About astrosophy, the new star wisdom , or rather ‘love for the wisdom of the stars’

Astrosophy consists of three levels:

Astrosophy as a way imagination, clairvoyancy

Astrophony as  a means to develop inspiration

Astrognomy as a means to develop intuition through acts and observations

At the base of this work stands the search for the workings of the World Word all through the life world of formative forces. The starting point of this, derived from my own inner, spiritual experiences and their testing at reality, is knowledge about man in all his bodies  and the coherences with the workings of the higher angel beings upon man out of the stars and planets. This is being given shape in astrosophy, the new star science, and its further elaborations and applications in astrophony and astrognomy.

Astrosophy is a form of star science that considers the four human bodies and their interconnection with the four natural realms of fire, air, water and earth, and as well the connections to the star constellations and planets. Starting point form the anthroposophical views, that are being tested by means of newly developed methods of research, and thus are being enriched with new results of research.

Astrophony is an elaboration of the workings of stars and planets within man that can be approached in sound, music and rhythm. There is being researched by means of improvised singing. The results are as well being applied in compositions, that can be performed. Singing opens the soul for the observations of the higher worlds, with which one connects by singing. Furthermore a music theory has been elaborated, that indicates coherences between musical laws and the workings of the planetary spheres and the zodiacal signs, as these express themselves in the human constitution.

Astrognomy is a further elaboration that tries to approach and investigate the astrosophical and astrophonical starting points within organic design by means of clay modelling. Each act, made by man, his attitude, feeling and gesture, are expressions of the absorbed workings of the stars and planets and the beings that are active through these. This is being investigated by means of form giving, within man and within the phenomena. A starting point to these ways of research ar the Goethean sience. It consists of four steps. At first the observation. Second letting the observed phenomenon become an archetype of the idea or ideas that lay behind it, by mere clear thinking. Third thinking away tjes archetype, to be able to observe it as a developmental proces in its inner metamorphosis.Fourth the discovery of the sense in the phenomenon as it occurs in its willing manifestation. Especially the last two steps, those of the search for the inner guidance in transformation processes, and those of sense giving, are being investigated in astrophony and astrognomy. Astrosophy tries to come to imaginative insight of the workings of planets and stars in the phenomena (according to the second step). Astrophony andf astrognomy cohere with inspiration and intuition (clear feeling and clear willing) as developmental work. There is predominantly being worked out of artistic research, not directly out of the thought formation, although the insights out of anthroposophy about the coherences between an and cosmos are being taken as subject by questions of research. The entrance through the feelings and art are connected to the progress in human development, now that the path through the heart has become directly accessible. The Jasper School gives courses and guidance in the layers of consciousness being mentioned, and calls research for the inner guidance, the learning to live oneself into the conductive processes, Objective Art. Learning to observe the willing germs for phenomena, in other beings and within oneself, and helping to develop these, is being called Moral Technique. Common singing and clay modelling are appropriate means to find an access to the inner guidance and observe willing germs, because these connect the observer directly to the phenomena, and have these experience in and all through the soul. The pioneering to this has predominantly been done by Nicolaas M. de Jong.