Spiritual Science

Observation and considering

8. Voorwerk 4 3e oognisAn observation of the phenomena in and around you you can ponder about and think it over.

You can recognise in it the measure, weight and the number.  Then you retract from reality as a whole. This is what the regular natural sciences tend tot do.

You can as well observe a phenomenon in its wholeness, and experience and describe its qualities. That is what Goethean science does. It has been developed by Goethe and Emerson, and elaborated further by Rudolf Steiner. You can continue to observe in the phenomena the spiritual significance and background, by intensifying your inner organs of observation, connected to your chakras. This means to say observing the beings that cause the phenomenon. You thus penetrate the surfaces of things. This is what spiritual science is heading. It than connects its findings with those of natural science.

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