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The Rune Workshop for Applied Astrosophy


Astrosophy is love for knowledge of the stars

that goes all through the heart:

Insight becomes wisdom,

and through a love-filled weighing and playing

this can be applied for the development

of man, culture and the Earth

in the physical realm, the life, the soul and the spirit.


In the Rune-Workshop  we develop tools that help one to grow in the body, the soul and the spirit in an independent way and all through the world of matter. We do this with music that originates in the planets and stars amongst others, and this connects you all through yourself anew with these higher worlds form where we come.

The development of our playful inner child that can grow into an angel.

My dream and assay

nm-aug-17“From young age I have wanted to make the world more beautiful and better, in the after-war and construction town of Rotterdam. I knew that there was more than was offered to me, and as well that the people could become more happy that they were. 

Because I received strong spiritual experiences, I knew that there was much deepening possible in my life. And this I have been looking for in all possible corners, like in science, border sciences, spiritual directions aan shamanism. What is being touched in astrology stroke me most, namely our connection to the cosmos. During my study in biology I saw back through my microscope and reaction tubes the workings of the cosmos, stars and planets in images and workings. Through my love for nature I got contact with the beings that create and maintain this. Without knowing at first, the beings of nature and the landscape angels came unto me and helped to make the connection of my inner self with nature and later on culture. I knew that it was possible to get  these workings of the beins in and around us clear, and this I have been figuring out, and afterwards I probed and tested this together pith other people in workshops en courses, and in landscape healing projects. From this arose my inner trainings, and these strongly connect the inside, the organ processes, chakras, ideals from the star constellations, with the outside, the nature spirits, planets and star constellations and the angels who love in the Earth and in the heavens, the regular as well as the fallen spiritual beings. These are interactive trainings, with which I find it a challenge to find the right entrances for the people I guide, so that they  as well will learn to know these paths, and also  go them. I see them growing, and this is the joy that I experience on it myself. 

Each time when a piece of research has been finished, I work this out, and thus have arisen my books, novels, songs, music pieces and music theater plays, besides the organo-dynamic design. See this as steps on the way, and I will not be ready with this for long, there is still so much to discover.

What I had eto offer as developmental paths you go by yourself are practical tools to all through yourself connect you with the workings and beings in yourself, in nature and in the cosmos. Therewith you learn to know you thoroughly, and you restore the connection wit the worlds of the life, the soul and the spirit behind the physical realities. This gives your life a greater deepening, and you receive tools on your way to get in an inner development further on. And according to me this is one of the predominant reasons that we walk around on the Earth. Not to merely fill up our pockets, even though it might be pleasant when you succeed in this. 

Th other products, my musical instruments, sculptures mad silver talismans, as well as my sound horoscopes, are means to connect yourself even stronger with the cosmos all through yourself and thus amplify your process of inner growth.

Do you follow me on this exercising path? The trainings can be followed via books and videos for yourself and also by me as life educations.”

Nicholas M. de Jong.

 Here you will find :


From Spiritual Science : 

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From Objective Art:

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From Moral Technique : 

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From Organodynamic Design :

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We came from the stars,
dressed ourselves in planet cloaks,
to go on the Earth the development
as an innocent child
that learns from the physical reality
finding back his spiritual origin
and develops
in becoming a truthful man,
thus creating the Son of Man within,
a radiating Angel.

The Rune-Workshop has developed to this the tools  :
a path back to the stars,
all through the Earth.