Organodynamic Design

Gesture and Motion in Form


Modern design of buildings is being characterized by rectangles, flat walls and straight ceilings. The slanted roofs of old are less applied. When one has drawn a house by children from around four years and from different cultures, regardless whether they are Maori, Eskimo, Arab or European, there always appears a house with a slanted roof; a square with a triangle on top. This apparently has archetypal character. Modern development seems to have dropped this. That is neither good nor bad; it is simply a development that goes with modern consciousness.
A house with rectangles and flat walls has its own effects upon man. One can feel free within it and think quietly, for everything has its place and is in rest.
One stup further in the development however is, when one starts to search, couscous or unconscious, for the vivid world of formatie forces behind the physical reality – and ever more children are born that can observeer this life world of playing forces and gestures. In order to meet this need and make a bridge to it, one can apply vivid shares and gestures in the spaces, so that these become more in motion, and one is being led to that life world. Organic design is a step in this direction. There have been made beautiful buildings in this style. When you consider that man does not only feed himself to grow with nutrition but as well with impressions, than you can imagine that it is important with what impressions a growing human is fed. One stays in ones younger years the longest time in the house or life space, and how this is given shape, moulds the righteous growth of a child.

The Rune Workhop has applied itself to the design of spaces in which the children come daily. in kindergartens of Bartele in Amsterdam and in the Sterrelichtjes in Olen, Belgium, can be found some examples.


Organo-dynamic designs:

* Nurseries;

Bartele 1 and Bartele 2 (Amsterdam),

– De Sterrelichtjes / The Star Lights (Olen, Belgium)

the temple-theatre building Widarhalla

* Jewelry

* Peat Wool Vests