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4. The Paths in the Starry Sky to develop yourself inwardly

A beautiful maze of stars

In my first blog I explained that the star constellations are the cause of our ideals, taken along from them. But how do you find yourself back in that star-sewed night sky?

When you look up in the evening with a clear sky, you see at first an apparent maze of stars. You see groups of stars standing together, can pull lines and wonder about the silent expansion, that only is broken by a fallen star if you ‘re lucky (and one of the many satellites if you have less luck). Besides the two Bears, Orion and the Northern Cross the knowledge stops with most people. How do you get clarity in this? To this you need to realize well some observations, facts and feelings.

Firstly, when you open your heart, you can feel the closeness of the stars, so that far is not their world. Some people hear anew when certain stars rise above the horizon. That was much more common in the days of old. Pythagoras was the last person of whom this is known, and around 550 B.C. he developed our twelve tone system from it – see to this my second blog. In our language we still find back many of those direct connections to the stars. Someone can sing the stars from heaven, you can rise and beam like a star, and as well flower shapes are often seen as star gestures. Geometry has arisen from the stars, and their precipitation you find back in all natural realms, from gem stones to plant to animal shapes. Even the inner structure of our bones has the six angular star as its basic pattern. The Germanic runes have been brought down to Earth as condensed star language. E.g. the Germanic rune ‘B’ (Berkana) coheres with the constellation of Cassiopeia (I will once have a separate blog on this).


A Search for Ordering

From what is known from antiquity I found four star paths at the sky that appear to give you an access to different heavenly realms. After I had worked with these for several years I met the angel gate guardians of those realms. And later I found an affirmation of this in the known Chinese story of King Ape. Apparently their culture still knows the stargate guardians still from Atlantis, from where they as well have deep knowledge about the life forces. I elaborated this working with the star constellations in schooling methods, in which I work with the sounds and rhythms of the stars. I have the participants model out in clay what they observe inwardly, where they come in themselves, and which ideal is being awoken. See also my first blog. So what you read here is thoroughly tested. To find order, you can consider the following facts in their consequences:

-Our four bodies and their connections to the elements and natural realms (which we can experience strongly in the four advent weeks, for in them the angel detaches from those inner bodies):

  • The element earth is connected to our physical body, which we share with the mineral realm.
  • The element water is connected to our life body, which conducts the body juices in which our physiological processes play. We share this body with the plant realm, for plants have also a life body.
  • The element air with in it the light in al its coloring hues is connected to our soul, in which the feelings live (to the outside feelings are color, to the inside sound). We share this realm with the animals, that as well carry a soul.
  • The element fire is connected to our spirit, which conducts all the other bodies from the warmth. If we individualize this warmth, we call our spirit germ from early age ‘I’. It is our inner personal star light, and with it we can go an individual development. While we arde the only self-conscious spirit in a physical body, is the fourth natural realm the human realm. For that matter, there are different beings from parallel realms of the angels of heaven and earth often incarnated in this human realm.

-The star constellations make up our ideals, brought along from before birth. And with inner observation you can recognize their gestures within you and do these to come to those ideal forces. We do this by means of clay modeling. See for more about this my first blog.

-Stars and sounds are closely coherent. To this I worked out a method to determine their pitch by their distance to the eclipse, and their rhythm from their pace through the Zodiac (see blog 3). To this I had to develop star maps with the Zodiac as a center or focus. Here is one, with the Zodiac in the middle (the arrow indicates the direction of the Sun, Moon and planets):


Note: here the North and South pole of the Zodiac have been extended into a line. See for correct star maps underneath.

-When star constellations are being recognized as separate constellations in a certain culture, this means that they come to the consciousness in that culture. Many of the star constellations were known in antiquity, and we inhere this knowledge through Babylonians, Egyptians and Greeks. Only from the 16th century onwards we started to sail the southern seas, and many of the star constellations that you can see from the southern hemisphere have come to our acknowledgement since that time. This happened with the Flood Eridanus and connected to it the southern bird constellations. The Inca natives from South America know many birds at the night sky; here you see parallels.


The four Starry Ways

In accordance with the four human bodies and their relation to the four natural realms, I came to the following four separate starry ways:

1-Along the Zodiac. This path is connected to the development of our spirit, our ‘ego’ all through zodiacal zones. It is closely connected to the warmth breathing of the Sun all through the year (causing the four seasons in our moderate northern regions), and of the life breathing from the Moon during a month (influencing our soul moods). The movement of the Moon is more or less coherent with her pace through the Zodiac. The planets each heve their own tempo in direct and retrograde pace through the Zodiac, and we take along their forces as our inner organs (see to this my second blog). With their passage through the Zodiac all these heavenly bodies mediate the forces and qualities of the star constellations that stand north and south of the Zodiac and parallel to them. See the map above. The star constellations form our ideals, and during the passage of a planet or the Sun and Moon these star constellation ideals are being awoken (see again my first blog). This has to do with our spleen process, which regulates the making of blood cells in the bone marrow: here the relevant star constellation ideals that are warmth crystals in and around us, are being woven into the blood cell proteins as gestures. With these we can give shape to our life and form our biography.

