Objective Art

Clarity in the Heart through weighing


Hartegraal A HThe issues at stake in Art are expressions of or explanations with and through the soul. It has to appeal to the feeling.

When you experience the soul as a precipitation of planetary forces taken along, you can learn to recognise these as qualities.

You then trespass the subjective expressions in the soulto come to objective observations. This occurs when you learn to observe throug your heart, the centre for the feeling. You arrive at forms of Objective Art. Every big piece of art has more of these qualities, hence the people do experience it as big.


The Rune-Workshop offers from this :

* Paintings of the inner world and its processes

* Methods of self knowledge of the own organ world by means of music and clay modelling, see at the Jasper School

-Poems and short stories

-Video’s in which image, music and word come together

* Music, CD’s

Music-theatre plays to develop oneself inwardly

Choir singing Via Natura

Gigs of Nicolaas Marius and music theatre group LaukaR Unja

Music therapy

Sculptures and sound sculptures


See further also the extended methods of goethean science in sound and form at the Jasper School.