physical body with the 12 senses in Hercules (the twelve works he had to accomplish to chasten his soul), runs via the Big Bear/Dipper – the thinking in the brains), Perseus as the human spirit that marries Andromeda, the human soul. And from this couple come the three spiritual faculties of imagination (Pegasos), inspiration (Delphin) and intuition (Eagle). The Snake Tamer is the archetype for man that has become whole in these three spiritual faculties. He steps in the Zodiac and pushes the Scorpion down, indicating he is the start of a new Zodiac in a new world to come. See the map below.


3-Along the southern Milky Way. This clear star path, which you can see lighting up on a cloudless night (and away from city lights), consist of the cosmic life streams that nourish all life on the Earth. Mother milk is an effect of this: the mother’s breasts are an expression of these life-bringing forces, and the sculptures of mother goddesses all have round shapes with full breasts as a result of this. Between Taurus and Gemini the Milky Way pursuits its path at the southern starry sky, and comes again above the Zodiac between Scorpio and Sagittarius. The southern starry sky is connected to the vegetative, plantlike forces on Earth. Likewise the path along the southern Milky Way is also the path through the mostly unconscious life worlds. The center of these life forces close to the zodiacal South Pole is the five-limbed star constellation Ship Argo; this is the counter-pole of the five north-polar constellations. This southern way coheres with our life body with its physiology and processes, which occur in the water of our body (this contains about 80 % of our physical body). With our day-conscious we are little aware of this, and only in our dreams there sometimes reflect archetypal workings from the sub-consciousness that come from our life body. With the rhythms of the life you can find an access to these (see my blog 3). And the star constellations along the southern Milky Way each indicate a partial aspect of the path all through your own life body. Like all our organs, our intestine tube is represented, in constellation Hydra, the Big Water Serpent, being accompanied by the Crow (archetype of the pancreas) and the Chalice (archetype for the gall bladder). There also stands the Altar, archetype of the liver. At the entrance you encounter the Small and Big Dog, these are the archetypes of our little and big guardian that can stop us from going the path in ourselves all through the life.


4-Around the Flood Eridanus. This is the largest star constellation at the sky. It stands underneath the zodiacal constellations Taurus, Aries, Pisces and Aquarius. Its mouth is near the constellations Orion and Hare. We can see at our latitudes in winter well Orio, the heavenly warrior, because Taurus and Gemini underneath of which he stands, stand high and well visible at the night sky. Eridanus is accompanied by four smaller constellations Oven, Goldfish, Watch and Net. And at its source stand the Little Water Snake and Phoenix. The entire celestial realm is coherent with our heredity and the flow of ancestors. So this starry path is connected the secrets of the inherited physical body, and the path of consciousness growth of its forces means descending consciously all through the organs and tissues until the levels of the cell, cell kernel and DNA. Through this you can discover the willing germs of becoming within yourself and other people. It coheres with the development of intuition. You thus go through the life germs of your germ cells. Phoenix is the uprising of the individual from the hereditary flow of family, clan and people. From Phoenix there follows a group of constellations that are indicated as the southern birds. These are all metamorphoses of the resurrection forces through the individual development from heredity.


This part of the starry sky only became known to us with our discoveries of the southern hemisphere by sea travels. Which means to say coming to our consciousness; in this case the forces of heredity. The middle ager still believed in spontaneous generation: when you left a pot of grain flower alone for some time, there arose flies from it just from the blue. Now we work with heredity until the level of DNA in our chromosomes.

In following blogs I tell more about the different starry ways, and how these cohere more concrete with your own inner development when you want to go this path.

In our educations Inner Development we go these paths


You can order the star maps in A3 size here.


See also the following books:

Cosmobiology describes how and where to recognize the planet workings and star constellations within our physiology, our organs, tissues, and in nature until in the cells.

Science Otherwise, in which all the Angel hierarchies in relation to the planet spheres and stars are being described. Besides how you can renew science when working out of your organs as the inner planetary system

A Philosophy of Love (in translation), in which all star constellations are being described as ideals

Working with the Rhythm and Harmonies of the Planetary Spheres, with explanations of the astrophonic music based on the organs and planets. Compositions out of this method.

Gestures of the Star Constellations as Ideals (in translation), with video’s of the music and gestures of the star constellations (music also on CD)

Self Realization (in translation), in which stand all the schooling methods of the Jasper School, with introductions, mantric sayings, images, music and dance

Weekday Exercises (including a DVD) with which you can work every day with the organ that is relevant for that day. Includes the gestures of inner movements in organs and of relevant star constellations, all based on astrophonic music