09 May

Astrosophical Forecast of May – July, 2018

Some of the things that are going on these days are:

• Many people are experiencing positivity and enthusiasm. Besides that there are still a lot of transformations on the level of our souls going on in an either bend or crack manner.
• The elite/cabal is in panic mode, visible in the behavior of various leaders in government, such as the super-obvious FF with nerve agent on Skripal and his daughter and then blaming Russia for that.
• The retribution of the US, the UK and France for the alleged chemical attack by Syria, which is unclear whether or not it happened. There is similar unclarity about what exactly the retribution missiles have hit. It also seemed to have caused a rift between Germany and Russia versus the US, UK and France.
• The arrest and started trial of the actress Allison Mack in her role of “recruiting” young boys and girls for Nxivm, shows the progress that is made in the battle against human- and sex-trafficking, and which could also reignite its further exposure such as that on the Epstein-island and the “pizzagate”-cesspool.
• The Russia collusion investigation has gotten totally out of hand with still no show of evidence in any way whatsoever. Not only is collusion not a crime, but according to the US-Constitution a sitting US-President cannot be indicted, only impeached. So the launch of a Special Council does not seem to be the appropriate avenue, other than an abuse of power to try and build a case for impeachment. The real purpose is on the verge of becoming known while more and more revelations point towards that the DOJ and the FBI were merely working for the deep state and doing their utmost best to find any wrongdoing committed by Trump, but have failed miserably. So it could possibly be shut down soon, or take another maybe more unexpected turn, because there is a lot of ‘Art of War’ strategizing going on with Trumps attempt to drain the swamp.
• An escalation between the Palestinians and Israeli army in the Gaza strip.
• A 3 day revamping of the time and the spirit of the American and French Revolution and the reiteration of the bond of the US and France since that time through the visit of Macron to Trump in Washington DC.
• A peace and reunification Treaty between North and South Korea was signed and the upcoming denuclearization talks between North Korea and the US is planned in May. This is a big deal and an enormous relief for the world and a huge set-back for the elite/cabal.
• The intensified focus of Trump on Iran as the next country to be denuclearized through his decision to pull out of the Iran-deal.
• Facebook and other Social Media platforms are heavily focused on for their unlawful obscured invasion of people’s privacy and the sale of such data.
• China has introduced the gold-backed petro-yuan as a potential replacement of the hegemony of the petro-dollar.
• So it’s quite clear that there’s a strong thrust towards awakening, increased awareness and change.

How can we trace the current events and what’s coming in the Dance of the Planets ?

The Mars-Factor: Will Power and Bringing in Order

Mars kicks off with an outgoing conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn and it is in a sextile aspect with Jupiter in Scorpio. This causes that the higher (Pluto – Intuitive) and the lower (Mars – Ego) willpowers are connected with each other whereby the focus is on societal Power-Structures.

In those Power-Structures Pluto (a planet representing God the Father qualities) executes its strong transformative power. These two planets also initiate a new cycle whereby the reshaping of societal Power-Structures will create space for new impulses.

The sextile aspect of Jupiter in Scorpio towards Pluto shows that the power of transformation in this case especially has to do with growth through gaining awareness in the workings of sexuality and libido (aka our kundalini-forces).
When relating that to what is currently going on this has to do with the exposure of all the human- and sex-trafficking, the human rights abuse, the sick pedophilia (still 400,000 kids disappear per year in the US) as well as the satanic (blood-)rituals with children that the elite/cabal has been cultivating and that have to do with power (Pluto and Scorpio).

While Jupiter also has to do with priesthood it means that especially the catholic church will be confronted with an exposure that will put more pressure on the pope. The current trial of Cardinal George Pell – the 3rd highest ranking official of the Vatican – could turn out to be a prelude to that.

Mars moves along quickly after this and halfway May it makes a direct quintile aspect (72° – a highly spiritual aspect that causes turbulence and hence change) towards Jupiter (in Scorpio) while Mars just entered Aquarius. This gives refreshing new insights in power, spirituality and equivalence (qualities of Aquarius), which will come to light in an unusual way and which seems to be leading to chaos. Scorpio also has to do with the power of money, so the banking industry and thus the financial and monetary system at large, and because Jupiter is in Scorpio it can lead to sanitizing insights about the true nature of this thrusting, and actually life-generating and creative, power.