2-Along the northern starry sky in relation to the Zodiac. This starry sky is coherent with our astral or soul body, in which our consciousness lives. The northern starry sky consists of the north-polar constellations Dragon, Little Bear, Cepheus, Swan (Northern Cross) and Lyre, and the so-called Circle of Heroes. This circle starts with Hercules and ends with the Snake Tamer standing under it. This starry path describes the entire development of human consciousness. This starts with making use of the physical body with the 12 senses in Hercules (the twelve works he had to accomplish to chasten his soul), runs via the Big Bear/Dipper – the thinking in the brains), Perseus as the human spirit that marries Andromeda, the human soul. And from this couple come the three spiritual faculties of imagination (Pegasos), inspiration (Delphin) and intuition (Eagle). The Snake Tamer is the archetype for man that has become whole in these three spiritual faculties. He steps in the Zodiac and pushes the Scorpion down, indicating he is the start of a new Zodiac in a new world to come. See the map below.


3-Along the southern Milky Way. This clear star path, which you can see lighting up on a cloudless night (and away from city lights), consist of the cosmic life streams that nourish all life on the Earth. Mother milk is an effect of this: the mother’s breasts are an expression of these life-bringing forces, and the sculptures of mother goddesses all have round shapes with full breasts as a result of this. Between Taurus and Gemini the Milky Way pursuits its path at the southern starry sky, and comes again above the Zodiac between Scorpio and Sagittarius. The southern starry sky is connected to the vegetative, plantlike forces on Earth. Likewise the path along the southern Milky Way is also the path through the mostly unconscious life worlds. The center of these life forces close to the zodiacal South Pole is the five-limbed star constellation Ship Argo; this is the counter-pole of the five north-polar constellations. This southern way coheres with our life body with its physiology and processes, which occur in the water of our body (this contains about 80 % of our physical body). With our day-conscious we are little aware of this, and only in our dreams there sometimes reflect archetypal workings from the sub-consciousness that come from our life body. With the rhythms of the life you can find an access to these (see my blog 3). And the star constellations along the southern Milky Way each indicate a partial aspect of the path all through your own life body. Like all our organs, our intestine tube is represented, in constellation Hydra, the Big Water Serpent, being accompanied by the Crow (archetype of the pancreas) and the Chalice (archetype for the gall bladder). There also stands the Altar, archetype of the liver. At the entrance you encounter the Small and Big Dog, these are the archetypes of our little and big guardian that can stop us from going the path in ourselves all through the life.


4-Around the Flood Eridanus. This is the largest star constellation at the sky. It stands underneath the zodiacal constellations Taurus, Aries, Pisces and Aquarius. Its mouth is near the constellations Orion and Hare. We can see at our latitudes in winter well Orio, the heavenly warrior, because Taurus and Gemini underneath of which he stands, stand high and well visible at the night sky. Eridanus is accompanied by four smaller constellations Oven, Goldfish, Watch and Net. And at its source stand the Little Water Snake and Phoenix. The entire celestial realm is coherent with our heredity and the flow of ancestors. So this starry path is connected the secrets of the inherited physical body, and the path of consciousness growth of its forces means descending consciously all through the organs and tissues until the levels of the cell, cell kernel and DNA. Through this you can discover the willing germs of becoming within yourself and other people. It coheres with the development of intuition. You thus go through the life germs of your germ cells. Phoenix is the uprising of the individual from the hereditary flow of family, clan and people. From Phoenix there follows a group of constellations that are indicated as the southern birds. These are all metamorphoses of the resurrection forces through the individual development from heredity.


This part of the starry sky only became known to us with our discoveries of the southern hemisphere by sea travels. Which means to say coming to our consciousness; in this case the forces of heredity. The middle ager still believed in spontaneous generation: when you left a pot of grain flower alone for some time, there arose flies from it just from the blue. Now we work with heredity until the level of DNA in our chromosomes.

In following blogs I tell more about the different starry ways, and how these cohere more concrete with your own inner development when you want to go this path.

In our educations Inner Development we go these paths


You can order the star maps in A3 size here.


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