Moral Technique

The Art of Conscious Gestures

Mens_en_etherwereldOnes chakras or lotus flowers lay in between the soul and the life body, this is the body that conducts the life processes (such as ones physiology). These workings are form gestures, like you can see with the proteins.

When you start to develop inwardly by moral work, which means that you start to develop in a conscious way (by the soul) moral gestures, or virtues (with the life body), you open your lotus flowers. The petals of these are form gestures, that you make active by inner work. All through the soul development this will give you higher spiritual skills, so you can better do the things you do.  The personal techniques that you thus develop, are moral techniques in the physical realm, that can only be used by you. Think of a walking rod, chosen by the user, or the devices of  Keely and Tesla, that most often only worked in their presence.


The Rune-Workshop offers the following moral techniques:

Musical instruments

* Talismans from the star constellations as ideal forces, amongst others

* Sculptures of the star constellations as ideal forces

* Peat wool vests with organ shapes

* Working with the own star constellation ideal forces, see at the Jasper School

* Working with Elemental Beings

* Landscape Healing

Consultations and coaching

Conduct of social processes in groups, organisations and firms, and in landscapes