While Mars is in Aquarius it can also point towards revealing new insights regarding air and life-forces.

Halfway May Mars also makes an ingoing square with Uranus, which has then just entered Taurus. This has to do with a social awareness about the topic of the ownership of land and property. A lot of manipulation will become known here, with a show of force. But because it is an ingoing aspect it is doomed to fail.

Overall this points towards an increase of awareness of what is really being done with the Tax-Payers (Aquarius) money (Taurus) the unjustified basis for levying taxes and the misappropriations that governments have been doing in society for a long time. As an example of this it may come to light what Obamas concocted deal with Iran actually really meant and turn out that Trumps decision to pull out was the right thing to do.

Besides this it also can provoke more awareness regarding Natural Resources (like Uranium) and precious metals (such as gold) in the sense of that it is clear there is a necessity to change the way of how they are used and transported.

On the other hand, as it has to with land, it also point towards issues with maintaining borders because Pluto (power) and Saturn (limitations) in Capricorn are involved. And although immigrants have to do with Sagittarius (and there is nothing in Sagittarius so there is not an actual movement advanced by the Cosmic-Divine leadership of mankind) it could also lead to more insights with regard to the border-issue in the US as well as in Europe and the unjustified and geopolitically concocted, and thus unnatural (nothing in Sagittarius), flood of migrants towards and into Europe and the US.

Then in June Mars makes an outgoing triangle towards the Sun and Mercury in Gemini while Mars is exactly on the Southern Moon’s Node (which has to do with old karma). This means a boost for karma and communication in social life to come to light. This points to an intensified exposure of the lies of the Main Stream Media (MSM) and how the MSM has actually been the propaganda spinning-machine for mass-manipulation of the deep state (CIA’s Operation Mockingbird).

It also has to do with that more will come to light regarding the abuse of the social media platforms and how they have been obscurely and unlawfully spying on their users. So far Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony has still kept many things in the dark and he will have to face other governments in Europe soon.

Halfway June the opposition of Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Leo enables for the revamped social impulse and freedom (Aquarius) to be embedded in people’s feelings (Leo) while we assay it by the conscience in our hearts.

In the beginning of July Mercury opposes Mars, who because of its retrograde motion is still on the Southern Moon’s Node (still unleashing old karma). Mercury by then will be in Leo, which generates to connect Mercury with our hearts, thereby giving rise to questions of conscience in our minds.

At the end of July when the Sun is in Leo and in opposition to Mars this will even amplify our conscience. This will cause for things in Society to heat up because the karma of the suppression of the people will come up in their hearts.

The Crystallizing of New Power-Structures

Saturn is in Capricorn (its home sign) and is slowly moving towards Pluto (also in Capricorn). While Saturn is even more geared towards crystallizing Power-Structures these structures will become more and more visible out in the open. Besides that it also fixates these structures more and more, making it more difficult for people who are active in it (the government, the governmental apparatus and politics) to break loose from it.

In June Saturn at first makes an outgoing biquintile aspect (144°, and a highly spiritual aspect) towards the Sun (in Gemini) and later on also towards Mercury. In a refreshing manner this generates an inducement to communicate about rigid societal Power-Structures, in order for changes to take place.

Later on Saturn makes an ingoing triangle towards Uranus. This points towards that it becomes common knowledge what the issues of ownership of land and the Power-Structures are. It also gives an impulse towards adjusting and loosening the improper enrichment of ownership of land, property and Natural Resources (such as gold) and to instead base it on a more humanitarian approach.

In July the Sun in Cancer opposes Saturn, and halfway that month it is also in opposition to Pluto, which makes the people (Cancer) more aware in the heart of the malfunctioning of our governments. It looks like it is really time now to move on to more sane and just monetary systems, like those that are backed by gold and not by debt and fraudulent fiat-money like it has been for about 200 years. For during that time money has been used as the fundamental tool of power to manipulate the masses (Pluto, Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio can reveal that now).

In the US it may even be the perfect prelude for finally officially announcing the Re-Birth of the Republic of the United States as well as a new just monetary system. Because by doing so the powers of the Federal Reserve will then also be taken away from it (no more fraudulent debt-based fiat money) and instead will the US-Treasury be the sole body of the US-Government that is in charge of the monetary matters such as the money-creation and money supply.

Halfway June Mercury, which has entered Cancer by then, will oppose Saturn. This will generate that the people can better sense and understand that for too rigid societal Power-Structures the time is up! And because Mercury is involved in this there will be a lot of communication about this.

Somewhat later in June when the Sun will enter Cancer it will also be in opposition to Saturn: this makes the identity of the people unclear, which can cause eruptions on a massive scale such as demonstrations. People will need to refind themselves with what their society will be like and what they want it to be.

The Gentle Forces of the Healing Life-Worlds

All through May until in August Jupiter will make an ingoing triangle towards Neptune. This is a benevolent and soothing aspect in the Life-Worlds (aka the etheric), causing that people will have impulses of love and forgiveness and show compassion and empathy towards those who have suffered from the injustice of the earlier mentioned human- and sex-trafficking, the human rights abuse, the sick pedophilia and the satanic (blood-)rituals with children of the elite/cabal. At the other side of its spectrum it gives rise to the healing qualities of conducting social and societal processes out of the inspirational consciousness.

The Consolidation of the Renewing Impulses

Halfway May Uranus will enter Taurus where it will be together with Mercury. This causes for our social awareness to get focused on addressing issues that have to do with landownership, property, Natural Resources and precious metals (such as silver and gold). Due to Mercury it can also lead to an increased awareness regarding the wrongdoings with regard to agriculture, natural resources and precious metals and how to shape new forms with regard to working with them in a more humane and sane manner.

The Soul-Awakening of the Masses

Venus, which stands for our ability to establish a soul-connection to others and the World, starts out in Gemini wherein it generates a butterfly-ish and unfocused connection to things. Then in May it walks on to enter into Cancer. At the beginning of June Venus makes a Large Triangle aspect towards Jupiter and Neptune which works out very harmonizing (the Triangle aspect) in our souls in a way where the intention to forgive goes hand in hand with insights into the Life-Worlds and sexuality. This allows for healing of people’s soul to take place because new connections can be made.

Venus also makes an opposition with Saturn, Pluto and the moon. While in Cancer Venus enables a huge part of the masses to become aware of the wrongdoings in the societal Power-Structures.

Halfway June there is an opposition of Venus (in Leo) with Mars (in Aquarius) while Venus is in an outgoing Square with Uranus in Taurus. This initiates a first awakening in people’s souls to get a better feel for new options to interact with each other on a social level as well as new ways to address the wrongdoings that have to do with large-scale landownership, including those on a national level. It again also points towards shaping new ways to better work with natural resources and precious metals.

It gives the possibility to assay it with our conscience in our hearts (Leo) and with the possibility to address these matters with an expanded out-of-the-box and vivid way of thinking (a quality of Uranus).

Overall view

Overall the movements of Venus and Mars versus those of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus are the major indicators towards new impulses that address the issues of societal Power-Structures and the abuse of power, and that give rise to new impulses for more humane sanity on a social level. All in all there are beautiful flowing aspects in the background that embed all the ongoings. It means we are going to have a gentle springtime with a boost of gaining more awareness.

Then in mid-July the effects of Venus’ movements in May and June will be increased in a beneficial manner especially through the great trine of Venus-Saturn-Uranus. This will even be more so because Venus is then in Virgo in which it generates the need for clarity in the processes of societal Power-Structures and the division of goods, land, natural resources and precious metals.

This again points towards a potential re-installment of the original Republic of the united States, in which the real “we the people” US Government, and not the cabal’s deep state, will govern, properly execute the laws by which everybody is equal under the law (and justice be done) as well as operate a sound and just monetary system.

It almost sounds as if it is too good to be true to see it finally come about after battling the cabal for so long.

While the Sun is in Cancer and in opposition with Saturn it will however be up to the people to be conscious enough to see this all through in order for it to become manifested. If so, the effects on a global scale will be massive.

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